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Foto Fun Wednesday

There is an old axiom among you humans that birds of similar plumage tend to congregate. It seems to have a strong element of truth. Here is a disturbing image of former Fullerton councilwoman Pame Keller, beneficiary of the scam called “Fullerton Collaborative,” posing with Paulette Marshall – confessed thief, perjurer, and shameless campaign laws […]

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Phriday Photo Phun – Early Edition

I don’t know about you humans, but I always find it amusing when a politician tries to look good on campaign material, but ends up really looking funny. My former neighbor, Paulette Marshall is pretending to be a school teacher to run for County School Board. Actually she was just a typical bad local lawyer […]

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Monday Photo Fun & Caption Contest!

I knew trouble was brewing when I saw this picture. My former mistress and her drinking buddies. Normally when the drinking began I would crawl under the sofa. Well, what the hell. You humans provide the caption. I mean really, what can I, a poor dead dog add to this?  

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Fitzgerald Quits Fullerton City Council

Today Jennifer Fitzgerald announced her resignation from the Fullerton Council, effective immediately. “I can no longer even pretend to fulfill all the oaths I swore when I became a councilperson,” said Fitzgerald. “All the developer shakedowns, all the lies, all the influence peddling – I just can’t keep track of it all anymore. Balanced budgets, […]

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Fullerton’s New City Motto: “Not Guilty, Your Honor!”

Earthly human Friends, you may or may not care care for the proposed motto in the title. If not, feel free to share your own in the comments thread. All I know is that the line of criminal defendants is getting even longer and the list of uncharged miscreants longer still. Of course to the […]