Wild Ride Joe Felz Goes to Court

Cheers, Your Honor…

Our former City Manager, Joe Burt Felz, the guy who couldn’t keep his minivan on Glenwood Avenue in the early morning hours of November 9th, is scheduled to go to court for arraignment on April 3rd. That’s Monday.

Poor Sappy. So young, so vibrant…

You may remember the Wild Ride incident, in which motorist Felz, after a night of election partying, jumped a curb, ran over a tree, and tried to drive away. After a few months of procrastination, DA finally charged Felz with a couple of misdemeanors. The obvious problem to anyone paying attention is that there is no physical evidence of inebriation, leaving charges that could be easily batted away by the dimmest of defense attorneys.

Your Honor, can I borrow that wooden hammer thingy?

So when asked to enter a plea, what will Felz’s high powered attorney do? Guilty is problematic, personally, for Felz. and his ever-dimming reputation. Not Guilty could mean the embarrassment of a trial at some point, no matter how implausible that event seems – a trial in which video evidence is bound to surface; but it would have the salubrious effect of delaying PRA requests under the bogus argument that that legal proceedings are underway. Then there is the nolo contendere plea, which seems to offer the benefit of making the thing go away, possibly with some sort of fine and suspended sentence without having to utter the word guilty.

If the hearing is held as scheduled we will be alerting the Friends as to the outcome.


18 Replies to “Wild Ride Joe Felz Goes to Court”

  1. Yes, I hope at least one FFFF reporter can attend the entire proceedings and keep us well informed.

  2. Nothing to see, Not guilty plea to be entered by counsel for Felz. Since most of you don’t have real jobs, make sure you show up so we can photograph all of you.

    1. Fantastic! I’ll love watching stumblejoe twist in the wind. Sooner or later the truth is coming out. If i get to see a video of Felz stumbling around Glenwood Avenue, so much the better.

  3. I looked up the case online. There was some “chambers work” done on the case Friday morning. I wonder what that means?

    The hearing is scheduled for Monday morning, 8:30 in courtroom N8 at North Court.

  4. The prospect of going to trial is actually leverage for Felz. Yes, the video being shown in court would be embarrassing for Felz, but he’s already lost that battle. The video would be devastating for FPD management.

    FPD works with the DA every day. If the FPD thinks Felz will let the video will come out, they will beg the DA to settle with him.

    The plea is all about leverage.

    1. There is no video of Felz to ever be released. No evidence was gathered and no that means no trial. The DA is not stupid. Felz’s attorney will enter a plea of wet reckless, no trial, no DUI. No 10 year mark on the insurance. Only a fine and no Wednesday night classes. Back to business as usual working on building up Fullerton while you guys go wild like a twister in the sun.

      1. Than you for admitting that the fix is in, the FPD is corrupt, that there is a double standard of justice, and that the DA is crooked.

        As far as “building up” Fullerton I have to think that is meant to mean “building up the cops’ pension.” The streets are in disrepair, the pipes are broken, the city is overdeveloped, and insolvency is only three years away thanks to Wild Ride Felz’s incompetence.

        But you just go with that delusion if it makes you happy.

        1. Talk to Greg Sebourn about corrupt. Oh the sherrifs were comin to town. Where you been? Nothing will ever change.

          1. No, I’m talking to you. Fullerton’s DUI Heroes let a drunk driver off the hook. That’s corruption. Faking a case is corruption. Bragging about it is corruption.

            The FPD is, in fact, a Culture of Corruption. A stinky cesspool of liars, perjurers, thieves, pickpockets, sex offenders, embezzlers, evidence destroyers, justice obstructors, and skinheaded thugs.

            Oops, gotta go. Sonny Siliceo and Alby Al Rincon are trying to break into my house!

  5. would love to see a “nolo” and JBF given community service cleaning up the transportation center

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