Pringle is Having A Party!

When it comes to influence peddling, nothing succeeds like alcohol and that’s what Curt Pringle and Associates is peddling at the upcoming big SCAG event down in the desert.

Party a-comin’

For the uninitiated, SCAG is “Southern California Association of Governments,” a regional agglomeration of government planning know-it-alls whose vision for the future includes big expensive transit projectors, ever more stack and pack housing, and, well, you get the drift. Here’s a funny Fullerton example of the mental perspicacity¬†of one of their “senior” planners.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it…

And Curt Pringle? That’s the employer of our lobbyist-councilcreature, Jennifer Fitzgerald, whose sole loyalty on the Fullerton City Council appears to be to big out-of-town developers. What a match.

The idea that SCAG needs to shift its bulk down to a swanky Palm Desert resort just to celebrate the sort of future it wants to shove down our throats is laughable, but this is a Big Annual Event, and as you can imagine the tab is on the dues paying members – budget-busted cities just like ours. And what better way to get lobbied than at a free wine bar before the Big Banquet (yes they are throwing a “banquet” for themselves!).

Will Jennifer Fitzgerald be going this year? Will she be going as an elected official or as a lobbyist? Is there any difference in her mind? Probably not. It’s called multi-tasking. Or God’s Front Row Seat. Or something.


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  1. Pringle used to get free wine. Now he’s handing it out.

    Now that he’s lost his stranglehold in Anaheim he really does need to branch out. That’s probably where Fitzgerald comes in.

  2. I see that the Cork Tree is “Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Articles”. Would Mr Pringle and associates also include “Integrity” along with “Articles”?

    1. The funny thing is that Pringle used to posture like some sort of conservative. And now he’s the biggest and most shameless government whore in OC – the bigger the boondoggle, the better – just so long as he gets to wet his beak.

  3. “When it comes to influence peddling, nothing succeeds like alcohol”

    If you don’t count prostitutes and extortion…

  4. A yearly event for government and lobbyists to celebrate their sweet deals. Cheers for the greens!

  5. isn’t it ironic? Curt Pringle was mingling and having a party for the last 5 years with Jennifer Fitzgerald. Where have you been? isn’t it ironic that Mr. Bushala with his $500,000, made sure Mr. Nelson made sure she was invited. Well, she just renewed her vows. Much needed and well deserved raises for everyone thanks to Tony’s political involvement. LE and safety couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Now it is time to move Fullerton forward with responsible and much needed development projects. With them will come the much needed funds to make the much needed and long awaited repairs to our roads and infrastructure.

    1. Oh my, what a dope. The budget is tanked thanks to Fitzgerald and the cops.

      Hoping that somehow “much needed development” will lead to “long awaited repairs” is the formula of the discredited drunk driver Felz.

      Of course the repairs wouldn’t have been long awaited if the City hadn’t been dug into a grave by Fizgerald, Flory and Chaffee – three cop lackeys.

    2. Don’t just blame the cops for tanking the budget. The hose pullers and all the municipal workers who, thanks to their unions ability to choke-hold city councils thru political spending, deserve credit too.

      1. True. In a City where someone named Nicole Bernard can make $140,000 a year doing virtually nothing productive, you’ve got a bigger problem than just the cops. But the cops and paramedics/truck drivers do have a much more generous pension formula and pay-in formula.

    3. Actually,the dark irony to me is that Katie Pringle and Jennifer Fitzgerald both graduated from Bible Institute of Los Angeles, or, Biola University, and all they appear to have learned is how to gorge their own gullets.

      Not very Christ-like in that behavior.

      1. I’ve heard that Pringle is always going on about his Lord and Savior.

        I’m guessing those would be either U.S, Grant or Ben Franklin.

      2. I’ll take your wallet and give you pocket change as charity through my favorite benevolent churches. If you give me your watch , I will tell you the time too. Love ya’ all

  6. LE and safety? What the hell is that? Andrew Goodrich and five other GED fat fucks who can’t touch their toes.

  7. Fitzgerald needs to go away along with Poll Guard Pringle the phony Christian.
    These hypocrites have no shame and as far as FFD goes you will thank God f you ever need them and as Jerry said they don’t kill people.

    1. Pringle spent years ripping off the people of Anaheim for the benefit of his clients and himself.

      Exhibit 1: Useless Artic. $180,000,000

      Exhibit 2: Illegal Convention Center Bonds for an insolvent Convention Center.

      Exhibit 3: Massive taxk kickback to oversees hotel developers

      Exhibit 4: Decades of no tax promise to Disney

      I could keep going, too. Make no mistake, this is Pringle’s vision for Fullerton next. Tht’a why Fitzgerald has been single-handedly pushing the idiotic “College Town.”

      1. I can’t believe Fitzgerald has not resigned. There was a very interesting video from her March 24th speech. It was removed from the internet on March 25th.

            1. The theme of this year’s conference: “Women Must Achieve Equality With Men When it Comes to Political Graft”

  8. Pringle can only exist in an environment that rewards influence peddling and political fixes. Yes we are victims. And yes we can take care of it.


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