Chaffee Relieves Self on SCAG

This fun clip has it all, drama, comedy and an anti-climactic bathos that can only come when plumbing the depths of political axle greasing. The topic? The Fullerton City Council choosing a delegate to attend the SCAG annual conference at a posh desert resort.

Right out of the gate, Councilman Doug “Bud” Chaffee assertively announces his disgust with SCAG and their staff, proclaiming his desire to withdraw from the regional planning operation altogether, and even wishing it would go out of business. This brief ejaculation elicits two surprised “wows” from our lobbyist-councilperson, Jennifer Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has reason to be surprised – and worried. These sorts of footling conferences are designed to throw lobbyists and politicians together in a symbiotic clutch, all the while partying on our dime(s). It sure wouldn’t look good for SparkyFitz if Fullerton did pull out. Using organizations like SCAG to pull and persuade the strings of public policy is how people like her employer, Curt Pringle, make their well-compensated living.

Chaffee, to his credit sees SCAGus interuptus as a way to save the City $23,000 in annual dues. And, credit where credit is due. Greg Sebourn eventually seconds the idea of withdrawal from SCAG for the agenda, at which point Interim City Manager Roeder helpfully steps in to steer the ornery indians back onto the reservation. These types of memberships, says Roeder, will all be open for examination come budget time. Hmm. Well, we’ll see about that.

But Fitzgerald will not be diverted from the task at hand: she quickly announces that she is going out there “for work” anywaythus fulfilling the suspicion that for her the trip might be the unsavory act of somehow representing both her loathesome boss Curt Pringle, and the people of Fullerton at the same time.

In the meantime it may be a good idea to reconsider membership in other big government organizations that exist for the benefit of lobbyists, public employees and a liberal political agenda: the League of California Cities. And let’s not forget the Association of California Cities – OC, another useless lobby shop where our own Jennifer Fitzgerald holds exalted office.

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  1. Somebody at the SCAG conference must have forgot to put a chocolate on Chaffee’s pillow.

    Wow. Wow. Gosh.

  2. That Roeder’s a real piece of work. he’s been a city manage for 20 years and can’t explain how SCAG dues work? Really?

  3. The ACC-OC is nothing but a vehicle to introduce lobbyists to the local small-time politicians. I don;t know what it costs to be a member, but whatever it is, is completely wasted.

  4. How can she represent the people of Fullerton and Pringle’s lobbying clients at the same time? She is sick and twisted. No ethical compass.

    1. “I’m going out there anyway”

      So is the City going to pay her hotel bill and registration via SCAG and hand a freebie to Pringle?

        1. Correct.

          Maybe someone will go to the next meeting and ask how she’s going to manage representing Fullerton and Pringle at the same time. I bet she she sees no difference.

  5. Despite the fact that Doug’s motion got a second it is NOT on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting. I think that’s the big story here. As for Doug, I’m not going to begin to apeculate why he dislikes SCAG so much. Ths fact that he does is good enough for me, so long as he actually follows through.

    1. Well, Whitaker blew it as Chair.

      When Sebourn “seconded” something it was up to Whitaker to clarify if a motion had been made (it hadn’t) and give Chaffee the opportunity to do so. Roeder rode to the rescue by shifting the whole issue off to some future budget hearing and Whitaker let him get away with it. Typical.

      1. It’s easy enough for the mayor to sort that out behind the scenes and get stuff on the agenda, so I guess we’ll find out how much Whitaker cares.

        1. I already know. Watching Whitaker is sort of like watching sap run down a tree. He just seems impossible to motivate.

          1. You guys are finally realizing Bruce is a problem? He appointed Mayan Johnson to the planning commission, a SCAG senior planner and what did he do last Tuesday when he had the chance? Nothing.

            1. Hey Imbriano, Bruce did not appoint Ma’Ayn Johnson to the planning commission, she was an “at large” selection. She is not on planning commission now. Find something new to peck at ya old rooster.

              1. But Whitaker had a chance to pull the plug on SCAG and didn’t. Was he even paying attention? I don’t know. But if he was he must not mind being a SCAG member.


    Wow, that was s pretty cool of Chaffee. I wonder why his wife made him say those things about SCAG.

  7. Tell us how you REALLY feel about SCAG Doug!

    Something tells me Fitzgerald’s sheen is even wearing thin on Mr. Chaffee?

    The scene reminded me a little of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” when the patients started revolting against Nurse Ratchet to get their cigarettes when THEY wanted one…

  8. But hey, our depot elevator project is up for a Special Golden Hub award: Best Worst Use of Outside Agency Money”

  9. I’m looking over the agenda 4 tonight and I don’t see anything about agendizing the discussion of our scag membership and I thought that’s what the council members agreed to at the last meeting? So what’s the reason why this is not on the agenda?

    1. You’re right to be suspicious, but agenda items usually get added a month or two out, unless it’s an emergency.

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