Felz Mouthpiece Shares Thought With FFFF

You may recall that the notice for Joe Felz’ criminal charges was sent to the “Law Offices of Bob Hickey” in Fullerton. Ok, so Joe hired a DUI defense attorney. That’s smart.

Well, Mr. Robert Hickey seems to be a new reader of our humble blog. Last night he stopped by our Facebook page and left us with a brief critique of a post on the Hillcrest Park stairs. That’s not smart.

Another dissatisfied reader.

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  1. Western State law School? Where is that? Behind the In N’ Out?

    Fortunately the DA handed him a case that even Lionel Hutz couldn’t lose.

  2. Criminal defense attorneys usually try to help their clients keep a low profile. I guess Mr. Hickey is going the other direction.

    1. My God is not Hickey’s or Fitzgerald’s God. My church is not the Grace of Ministries. The poor do not take crumbs from questionable feasts I do not eat. I do not approve lies to take over the government. I am happy

  3. Well, Hell. He’s right. I’m a goin’ to church. I’m a pray to God for so that Fitzgerald will keep ripping me off and that Wild Ride Joe will beat the rap n’ get his old job back – with a pay raise.

    Obstruction of justice? Whazzat?

    1. The Fullerton Observer might be more your speed. You won’t have to read about Joe Felz over there.

      1. the same Fullerton Observer that called the beating death of Homeless, malnourished Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police officers an “altercation”.

    2. Most people on this blog feel 4F IS providing a service to others by pointing out the waste and back room deals that seem to be the norm in parts of the city.

  4. You mean you can’t be of service to others AND go to church?

    …not to sure if that’s a Freudian slip on Mssr. Hickeys part, or just the way things are done at Bob’s church ?

    Is Bob defending people for free?

    How is he himself being of service to others by keeping a known drunk behind the wheel off of our streets to harm someone else ?

    Hypocrisy speaks volumes and says little.

  5. Felz’ judgement has always been absolutely terrible. Look at his promotions and hires in the past 5 years:
    Sellers – Let his cops kill Kelly Thomas, got indigestion, skipped town when the going got tough.
    Hughes – Let his cops kill Kelly Thomas, made a career out of looking the other way.
    Haluza – Crams high-density buildings where nobody wants them, looks the other way for the bar scene.
    Bernard – What the hell does she do?
    Bozo Hickey – The new guy

  6. Felz’s DUI lawyer studied at Western State College Of Law in Fullerton. Upon hearing Felz’s attorney studied law at the infamous, third to fourth tier law school, flatteringly known as the nuts and bolts of law school, Felz needs to go to church and pray for himself and for a better attorney. But the at best mediocrity of Fullerton’s municipal government is reflected in the mediocre people they choose to guide them. Felz Fullerton’s city manager for nearly a decade had zero education in finance, business, economics. He did have a masters degree in sociology and managed Fullerton’s parks and recreation, and thus part of Fullerton’s good guy clique. Defenders of Felz often said on this blog that he is a nice person.That is nice, except cronyism has driven city o Fullerton towards insolvency. Imwould not be shocked to,learn that a few people on city of Fullerton’s payroll hold managerial $50,000 plus year jobs who are high school drop outs, just got a certificate through adult ed qualification who were/are friends/crony Joe Felz.

  7. transparent california shows the city of Fullerton employs over forty people formits recreation and parks where the median salary is $50,000 a year. Many of these same people are titled parks and recreation coordinators, what is that and what are the minimum qualifications for this job? The directors of parks and redreation earn over $80000 a year. Parks and recreation is Joe Felz’s old stomping geounds and I bet he had a soft spot in his heart when it came to rubber stamping, with no questions asked, using city of Fullerton’s tax revenue to fund comfy salaries for his friends.

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