Is Fullerton PD Illegally Destroying Records?

Last September it was revealed that the Long Beach Police Department was using a phone app, known as TigerText, to send encrypted and self-deleting messages. From the article: Two of the officers claimed that they were also instructed by their superiors to use the app to “have conversations with other officers that wouldn’t be discoverable”. […]

Flory’s Indecent Exposure

When Jan Flory came back to council she extolled her virtue of no scandals – and then her son Mike clearly decided – Challenge Accepted. We really don’t want to write about this issue but it’s one which points to a pattern of problematic behavior that needs to be addressed. A pattern of behavior by […]

The Saga of Christine Richters

A very considerate friend just passed along this tidbit. Sort of an iffy news source. Still… An ex-Orange County employee (and Fullerton native), Christine Richters is suing the County because she says her boss, 3rd District Supervisor and District Attorney hopeful Todd Spitzer wrongfully terminated her. Nothing unusual there. Apparently Spitzer goes through staff like normal people go […]

The Deal

We don’t deal with County stuff much but when we get wind of something noxious down County way, we share it with the friends, especially if it involves Supervisor Shawn Nelson who comes from Fullerton. The latest story wafting on the wind claims that Nelson has made a deal with DA Tony Rackaukas to support […]

Yes, Todd, We Almost Forgot

I got an e-mail today from an old Friend who wanted to remind me about something. A way back in the earliest days of the sordid regime of former OC Sheriff, now disgraced and incarcerated felon Mike Carona, something happened that should never be forgotten. At the behest of Carona, on December 15, 1998 the […]

Spitzer For Supervisor?

The dynamics of OC politics may have changed when DA Tony Rackaukas fired his supposed successor, Todd Spitzer, last week. The guy with a million bucks in the bank had the DA heir apparent rug pulled out from under him, and now may be contemplating something that a lot of people will very well fear. […]

Rackaukas Fires Spitzer

Oscar Wilde once described an English fox hunt thus:  the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible. While you ponder that pithiness, consider the firing the other day of junior grade deputy DA Todd Spitzer by his boss, District Attorney Tony Rackaukas. The Register reports, here. Supposedly Spitzer was trying to get some info out of […]