Yes, Todd, We Almost Forgot

I got an e-mail today from an old Friend who wanted to remind me about something.

A way back in the earliest days of the sordid regime of former OC Sheriff, now disgraced and incarcerated felon Mike Carona, something happened that should never be forgotten.

Don't let the beady eyes fool you.

At the behest of Carona, on December 15, 1998 the OC Board of Supervisors removed the professional requirements for the job of Assistant Sheriff so that he could appoint two of his closest cronies and bag men, Don Haidl and George Jaramillo.

I always wanted a badge and a gun.


Oh no, it's that Your Honor guy, again.

These miscreants proceeded to leave a slime trail in their wake that will always be a disgrace to the OCSD and the County of Orange. They were the henchmen who helped the Crooked Sheriff run his sleazy empire. And who do you suppose made Haidl and Jaramillo’s appointment possible along with the subsequent  money laundering, bribing, selling of badges, CCWs, illegal deals with crooked lawyers and bail bondsmen, and interfering in criminal investigations?

Yes. I did that. Didn't think you would remember.

That’s right: then Supervisor Todd Spitzer, himself a reserve officer in LA County, and surely somebody who should have known the problem he was creating: because the police are always telling us the importance of their professionalism. And there was Haidl, a shady businessman without a high school diploma and no police experience thrust into the second tier of leadership in one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the nation. Jaramillo was a cop from Garden Grove with none of the requisite command experience previously required.

Carona, Haidl and Jaramillo have now been convicted of crimes and their debauchery has been exposed in one embarrassing media reveation after another. That the scurvy Haidl and Jaramillo toppled over themselves in a rush to rat out Carona is the only redeeming part of the lurid story.

And who helped make all this possible? That’s right, the same guy who approved a retroactive pension spike for public safety employees, and who assures us he has the experience we need in a County Supervisor. Guess Spitzer figures nobody’s been paying attention. He is wrong.

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  1. “disgraced and incarcerated felon Mike Carona”

    I see that we’ve finally settled on a proper title for that guy. It has a nice ring to it.

  2. Here comes the excuse. What was the explanation for the 3 @ 50? Oh ya, everyone was doing it. Nobody spoke up and said there would be a problem. We needed to do this to stay competitive. Blah blah blah.

    Voters in OC don’t impress that they vote on one’s actual record most of the time. We’ll see if this matters in the long run.

  3. Spitzer is a GREAT politician. He speaks with fervor. He knows just when to pound his fist or summon the look of a desperate man out to save the world from itself. He is good at reaching across and…well you get the picture.

    Spitzer would be just fine as a Co. Sup. if: A) he wasn’t in positions of power or; B) had he not made a long line of really bad and very costly decisions. Other than that, he’s just fine. Quite likable I might add…as if it mattered.

  4. Todd will claim that he didn’t act alone, that the vote was unanimous.

    It was. Silva (idiot); Steiner (clueless); Smith (befuddled); Wilson (buffoon). And Spitzer. The reserve cop, who indeed should have provided the leadership necessary to keep these creeps out of the Sheriff’s Department.

    Maybe he was too busy mugging for the cameras when the vote went down.

  5. Well put. One wonders considering Todd’s past history why ANYone would back his run. But Big Lucy Dunn and Carolyn Cavecche have, among other members of the OC ruling class. In fact, check out this list of sycophants who should know better.

  6. Google this guy. He is one big publicity stunt shill for law enforcement unions. Someone please look in to this guys financials. Word is he has a million bucks in his account. I have only one question. How much of it is from public employee unions?

    1. Richard, “I have only one question. How much of it is from public employee unions?” Let me guess, a shat load.

      1. According to the Voice of OC, “DeVore said he plans to challenge whether that money can be legally transferred from those state accounts as well as Spitzer’s accounting of the funds”.

        Curious just how much of “that money” will get challenged, and if the challenge is successful, where/who would the money go to?

  7. And didn’t Jamarillo leave the GGPD under less than glorious circumstances? Something like he sued the City because he wasn’t treated “fairly” – dirtbag that he is.

  8. It would go into his bogus “Todd Spitzer for Central Commitee” account where he has already squirreled away a few hundred Gs. He taps into that for all sort of personal expenses and self-promotion.

    The man is a crook.

  9. Did I read this right? Looks like Spitzer bought wedding gifts for people on his Central Committee fund. If this is legal it shouldn’t be.

  10. If Spitzer hires, he will hire Steve Spernak that Saint that shows up a everyone’ campaign to help EVERYBODY, even our own Shawn Nelson

    Then Spernak pretends he is only working on one campaign and tells the other campaign the same story………..currying favor with everyone and losing nothing when only one side wins.

    Spernak’s just another self promoting back stabbing OC fluzie on his back that should be shunned and made to wear a Scarlett A

  11. Orange County’s past record of Supervisors is poor. Re-electing Spitzer is a vote for cronyism.
    Pauly is real. I’ve known her and her family for 15 years. She will represent the people not vote to appease the power brokers.

  12. Nothing could do more to perpetuate the impotent, “good ole boy, let’s take it up the pipe for the unions” network like reelecting Special Interest Spitzer.

  13. A short conversation with Spitzer can tell it all. He is a ruthless ambitious politican, self-centered, always looking for what’s in it for him. Certainly not cut out for representing the best for his constituents. He has proven as much more than once.

  14. I think that might be his wife’s name. They have a son names Carbonated who has a speech impediment causing him to spray saliva as he speaks. And as I understand it, he has an older sister they call Spinster Spitzer. But he does go to the nursing home to visit his aging father Sphincter Spitzer who suffers from terminal anal retention.

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