Oops, Did She Do It Again?!

In case you missed it, Paulette Marshall Chaffee looks to have been caught on video stealing signs from private property in her pretend district while illegally parked in a red zone because if one rule doesn’t apply to her – why should any amiright?

But Oops. It looks like she did it again.

Is it kleptomania? A spontaneous sign stealing spree?

In the video you’ll see a very Paulette Marshall Chaffee woman calmly park her car, walk over to a political sign, remove it, conceal it, place it in her trunk, and drive away.

Does Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee have a collection of stolen signs now hidden on his property thanks to his carpetbagging wife’s antics? Does he even know what she’s been up to lately?  We’ve had reports of other campaigns in District 5 losing signs.

Is Pilfering Paulette responsible for those as well?

A police report for the stolen property has been filed and owing to the conflict of interest this should logically be referred to an outside agency for investigation and prosecution. This is a good test for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas to prove that he’s up to the job of holding people in power accountable and if not, then it’s a good place for Todd Spitzer to show us that he’s a better candidate than TRack. A $25 fine eleven months from now isn’t good enough. People have a right to know they might be casting their vote for someone under criminal investigation. Sign theft isn’t trivial and people running for office need to be held accountable for extremely poor choices they make during an election, not after.

I’m sure Fullerton City Manager Ken Domer is on top of this issue right now and working with The Other Dick Jones™ to hire a PR Crisis Management Firm to lie to us while Jones & Mayer digs deep into the law to find all of the reasons we’ll never get to know why they need to lie to us while trying to cover up more corruption.

Maybe we’ll even get a $25,000 investigation of an investigation. If we use the same firm looking at Police Chief Hendricks and Captain Oliveras, maybe we can get a group discount.

One thing is for certain, the Chaffee’s look to be completely out of control and not to be trusted.

51 Replies to “Oops, Did She Do It Again?!”

  1. If it’s one thing the new FFFF should do this year, it’s take the crooked Chaffee duo out! I think people should go out and just take their signs down and put them in the trash so we can see the double-standard the PD has with them–FPD won’t do a thing as predicted.

    Paulette Chaffee appears to be a thief. A crook. Why is she not being prosecuted? From what I understand, if Dementia Doug Chaffee wins Supervisor, cooked Paulette will be his Chief of Staff. We need to stop this cancer now!

    How can I get a few dozen CARPETBAGGER PAULETTE signs for my yard and my friend’s yards?

  2. The fact that she did that in broad daylight in front of people driving by shows that she thinks herself above the law! LOCK HER UP! Oh, and if convicted of a crime, could she get disbarred? And she’s the brains (aka puppet master) behind her husband!

    1. Speaking of Burt.

      Remember when Joe Felz went to pull papers on behalf of Paulette?

      Wonder if he stole signs, too.

    1. Ya, it’s a racial issue, your white privilege comment is one example of idiotic statements that have nothing to do with any of this. Nice comment you racist.

  3. Wow..between Mayor Chaffee berating the memory of a deceased man dead only a few days in front of the man’s wife at a council meeting and causing her to cry right there in the chamber and Paulette stealing signs…i think it’s time to end the Chaffee era.

  4. It’s amazing that an attorney would personally does something so obviously criminal If she were smart, she would have just paid some homeless guy $20 to take them all down. Those guys never get prosecuted for anything.

  5. It’s amazing that an attorney would personally does something so obviously criminal. If she were smart, she would have just paid some homeless guy $20 to take them all down. Those guys never get prosecuted for anything.

  6. “Does Fullerton Mayor Doug Chaffee have a collection of stolen signs now hidden on his property…”

    Question to the anonymous author: Why do you think Paulette doesn’t own her own house? Seems strange in this day and age that anyone would still believe that only men can own property. Very telling.

      1. Hey Anonymous –

        Paulette DOES own her own place. It’s a condo is District 5 she bought for the sole purpose of carpetbagging into a city council seat.

        But it seems impractical to try and hide a cache of stolen signs in a condo so I figured that since her car is always up on Marion, out front of the house where Doug still lives, that that would be the more likely place to hide the evidence.

        If she doesn’t live there… per her statements…. and he does… it would seem to be… his property.

        Funny how logic works.

        Nice try at the pathetic sexism angle though.

        1. So you think she doesn’t live in the house on Marion and therefore she doesn’t own it.

          Sounds reasonable. Guess you’re right.

          1. No, dipshit.

            No one said anything of the kind. We have a really low tolerance level for stupid around here.

            Maybe you should find somewhere else to peddle your bullshit.

            1. Not only that, if it was her house then her statement that she lived In D5 was knowingly false and we should add perjury to the indictment against her.

          2. It is HER house. AND she still lives in it, not of course when she’s out prowling around Fullerton looking for stuff to steal.

          3. She sure as shit SHOULDN’T be living in the Marion house as she’s running in district 5! Who gives a crap who owns the house. Good grief, she shouldn’t be carpetbagging in the first place!! Smelliest, most cynical move in politics, coming at you since Reconstruction…absolutely disgusting.

    1. Since Pilferin’ Paulette is married to Mayor and OC Supervisor Candidate Doug Chaffee, I would assume that they own their Marion Blvd house together. That’s sort of a “normal” thing to assume for a married couple. Now, I DO wonder what the arrangement is with her district 5 dwelling. Did she pay for it herself or was it something her and Doug went in on together, joinin’ hands on the whole carpetbag deal? Did Paulette pay for her Lexus LS 430 or was that a joint venture too with the Mayor? No one born in the latter two thirds of the twentieth century has any issue with women owning property, so I’m not too sure what the angle is on Anonymous’ comment.

  7. If you post enough of those signs around she won’t be able to get to them all?.. on a more serious note… is there better talent from that district?.. & where’s Kitty Jaramillo?why isn’t she running in that district in which she used the race card as an excuse for not getting eleted. she.s the one who started this whole buisness of segregated voting with her lawsuit. What did she hope to accomplish? the Chafees might feel like the lack of qualified candidates in the race need to be addressed

    1. 1. Kitty lives in what Jennifer decided would be District 4
      2. Dougie, Jen, Greg, Jesus, and Bruce decided not to let District 4 elect a representative until 2020.
      3. Kitty is livid that Paulette is running in District 5 specifically because Paulette doesn’t live there.

      1. Kitty should have gotten off her fat ass and protested; or put up no carpetbagger signs. Oh, well, somebody else did her work for her. I’m sure it’s not the first time.

  8. Since Paulette “lives” in her “own” house in District 5, I guess the house on Marion Blvd could reasonably be called “his” house.

    Or is this nit picking about “his house” simply a red herring that really doesn’t have anything to do with Paulette’s theft of campaign signs?

    1. Marion Blvd is a deplorable free zone.
      Woke activist only.
      100% Matriarchy rule!
      Remember, there is a special place in hell for those who don’t vote for women.
      Vote what your wife tells you to vote!!!

  9. Johnny supports College Town and nobody in East Fullerton should vote for him
    Wake up Johnny the 5th District covers East Fullerton

    1. So everyone in Fullerton should just ignore the fact that CSUF is adding another 10 to 20k students with no new housing? And you complain about traffic now!?! College Town is needed to keep housing close to the school so that it’s no longer a commuter school.

        1. That’s exactly what they were trying to do but the NIMBY knuckleheads in Fullerton shouted it down.

          1. Except that the overdevelopment was detrimental to east Fullerton and would have made traffic ten times worse.

            1. How does having student housing on campus make traffic worse. Don’t you get that the university is in an enrollment growth phase. They want to add another 20,000 students. You don’t think that will impact traffic? Plus all that construction and population will revitalize the business community in that area. Make the freshman live on campus and not have cars like USC does. That will reduce traffic. Not burying your heads in the sand and hoping traffic will go away.

              1. And?

                My quality of life and property value should take a dump because CSUF students are more important than people who pay property tax?

                This is the problem you’re missing. Residents are not second class citizens.

                Stop treating them that way.

                1. Sorry, NIMBYs always pull me off on a tangent. But Hey! Since Paulette is essentially dead politically, right next door to Fullerton in District 1 Buena Park is a Huntington Beach Carpetbagger, Sunny Park who moved into the district last year with the expressed desire to unseat incumbent Mayor Virginia Vaughn. She is claiming the district as the Korean District and has raised more than $200K of out of town money, even going as far as using Sharon Quirk Silva to pull strings at Caltrans to put up a marker at Beach and Malvers designating it as “The Korean Business District”. She’s also a shady attorney just like the Chafees. You guys up to bring another one down?

              2. Where to begin? Let’s start with the fact that the College Town plan was to close one of just three streets in Fullerton that are accessible from the 57 Freeway and would have added another 8,000 cars onto Chapman and Yorba Linda. And the City’s mitigation plan – add another lane under the freeway overpass CalTrans had JUST REFURBUSHED was completely unworkable and one CalTrans was never going to agree to (and certainly not for the ridiculously low $1 million estimated cost). In fact, at the beginning of the College Town fight, most neighbors fought the road closure harder than the additional housing units. In fact, the College Town plan was such a turd sandwich the Titan – Cal State Fullerton’s own student newspaper, wrote an editorial against it.

  10. Is that a city camera? If so maybe our city should get the date set right on the camera? Just in case something serious happens where a recording is needed. Who has access to these cameras recordings?

  11. why’s a lifelong republican ‘family’ mrs. YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG running as a democrat? but if it’s not v’s sign, why are you arresting mrs. YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG? apparently both sides stole, so why didn’t she just take cell phone photos with the phone in her hand? fishy fishy fishy loose loose loose loose she’s been around the block lying to cover up her thieving and giving nothing selfishness failure failure failure YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS. YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS! YOUNGSUN SUNNY PARK EUGENE SUNG FAILED CLASS!

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