The Todd Spitzer Streamroller

Word on the political street is that Todd Spitzer, recently fired Deputy DA, former State Assemblyman, and former 3rd District County Supervisor is serious about running for his old job at the County Hall of Administration in 2012. How serious? Apparently he is locking up political consultants in order to dissuade potential opponents who are not already terrorized by Spitzer’s prodigious campaign warchest.

Lobby later...

Two of the consultants are said to be Dave Gilliard who recently worked for Shawn Nelson and John Lewis, who didn’t. You all remember John Lewis, the repuglican who managed the ill-fated Tom Daly campaign behind the scenes. And when that tub went down, he scrambled rat-like up the bow line of the SS Sidhu – that was already taking on water badly. Will Lewis be working for free like he did for Sidhu? Quite possibly. See, Lewis is a campaign guy second and a lobbyist first and foremost.

Say goodnight, honey...

More word on the street has it that ‘pug sweatheart Orange mayor Carolyn Cavecche has already run screaming into the night, with Kurt Pringle and Bill Campbell, her sponsors not far behind. Geez, that didn’t take long.

Will anybody dare take on Spitzer and his precipitous mountain of dough? He’s got a pretty shaky record on pensions and that’s big right about now. Even so, there’s really no chance. See, Spitzer is running to mark time until he can have at our do nothing DA in 2014. If successful the 3rd District seat would open up and the political bowling pins would be reset.

Mickadeit Already Running Cover For Lame-O DA By Floating Trial Balloons?

Three days in the monkey cage left lingering damage...

Yesterday,  OC Register homunculus and repuglican lackey-chronicler Frank Mickadeit wrote up a story about possible contenders to a Todd Spitzer 3rd District Supervisorial run in 2012 – as a prelude to a Spitzer DA run in 2014.

The big names – outgoing assemblyman Chuck DeVore and Dick Ackerman deserve special attention, and we’ll get back to that in a bit.

But first let’s relish Mickadeit’s effort to stir up anti-Spitzer sentiment for the benefit of our Do Nothing DA who is actually endorsing serial law breaker Roland Chi in Fullerton’s city council race. As is well known, Mickadeit dances to the tunes fifed out by GOP bigwig Michael Schroeder and his wife, DAs spokeshole Susan Kang. In return for providing this entertainment Frank gets to smoke cigars and sip brandy with the Schroeders.

It seems not unlikely that besides the congenital name-dropping instinct, Frank is throwing out these big names as a counter to Spitzer’s own vaulting ambition, as in: not so fast Todd, boy.

Will nail down the Eagle Scout vote.

DeVore wouldn’t be a bad supervisor and might actually bring some refreshing relief to a County operation dedicated to doling out medical and social services compliments of the federal government. But he needs a job. Now.

Dick Ackerman? Well he does live in a “top secret, gated community” in the 3rd District which s a far cry from his claim to have moved to Fullerton last year so his old lady could run for the State Assembly. Apart from that he’s got some explaining to do. Such as the Pacific Policy Research Foundation scam we reported about here, years of RINO accommodating votes, his dubious behavior vis-a-vis the OC Fair sale. He’s also 70 and we sure have seen enough geriatric retirees at the County over the years.

My top-secret gated estate is in the right district. Now if only that white van would quit following me around.

Worst of all, is Ackerman’s perpetual backing of the worst kind of liberal, staff-stooge candidates here in Fullerton.Pro-Redevelopment, big government chuckleheads like Don Bankhead, Doc HeeHaw Jones, Pat McKinley, Aaron Gregg, and a long list of similar tools, simply selected to keep the scary Dems out – Democrats whose political philosophy is practically indistinguishable from Ackerman’s RINO herd.

The fun part of this is that either one of these worthies running would put a serious crimp in Der Pringle’s master plan of putting Orange’s dreary RINO Carolyn Cavecche into that seat.

Spitzer For Supervisor?

The laugh's on you!

The dynamics of OC politics may have changed when DA Tony Rackaukas fired his supposed successor, Todd Spitzer, last week.

The guy with a million bucks in the bank had the DA heir apparent rug pulled out from under him, and now may be contemplating something that a lot of people will very well fear. And loathe. Another coupla Spitzer terms as an Orange County Supervisor.

Yes, indeedy, Spitzer was the Third District Supe from1995 through 2002 and drove everybody bonkers. Well, he may figure that controlling the DA’s budget and jerking the DA around at every opportunity is much more fun than being DA.

Of course this would be a major bummer for the Lewis/Pringle/Campbell troika that is grooming Orange’s dishwater mayor, Carolyn Cavecche to replace Uncle Bill.

Which is which?

Spitzer for Supe in 2012? Stranger things have happened!

Rackaukas Fires Spitzer

Oscar Wilde once described an English fox hunt thus:  the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible.

While you ponder that pithiness, consider the firing the other day of junior grade deputy DA Todd Spitzer by his boss, District Attorney Tony Rackaukas. The Register reports, here.

Laugh now, cry later...

Supposedly Spitzer was trying to get some info out of the bad toupe wearing Public Admintrator/Guardian, John Williams. The latter thought it was improper, ratted out Spitzer to Rackuakas, who for the first time in his career actually punished a politician.

T-Rack & Williams. Is one of these men wearing a wig?

A politician? Yes. For Spitzer is a former County Supervisor, Assemblyman, and had put his DA-seeking career on hold, waiting for T-Rack to end his miserable legal misrule. And Spitzer has $1,000,000 in the bank.

Anyhoo, the plot thickens when we contemplate DA spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder, wife of OC political impresario Michael Schroeder, the guy who brought us Mike Carona. Ms. K-S has been rumored to be a challenger to Spitzer of the DA heir apparent title.

Just writing all this crap has made me exhausted and in need of a cleansing shower.

Ta ta, for now…

Say what?