Flory Gets Probation

Mike Flory Photo

It looks like OC Deputy District Attorney Mike Flory copped a plea today over in Riverside.

Here’s the terms of DDA Flory’s probation:

This means that we now have a Deputy District Attorney on probation overseeing the kids in the juvie system. Todd Spitzer sure is off to a great start following in TRack’s footsteps.

If people were to look into this Flory character what else might come out? Time will certainly tell.

If nothing else we know that the petty anger management apple didn’t fall far from the newly appointed tree.


17 Replies to “Flory Gets Probation”

  1. She’s holding grudges from 1994?

    Jesus, who the fuck appointed this person?

  2. It’s no wonder Flory can’t stop worming her way onto the council. Anything to forget her miserable life. I can’t imagine what horrors that poor, demented boy was subjected to growing up under her wing.

  3. Flory sure holds a grudge along time. But one thing is certain. The recall of 1994 accomplished its goal – repeal of Flory’s beloved utility tax.

  4. see what contempt Flory has for “ratepayer advocates”?

    To “her lights” we are sheep to be led by our masters. And if we ghet fleeced once in a while? Well, hell, its in our best interest ’cause she and the bureaucrats say so.

  5. His mom can not go to anger management classes.
    Because it will not benefit her at all. Usually people with Narcissistic disorders personality, therapy doesn’t make any effects . The reason is Narcissistic like His mom, has no remorse , feelings or empathy.
    She will need more than anger management class. Something like intense psychotherapy in combination with medication. Poor Guy, it must be really difficult to have a mom like the one he has.

  6. All of you are so negative. You guys have to learn to see the positive side of each person. We are all useful for something.
    I got a few guys that were trying to get into my pants. Every time that they Tex me. I told the guys that I was not interesting in dating I make it up that my sister is , then I sent a picture of Flory, After that guys got offended and they never,”EVER “call me back. See people she has positive results for me.
    Stop talking of the negative side of others. Just use the positive side of each individual. It works!

    1. I thought I was so calloused that it was no longer possible to offend me. Then I read your comment and became ill. It’s good to be human.

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