A Different Flory Problem

Mike Flory Photo

While quite a few people in Fullerton are talking about Jan Flory’s recent, and petty, reascension to the Fullerton City Council we just got word about another Flory story.

This once involved Jan Flory’s son Mike who in his own right is an Orange County Deputy District Attorney now working under DA Todd Spitzer.

It turns out that DA Spitzer has moved DDA Flory over to the Betty Lou Lamoreaux Juvenile Justice Center. We were able to verify this information with the DA’s office so it’s on the up and up.

Big deal right? Who cares which office a specific DDA works in for the DA?


It kind of matters if that specific DDA is currently in court over charges related to battery. Take a gander:

What is PC 242?

“A battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.”

Meaning? Our new DA just put a guy who is currently being tried in Riverside for battery, allegedly against a minor, in charge of the Juvenile Justice Center.

What say you friends? Is this okay?

26 Replies to “A Different Flory Problem”

  1. Arrested on August 8, 2016 and jury trial 29 months later?
    Boy, Justice moves way too slow.
    What gives??!!

  2. His wife left him and all the crazy of a flory came out! This man is with the female version of himself and its disgusting! Orange county deserves so much better!

  3. Wow, he got the violent generic genes from his mom.
    Usually, mental problems shows between the age 30’s & 40’s
    so it seems he was in probation since 2016? until now?

  4. Well, I have to say I always knew that kid would turn out no good.

    He was a rotten kid and always kicked me around pretty good, but I figured like mother like son.

  5. *You know what funny about all of this? It seems no one is clean anymore. Everyone has feet of clay? Could it be that when you have a complete dysfunctional President that stuff tends to roll downhill? Good grief, where did he go to high school? What does it say in his yearbook? What do the girls he knew say about him? Did he ever have an affair
    with his Camp Counselor? Just saying….this stuff gets pretty deep, pretty quick.
    So, cutting to the chase: Does he have a felony conviction for anything?

      1. *Yeah, we lived at 100 La Entrada Place, off of Fullerton Road. We were always accused of being elitists, since
        we lived across the way from Buzzy Bavasi and Jerry Dogett. We were the first people in Fullerton to have a
        hand made Go-Kart. Before they called them Go-Karts…that is in 1956. It had a One Horse Briggs and Stratton
        and we made the frame and body out of 2X4’s and 3/4 in Plywood. Should have made it with One Bies and quarter inch plywood, along with thin aluminum sheeting over the cowl. So, our dysfunction goes way back. We were The Campus DJ at FUHS for three years. Sold Popcorn at lunch for the Key Club. Came in 2nd at the local Rotary Club – “What makes America Great?”. National Forensic Leage – Excellence Awards for Debate, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous. Our Commencement Speaker at Graduation was Walter Knott. Anyway, like everyone else in high school we were most certainly “Dysfunctional”. We left Fullerton in 1959, after Graduation and moved to Corona Del Mar, went to USC while your Hero David Boies went to Riverside for his undergrad. See you at the 60th FUHS Reunion in August!

              1. *Yeah, and still not even an Anonymous Russian Troll yet….either! Guess there is still time for us to be turned….but on second thought, leaving Fullerton in 1959 was one of our parents best moves…so far!

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