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That’s quite a tool.

We don’t deal with County stuff much but when we get wind of something noxious down County way, we share it with the friends, especially if it involves Supervisor Shawn Nelson who comes from Fullerton.

Tested and unready…

The latest story wafting on the wind claims that Nelson has made a deal with DA Tony Rackaukas to support the appointment of Rack’s mouthpiece Susan Kang Schroder to replace him so she can run for DA next year as the incumbent. What Nelson gets is Rackauckas and Schroeder leaning on their stable of Deputy DAs not to run for the next judgeship, clearing the field for Nelson. And if anybody knows how to lean on people, it’s the completely vile Kang Schoeder. This deal is critically important for Nelson, who, as a defense lawyer, made a lot of money defending sex offenders and the like, stuff that would look really bad on a campaign hit piece from an active prosecutor.

If this tale is true (and it sure has the ring of truth) it reflects rather badly on Nelson. Susan Kang Schroeder has been connected at the hip to Tony Rackaukas’s incompetent and corrupt misrule for years, and the only case she ever tried, she lost. Real legal talent there, right? But of course expecting ethical behavior from a politician looking for self-promotion is like drilling a dry well.

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  1. That sounds like Nelson but he’s got two big problems. One he would need to get two other votes and two, there will be ha;f a dozen DDAs waiting for the judgeship and the chance to run against the former defense lawyer for sex offenders and other low-lifes. Rackauckas and Kang aren’t likely to intimidate all of them.

  2. Case # 17CF0642

    Date: March 15, 2017


    SANTA ANA, Calif. – A Fullerton police officer was charged today with filing a false police report. Miguel Siliceo, 51, Anaheim, is charged with one felony count of false report by a peace officer. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office (OCDA) also gave notice to the court and the defense that the OCDA may seek to introduce evidence regarding the defendant’s conduct in filing a fraudulent insurance claim back in 1999. If convicted, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of three years in county jail. Siliceo is scheduled to be arraigned on April 5, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in Department C-55, Central Justice Center, Santa Ana.

    On July 9, 2015, Siliceo was on patrol with his partner in downtown Fullerton. Siliceo is accused of filing a false police report after arresting John Doe for resisting arrest. The defendant is accused of preparing a report which stated that John Doe charged at Siliceo’s partner during the arrest of another suspect.

    The OCDA relied on the accuracy of this report and filed charges against John Doe forone misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. After the case was filed, body worn camera footage from the other officers present at the time of the arrest of John Doe and the other suspect was obtained. The footage did not corroborate the arrest report Siliceo wrote. The charges against John Doe were dismissed and the case was referred to the Special Prosecutions Unit for review for filing a criminal complaint against Siliceo.

    Simultaneously, a complaint was submitted by the Orange County Alternate Public Defender’s Office to the OCDA. The OCDA investigated this case with the full cooperation of the Fullerton Police Department.

    Senior Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Nichols of the Special Prosecutions Unit is prosecuting this case.

    1. Sheeeesh! This is why if I’m ever stopped by FPD, I will record the exchange. I thought things would change after the Kelly Thomas murder. Yes, imo, it was murder. But nothing has changed. Last week we learned an officer is facing a felony charge for Home Depot theft. Now This. Shouldn’t the department being hiring people of good character? It’s all such an embarrassment to the city.

  3. T-Rack should have been dumped years ago. His relationship with Corona should have been more than enough to keep him from being re-elected…..but voters are ignorant. He’s more interested in politics than law and justice.

  4. Or we could get the massively egomaniacal Todd Spitzer.

    Pick your poison. And weep. God is not on our side.

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