Ahmad Zahra Avoids Transparency, Calls Cops Liars


Jesse La Tour over at the Fullerton Observer saw our post and went and asked Ahmad Zahra for a response to the pending charges against him for battery and vandalism. Check out his response:

When asked for a statement from the Observer, Zahra wrote via e-mail, “I deny each and every allegation and am innocent of the charges. I am confident that the truth will come out and expect to be fully exonerated.”

Notice how he doesn’t bother to actually explain anything or offer any defense. This is a typical strategy for politicians who expect you to forget about something while they wheel and deal to make the charges against them disappear down the memoryhole.

The problem here is that this isn’t a he-said/she-said problem – this is an actual arrest by a Fullerton Police Officer and charges filed by the District Attorney.

For Zahra to be innocent of the charges it means that the arresting officer, one Officer Brayley, falsified a police report and the District Attorney filed false charges.

Zahra’s implied allegations are very serious from a sitting Fullerton City Council member and deserve to be investigated. Do we have rogue officers arresting innocent people in Fullerton? Is our District Attorney filing charges which contradict the truth?

We deserve to know.

In the words of Fullerton City Council member Ahmad Zahra himself, as captured by The Fullerton Rag:

“I want you to know that YOUR City, YOUR Chief and YOUR Police Department are committed to accountability, and transparency, and the highest safety standards.”

Let’s see some accountability. Let’s see some transparency. Let’s make sure our officers aren’t arresting innocent people and smearing members of our city. We call on Fullerton PD to release the body camera footage immediately.

29 Replies to “Ahmad Zahra Avoids Transparency, Calls Cops Liars”

  1. Hey Ahmad, good news, the law gives you a presumption of innocence. Bad news, DA office doesn’t file a case in court unless they are confident they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Sure, your wet nurses will come running to your defense and say it was a misunderstanding because Jim Jones had his dummies drink the Kool Aid. Why aren’t they running to defend the honor of one Monica F. We should believe women right?

  2. Abusers like Ahmad suffer from their own mental illness. They have mood disorders that make them prone to irritability and anger. Under stress, they exhibit aggressive behavioral issues and are quick to attack. They have low T levels and quietly enjoy inflicting pain and suffering on others. They groom themselves to be normal or even noble in the eyes of the public, but behind closed doors, they are cold blooded and cruel.

    The only way the healing can begin Ahmad is if you admit your wrongdoings and come clean bro. We all make mistakes man. Sometimes biotches be crazy.

    – Ray Rice

    1. It’s called acute narcissism, and this little insect suffers from it: megalomania, sense of self-righteousness, taking credit for other people’s work, constantly demanding love and loyalty. Petulant and vindictive when opposed.

  3. This wouldn’t be the first time FPD has filed false charges but for the DA to follow suit at least suggests that opposite political parties are at odds. And we all know how perfect both parties of Amerika are. Oh well, Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  4. Don’t get what political party preference has to do with laying hands on a female, but some morons need to make everything about politics. Zahra you’re just making a bad decision at what you’re doing. Whatever you’re doing it won’t go. You won’t make it.

  5. I don’t know why any councilmember would keep voting to sue Friends for Fullerton’s Future. After 12 years, it’s pretty obvious that they will eventually destroy you.

    How stupid are some of these guys?

  6. The message here is guys like Ahmad are not white as snow. They hide their evil better then others. Yellow snow alert.

  7. Fullerton parents, “No way Ahmad makes his reelection bid any harder after supporting marijuna dealers and high taxes in fullerton.”

    Ahmad’s response, “hold my beer”

  8. . For in devoting their lives almost exclusively to selfish, ill-conceived goals, the needs of the larger community surrounding them either get ignored or abandoned. Inevitably, we all suffer from the fraud that so thoroughly envelops them.

    1. Such sage wisdom and insight into the smug Zahra.

      You are toast buddy. Resign and save the people of Fullerton the recall.

    1. Nixon, Clinton, Epstein, Clinton again, Trump . . .

      They all “vigorously deny all the charges.”

      He’s just acting like his heroes.

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