The She-Bear Lumbers into Brea

Oh look! The She-Bear, Pat McKinley, is bestowing his wisdom upon the women of north Orange County tonight at a Soroptimist gathering at Brea City Hall, Meeting Room A, tonight at 7 pm.  Here’s the announcement:

For $5 the She-Bear will explain all about women using their inner ursine instincts to beat off assaults from felonious He-Bears, and McKinley delves into his subject with all the psychological depth and expertise bestowed by a 12th grade education. It’s all about instinct, where Pat’s alleged street savvy trumps any real intellectual understanding of anything.

Lookin' out for the ladies, oh yeah!

I wonder if any of the attendees will ask Ex-Chief McPension why he, as boss of the Fullerton Police Department, hired the sexual predator Albert Ricon, and then permitted him to remain on the streets preying upon female victims after already having been identified in numerous complaints. Rincon’s MO was to falsely arrest women and sexually assault them in the back seat of his patrol car.

And I wonder if Pat will explain why the City of Fullerton just handed over half a million bucks to two of Rincon’s victims to settle a civil rights law suit against Rincon and the City; or why Federal Judge Andrew Guilford dressed down McMillion’s department for its signal failure to protect the women of Fullerton from Rincon.

Perhaps the best advice McKinley can give us ladies is to stay out of FPD squad cars.


Another Jurassic Voice Heard From

We are informed by the anti-recall campaign website that a character named Bill Gillespie has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission against the campaign to recall the Three Deaf Dinosaurs: Jones, Bankhead and McKinley.

Allegedly this complaint is 25 pages in length the gist of which is no registration is on record for a political organization called The Fullerton Recall Committee. The only trouble is these idiots don’t know the actual name of the recall committee!

The name of the recall committee is: Committee Supporting the Recall of Bankhead Jones and McKinley, it has been registered, and of course has an FPPC number. I have been informed by recall organizers that nobody has made any attempt to make expenditures under any other name and that materials requiring it include the name and number.

Are these people really as stupid as they seem, or is this just a lame attempt to throw up some sort of smoke screen? Hard to tell since they really are pretty dumb.

And as for Bill Gillespie, seen here partying with Miss Fullerton 1992, somebody needs to let him know that being a stooge for Dick Ackerman won’t be paying big dividends, and that there’s no fool like a an old fool.

Here’s Bill’s contact info, courtesy of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce just in case you want to take him to task for his abject flunkydom:

531 Rosarita Drive
Fullerton CA 92835
(714) 738-8788 | Fax: (714) 738-1870

How Dumb Do They Think You Are?

City Council meeting, tonight.

How dumb do the out-of-town anti-recall clowns think the people of Fullerton are?

Very, apparently.

On their laughable website they put up “proof” that I have taken money from Redevelopment. How so, you ask? By sharing the resolution approving my 1992 lease at the the Santa Fe Depot. These chowderheads highlight a paragraph indicating the Redevelopment Agency’s commitment to contribute 18% to the renovation of the depot. Thanks guys for proving my contribution to renovate the City-owned building was a whopping 82%, or $340,000!! Now does that sound like anybody gave me a dime?

$500,000 More Reasons To Recall The Three Blind Dinosaurs

Asleep at the switch...or worse

In today’s LA Times an unnamed source in has indicated that the settlement of a sexual battery case with two women is going to cost us (you taxpayers, finally get it?) half a million bucks.

You remember the case, right? The one where FPD cop Albert Rincon alleged serially sexually assaulted women in the back of his patrol car; the one where Federal Judge Andrew Guilford refused the City’s request to throw the case out  and issued a scathing opinion about the City’s complicity in the series of attacks by placing Rincon back on the streets of Fullerton to attack other women. Yeah, that one.

$500,000 right out of our pockets to pay for just one out of control cop and his bosses in the FPD who covered up for him. That would certainly include our MIA Chief Sellers and his predecessor and current council member Pat McKinley. And what in the world have former Fullerton cop Don Bankehead and Mayor Dick Jones  been doing on the City Council for the past 23 and 15 years, respectively. They certainly appear unwilling to take any responsibility for the police department over which they were supposed to be asserting civilian control.

Remember to remind the Tumescent Trio of these facts tonight.

Speaking of Apologies…


Frown now, pay later...

Frequent commenter, blessusall stopped by yesterday to share a thought about the formal “apology” on today’s City Council Agenda. As you all know the apology was from the City to the Nordell family because last year a bunch of heavily armed FPD cops broke into their house by mistake in some sort of botched drug raid.

blessusall opined about the irony of this insincere apology (got only by dodged persistence by the Nordells) vis-a-vis all the other FPD misbehaving’ going on lately and suggested the City might:

Apologize for the lawless behavior of:


And who else?

Who else, indeed. These pages are strewn with the miscreance, mayhem, and murder perpetrated by Pat McKinley’s hirees and trainees. At this point even the most die-hard cop apologist must be wondering about the stuff that hasn’t even emerged yet, and how much all this crap is going to cost the taxpayers of Fullerton.

Apology? Hell, yes! And why not demand that apology tonight!

More “Leadership” Poultry Courtesy of Loretta Sanchez

Gotta keep movin'...

When I was a kid, liberals were all about civil rights, social justice, anti-police corruption, women’s rights, etc., etc., etc.

Maybe professorial tenure, home mortgage interest deductions, and appointment to a City Community Service Commission or Bicycle Committee tends to make one complaisant. I don’t know.

In the wake of the Kelly Thomas murder at the hands of the FPD, and the revelation of a potential serial sex offender in FPD uniform, Fullerton’s liberals have been silent as a graveyard. A great letter to the Fullerton Observer by a guy named Steve Baxter sums up the situation to perfection.

Maybe this silence marks the difference between a statist liberal and what is now being called a “progressive.” I don’t know.

But one thing I do know: the first category includes our esteemed Congressional She-Bear, Loretta Sanchez, whose district includes south-central Fullerton, as well as some of the locations where women allege they were sexually assaulted in the backseat of an FPD patrol car!

Here’s an e-mail from one of the recall petition signature gatherers who re-enforces the ugly truth that Ed Royce isn’t our only congressional problem.

I was at the Stater Brothers today with my recall petition and I had an interesting conversation with a 50-ish red-headed woman who happens to work for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  I asked her if she was interested in signing my petition to recall our City Councilman and Mayor and was sort of shocked when she declined.   As she was putting away her groceries I asked her what Ms. Sanchez position was on the recent events that had occurred in Fullerton, and she told me that Ms. Sanchez was staying out of the matter because it didn’t involve her constituents.  I said that that was odd because I had voted for her in the last election and that I live in West Fullerton.  She said that Loretta’s district only encompassed a sliver of Fullerton and that where Kelly Thomas was beaten to death was out of her district!
I sort of left it at that, however when I got home and checked the district map for Loretta Sanchez I saw that not only is my home in her district, but the site where Kelly Thomas was beaten to death is maybe 200 feet from the boundary.
Is there any way that you guys can inspire this champion of women’s rights to engage in what’s going on here in Fullerton?  I got the distinct impression that Loretta Sanchez was looking to stay out of the fray and distance herself from what’s going on in her district, and I think that it’s important that she get involved or make a statement on what her position is pertaining to violations of Kelly Thomas’s civil rights, as well as the violation of the these recent allegations of sexual assault under color of authority by members of the the Fullerton Police department.
Best Regards,
p.s. I’ve changed my political affiliation to “decline to state” on my voter registration so there is no love lost on Loretta.


It’s pretty obvious that Ms. Sanchez has seen her main chance in trying to ignore things in Fullerton and hope like hell that no one will ever associate her with what was done, or in her case what hasn’t been done. Comically Ms. Loretta found time from her busy schedule to attend the Fullerton Library re-opening – a building also not in her district – while 500 feet away people of good will were protesting the murder of a helpless homeless man at the hands of the FPD.

Disgustingly, Sanchez seems a lot more interested in the civil rights of Vietnamese women (who live eight thousand miles outsider her district) than with her own constituents.

Sanchez could get the Department of Justice fired up with a phone call. But even that smallest of gestures would require a modicum of courage.


From  the “John and Ken” webpage at the KFI website (photo caption by me):


See no evil, hear no evil, speak evil...

Recall Councilman Pat McKinley, Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead, and Mayor ‘Dick’ Jones! These three idiot city council officials need to be held accountable for letting the Fullerton Police Department become a cesspool of corruption, full of rogue cops who murdered Kelly Thomas.

Give them the political death penalty and remove them from office!

Location:Fullerton along Highland Ave., between Amerige and Commonwealth

We will be there Wednesday, October 5 from 3-7 PM with recall petitions for you to sign!

Show up, sign a petition and stay for the show! Only Fullerton registered voters can sign the petition, but everyone is welcome to come.

Fullerton residents wishing to sign the petition or gather signatures can learn more at

Click HERE to watch Pat McKinley defend the policemen on CNN!

Don Bankhead vs. Free Market Speech

Word has it that Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead was not so happy to see volunteers gathering signatures to recall him from office outside of Ralphs supermarket on Harbor Blvd. earlier this week.

Petition gatherers say that he and the Mrs. suggested that they shouldn’t be there and were then seen to be speaking to a store manager inside.  A couple of days later the signature gatherers were told by both the manager of Ralphs and the manager of the shopping center that they were not welcome there, and had to leave. Volunteers collecting signatures in front of Albertsons on Raymond Ave. were told the same thing.

Fortunately Fullerton Recall Coordinator Chris Thompson knew that petitioners have the right to collect signatures on some private property as long as they are not causing a disturbance. The California Supreme Court upheld this right in something called Pruneyard vs. Robins, that basically holds that any place that is normally open to the public, like a mall or shopping center, is covered by free speech rights, even if it is private property.

Thompson called the city of Fullerton and had none other than City Manager Joe Felz and the city attorney confirm that the signature gatherers had a perfect right to collect signatures in front of both Ralph’s and Albertsons. Thompson then met with police officers at Ralphs, who agreed. One of them even gave the signature gatherers his card and told them to call him if they had this problem again.

Don Bankhead, who has no problem giving away millions of dollars in public land to developers is suddenly bothered by a couple of people collecting signatures in front of a busy supermarket. I guess he hasn’t learned much since the last time he was recalled from the Fullerton City Council 17 years ago.

Recall Petitions Are Approved; Signature Gathering Begins

We have received approval from the Fullerton City Clerk of the three recall petitions for Don Bankhead, Dick Jones and Pat McKinley.

I would like to give credit where credit is due and thank City Clerk Lucinda Williams for getting our petitions approved with three revisions in nine business days.  I spoke to a number of people who had been through this process on recalls and I would guess there are not too many examples of getting one recall petition, much less three, approved in that timeframe.  Thank you Lucinda for doing both a good job and the right thing!

Recall Petition – Pat McKinley
Recall Petition – Don Bankhead
Recall Petition – Dick Jones

Again, if you have not already communicated with us on your desire to be a Signature Gatherer, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED FULLERTON VOTER, please send an email stating your interest to

Many people have asked about online signature gathering, but that is not allowed.  If you wish to sign the petition, please either find a signature gatherer at your local supermarket, the Kelly Thomas Protests or events, the Thursday Fullerton Market or email  Tell your Fullerton Friends!