“Dick” Ackerman Moral Weathervane of the Anti-recall Team. Part 3.

Heh, heh. When nobody was looking the collection plate went missing.

When you are a moral vacuum like Dick Ackerman, you really don’t stand for much of anything except your own well-being. Public service? Hell, no! It’s all about personal service. Everything else is just platitudes and bull shit.

An indication of Mr. Ackerman’s future career path was clearly established with the creation of a fake charity by his wife that was simply a mechanism to get state legislators (one of whom was Mr. Ackerman) alone on Maui with lobbyists for big corporate interests who actually paid for the whole junket. Ackerman is hilariously quoted as saying how beneficial these get togethers were, as if being lobbied in Sacramento (instead of Hawaii by the same cast of characters) was somehow just so much more darned inefficient. FFFF posted all about the utterly phony Pacific Policy Research Foundation, here.

I don't even know how I got into the room...

That was just the start of Mr. Ackerman exploiting Mrs. Ackerman for family gain. And it wasn’t enough that The Dickster got the missus on the Metropolitan Water Board where she naturally supported huge water rate increases (true, that bar was already set really, really low).

In the summer of 2009, while The Dick was illegally lobbying the State Legislature in the sordid the OC Fair Swindle, his protege, 72nd  District Assemblyman Mike Duvall was caught bragging of nasty sexual accomplishments with a lobbyist; maybe the idea of nasty accomplishments with lobbyists ignited a fire in Dick’s political loins. By the end of September his wife, Linda Ackerwoman was running to replace the disgraced Duvall!

Now people endowed with a normal dose of shame would have simply receded into the background after the man they promoted was busted for moral turpitude. But the Ackermans are not so endowed. Dick’s immediate impulse was to promote the candidacy of the wife, a woman who had, apparently, never even held a job except as a “consultant” raiding her husband’s campaign accounts.

Well, okay. Lot’s of unqualified dimwits run for the Legislature. The real problem was that the Ackermans didn’t even live in the district. The Ackermans live in a top-secret gated community in Irvine! The State Constitution says you have to live in a district a year, but what the Hell, the State Constitution is for losers!

So Dick and Linda cooked up a fake address in the rumpus room of a Fullerton stooge. Well, technically they were carpetbaggers; but since nobody really believed they spent a night living in Fullerton a better word applies: fraud.

You mean they never really lived here. I guess I slept through that. Again.

As expected, Mrs. Ackerwoman got the endorsements of the Three Deteriorating Dinosaurs, all the statewide Redevelopment money, and the big corporate interest lobbyists. They ran one of the slimiest campaign anybody could remember. It hardly mattered. The Ackermans still lost to Chris Norby by a whopping 20 points in the Republican Primary. Within a few weeks they had reregistered to vote in the leafy precincts where their Irvine mini-McMansion is located. How’s that for a big F-you, Fullerton?

The point of the story is simple:  there is no basement so low that Dick Ackerman & Co. won’t crawl into it in order to pull a string or make a buck. And if you don’t recognize Dick as the moral barometer of the anti-recall campaign, you don’t know Dick.

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      1. Reality Is is probably going to come on here and decry the disrespect for decorum, but he still will not condemn the murder of Kelly Thomas except to say “Let the investigation continue.”

  1. Is this fact not known? or not believed? This alone should have people racing to sign the petition to recall -renting and occupying?

    WTH? Doesnt the Voter Register or whoever takes the info, check to confirm if an address given by a potential elected political office filler is boogus or not?

    Even immigration will check to see if a marriage is legit when a foreign person tries to get a green card because they claim to be getting married to an American

    1. somehow I think tazers should be outlawed. I think a net would be more effective, or even a night stick would be less dangerous that shooting electricity in the body which could affect the vital functions like the heart.

      1. streets of fullerton :
        somehow I think tazers should be outlawed. I think a net would be more effective, or even a night stick would be less dangerous that shooting electricity in the body which could affect the vital functions like the heart.

        I agree

  2. That depends on who’s doing the screaming and yelling.
    The cursing for the most part is percieved as disrespectful, however the yelling, especially from certain well-spoken individuals, does as some effective impact, IMO.
    Those type of public speakers are the ones who get filmed by local news stations as opposed to their quiter speaking counterparts.

  3. I know that this is sort of unrelated to the current post, however I was just reading the current issue of the Fullerton Observer, and I saw on page 11 an article that was written about who is providing funding for both the Recall and the Anti-Recall campaigns.
    I noticed that the LARGEST and ONLY out-of-city donation for the anti-recall campaign, was from ” Quick Service Towing Inc. of Anaheim?
    This reminded me of some of the feedback about imponded vehicles by FPD that I’ve been hearing alot about lately from Fullerton residents.
    It seems that the Fullerton Police department are rumored to be in cahoots with a towing service in Anaheim ( we don’t have tow trucks or tow yards here in Fullerton? ) and that they have an under -the-table kickback type of arrangement with Quick Service Towing Inc. on all vehicles that are impounded by Fullerton Police Department personnel.
    Co-incidentally, there also happens to be an article in the Fullerton Observer on page 10, where Mayor Jones states that each car that gets impounded by this tow service has to pay $225 to get their vehicle out of impound the same day. God only knows what they’ll charge for each day that your car is left in impound.
    Do any other bloggers/residents have information on how this arrangement with an out-of-city tow yard originated, and perhaps who was responsible for initiating and maintaining the relationship over the years?

    Maybe an expose’ on Quick Service Towing Inc. of Anaheim by the FFFF bloogers?

    1. note: Quick Service Towing is also known as “Brookhurst Auto Tow” and names “Young Kim” as the President with revenues of over $1,000,000.00 per year.

    2. Police and Tow companies in cahoots is an old trick. No doubt FPD has an arrangement. These “arrangements” will get greedy to the point they start towing legally parked cars. basically kidnap/ransom situation as far as I’m concerned. Most tow companies are scum IMO.

      1. Private property tows are scum of the earth. Those usually have no relation to the police tows and are very very shady. I filed stolen vehicle charges on them numerous times. They blow up rates illegally and tow off private lots their aren’t supposed too. The people just don’t know and assume it’s legit. Always follow up on private property tows.

    3. That is odd. Most police contracts are with towing companies in the cities. Makes the most sense, and out of city towing companies aren’t even allowed to apply. Franchise agreement.

      Yes, it’s a huge money deal. Towing companies and the cities make thousands of dollars each year. Someone has to tow the car away so there aren’t many options. I’ve written the agreements and researched them in depth, along with CHP. Complicated and very political process.

      Maybe it’s actually called “Quirk Service Towing” ? LOL 🙂

      1. Bunch of cops got busted in St. Louis illegaly towing cars and then buying them cheap…. tow company was owned by….. wait for it….. retired cop.

  4. This makes sense FL. I do know that you have to pay a fee to the LE agency as well as another fee to the tow yard.
    It’s been a racket for some time now. Sounds like this tow yard has been rubbing their genitils against FPD and vice versa for extra dough from the citizens.
    It would be great to get more of an inside scoop on QST of Anaheim.

    1. Hi ya’ Wrong Guy!
      I’ve even heard from others on the street that the FPD’s arrangement that they have with Brookhurst Auto Tow is that it is possibly one of the main sources of the slush fund that the Fullerton police officers used to bail the two officers out of jail that are accused of murdering Kelly Thomas.

  5. Last night Dick Jones was cry babying last night about a death threat made on him. Poor mayor. It’s very tramatic, but I have heard far worse death threats that were survivable.

    1. my question is what was the outcome of the discussion about getting the FPD the proper rain gear? really? so they won’t get harmed? over $17,000.00 is the cost of those coats. hey, I’ll get em some coats for alot less than that…oh, er, but they might be in harms way. oh, we can’t have that.

    2. I wonder if Jones was handcuffed with out a shirt with a 240 pound frothing at the mouth person telling him he was gonna f him up? I wasnt huh? Shut the hell up Jonsey. I understand your frightened because for the first time in your life your feet are held to the fire, and your finding out, you just dont have what it takes, to be a leader mayor- or a husband( Your comment on the fact you now HAVE to go to the grocery store with your wife …what is she 80? shouldnt you go anyway?) I dont mean to make light of the threat, Im not defending anyone who threatens anyone, but Dick made a complete fool of himself as usual. Liberty Award- I could vomit.

  6. “former Fullerton mayor Jan Flory stepped to the podium to present Councilman Pat McKinley with a Liberty Bell Award.”

    ^This is just disgusting and disturbing. Jan Flory could have spit on the Liberty Bell to make the same gesture.

    1. Sort of disingenuous at best when you consider that Jan Flory is listed as giving handsomely to Pat McKinley’s campaign for city council last November.

    2. …did I mention that Pat McKinley’s (ex-?) wife, Barbara Anne, also contributed $250 to Jan Flory’s city council election back in ’02?

  7. BTW, back on topic: we need to flush Ackerman out of Fullerton forever. I believe the successful Recall will do it.

  8. I must say I loved the meeting last night. What a great show!!!

    The only disappointment was the one missing from the cast, I think the old woman goes by the name of Travis. I set my recorder and everything but no show. The last meeting she got up to speak and pooped her depends trying to spit out some kind of incomprehensible diatribe. She gets so nervous when standing in front of men. I hope she speaks at the next meeting I miss the entertainment.

    1. Travis does a great job doing what he is doing. I just love the first ammendment. Why the pink hearts-man crush insinuation and transgender references? You guys jealous? Last night was quite a humdinger-wish I could have been there.

    2. Travis doesn’t just set his recorder to watch others participate in democracy, he gets involved and makes a difference.

    1. He was Hispanic too….. go figure it was supposed to be religous white people who own guns who dislike Oduma…..

      1. Remember when W got two shoes thrown at him in Baghdad? Biggest insult possible in the Arab world. The reporter was a hero for years.

          1. Arab culture is big on clean. The bottom of a shoe is the dirtiest thing around. If you pound a shoe on a picture it is the same as flipping them off here. Or worse. Throwing a shoe at someone is just as bad as pounding a shoe on their picture. I guess throwing crap would be worse.

  9. In the lovely city of Norwack, one of our city councilmen owns a tow company, this company has the contract to do police tows. Conflict of interest? You bet it is!

    1. …especially when these tow yards generate over $1,000,000.00 a year with the lion’s share deriving from impounded vehicles that are directed to be towed to a particular tow yard exclusively by the local police department.

      1. Tuco knows…..
        This may be a first. Tuco actually seemingly backing the Fullerton PD……. so here goes….
        The official Towing company for police tow in any city in Orange County is set by the CITY COUNCIL !! So, get that Bruce fella and that girl that are not subject to recall and find out if they ever voted on the contract. Unfortunately, it may be a huge multiyear contract that predates the two being elected to City Council.
        Its like a slush fund and the money gets spread around like the widows and orphans fund in “The Big Easy”! Usually several tow companies bid on the contract and the council awards the contract to one of the bidders.
        The council members can request a copy of the contract and details of when it was signed and started from the city manager. So what are these two “non recall” councilmembers doing? Get them digging into the dirt!
        Tuco knows dirt………

  10. Travis does a great job doing what he is doing. I just love the first ammendment. Why the pink hearts-man crush insinuation and transgender references? You guys jealous? Last night was quite a humdinger-wish I could have been there.

    The old woman Travis is city official. Whoever appointed her should have know she afraid of public speaking. You’er right she’s best hiding behind her keyboard. Tony should stop payment on her check.

  11. #14 It’s not $225.00 It’s $1,000.00 This happen to my brother who had a DUI but the judge gave him permission to drive to and from work. He was coming from work around 9.30 p.m. and the Anaheim police stopped him impound the car. He walked about 10 miles home. We were living at Cypres. And he wasn’t drunk nor had anyother violation except drove a luxury car. And the next day we had pay $1000.00 to get the car out. This was dicrimination and a easy target to get money.

    1. Same day pickup is about $150. 30 days is about $1100. Only way a car can be held for 30 days is if the driver is unlicensed or suspended license, and the RO had knowledge and gave permission for the person to drive.

      So yea, $1,000 next day is wrong. You got ripped off.

      1. That’s caca mi amigo. The release fee that you pay to the FPD alone is $171 – $250. Once that’s paid to them they’ll give you a release form and then it’s on to the Brookhurst Tow yard where you’ll be assessed another $235. That makes the minimum cost that a person is going to pay to get their illegally parked vehicle back from the tow yard is $406.
        Try feeding your family after someone takes $406 cash out of your pocket on any given day. And we all know that they’ll hold your vehicle for ransom with the cost escalating daily if you don’t cough up the cash on demand. That same vehicle probably transports you back and forth to work and gets your family back and forth to school so you basically have no choice but to pay the $406.
        Remember these facts the next time you go to request a tow and the motorists is begging you not to. See if that makes you smile too.

        1. Yikes. That’s a steep release fee. Ours is $100 and I know some as low as $15.

          Illegally parked vehicle is pushing it though. You can’t tow an illegally parked vehicle. Only under very strict circumstances, i.e. fire lane, abandoned in a roadway, etc. The rest are just citable offenses.

          The fees rack up for the suspended and no license tows. The 30 days tows are big money. I agree with them though. If you choose to break the law, knowing you are breaking the law before you put the key in the ignition, you pay the price.

          1. …I agree with you on the principle of paying the price when we violate laws, it’s just that $406 for one day impound for the average Joe is a bit steep for most of us here in Fullerton, and would most likely cause some sort of hardship for someone just trying to provide for their family.

            1. I agree. I see it all the time and hear about it all the time. Imagine how much the illegal immigrant hispanic population complains? They can’t get licenses and they say the tow fees devastate their families. Most of their cars are impounded for 30 days. They just write the car off and go buy another junker. Never ending cycle.

              1. …you know Reality Is, underneath that irrefutable facade of yours, beats a really good heart. I figure you are actually one of the good ones in law enforcement that get painted with the broad dark strokes deserved for the actions of a few bad apples. Persevere and stay strong and stay long mi amigo.

      2. yea bozo once again you are living in a false reality.

        I paid 280 for having my car held hostage for a mere 3 hours!!!

        lay off the acid bro!!!

    2. http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d11/vc22658.htm

      (h) A towing company may impose a charge of not more than one-half of the regular towing charge for the towing of a vehicle at the request of the owner, the owner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the private property pursuant to this section if the owner of the vehicle or the vehicle owner’s agent returns to the vehicle after the vehicle is coupled to the tow truck by means of a regular hitch, coupling device, drawbar, portable dolly, or is lifted off the ground by means of a conventional trailer, and before it is removed from the private property. The regular towing charge may only be imposed after the vehicle has been removed from the property and is in transit.

      (i) (1) (A) A charge for towing or storage, or both, of a vehicle under this section is excessive if the charge exceeds the greater of the following:

      (i) That which would have been charged for that towing or storage, or both, made at the request of a law enforcement agency under an agreement between a towing company and the law enforcement agency that exercises primary jurisdiction in the city in which is located the private property from which the vehicle was, or was attempted to be, removed, or if the private property is not located within a city, then the law enforcement agency that exercises primary jurisdiction in the county in which the private property is located.

      (ii) That which would have been charged for that towing or storage, or both, under the rate approved for that towing operator by the California Highway Patrol for the jurisdiction in which the private property is located and from which the vehicle was, or was attempted to be, removed.

      (j) (1) A person who charges a vehicle owner a towing, service, or storage charge at an excessive rate, as described in subdivision (h) or (i), is civilly liable to the vehicle owner for four times the amount charged.

      (2) A person who knowingly charges a vehicle owner a towing, service, or storage charge at an excessive rate, as described in subdivision (h) or (i), or who fails to make available his or her rate as required in subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) of subdivision (i), is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than three months, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

      1. Yep those sections are key to keep in mind if you ever get towed off private property. They violate almost all of them.

    3. hire an attorney. The story does not hold water. Did you pay it in cash??? HO HO HO its Christmas time in Anaheim! (It rhymes)!

  12. Fullerton lover you are an idiot! You have no idea what you are talking about!!fpd does not contract with Brookhurst tow or speedy tow. Their is one tow company that is authorized! Typical FFFF reporting just write bs and lies with nothing to support it! The best thing is when someone questions you you scream”prove it” but yet you idiots cant produce any proof about anything you write!

    1. I just called Fullerton PD and spoke to the information desk. The lady said Brookhurst Tow is on the list, Liar!

    2. Now that your ignorance and lies about the towing matter have been exposed Bashalapothead, I thought that I’d try and discretely provide you with a definition of what a “slush fund” is in hopes of furthering your vocabulary…

      A slush fund, colloquially, is an auxiliary monetary account or a reserve fund. However, in the context of corrupt dealings, such as those by governments or large corporations, a slush fund can have particular connotations of illegality, illegitimacy, or secrecy in regard to the use of this money and the means by which the funds were acquired.

      Political dealings with slush funds tend to create suspicions of quid pro quo (buying political favors), and can be viewed on the surface as corrupt and subversive of the democratic process. For example, Richard Nixon’s “Checkers speech” of 1952 was a successful effort to dispel a scandal concerning a rumored slush fund of campaign contributions.

      The term slush fund is used in accounting to describe a general ledger account in which all manner of transactions can be posted to commingled funds and “loose” monies by debits’ and credits’ cancelling each other out.

  13. Again a always you ffffers are so easily distracted! You idiots just ramble about anything except the real issue!! Keep up the good work morons!

  14. I just called Fullerton PD and spoke to the information desk. The lady said Brookhurst Tow is on the list, Liar.

  15. Strange but true :
    Brookhurst tow does not do police towing for the Fullerton Police Department but it a nice story anyway.

    I just called Fullerton PD and spoke to the information desk. The lady said Brookhurst Tow is on the list, Liar.

  16. hey dummy’s the Fullerton police department contacts with Anaheim Fullerton towing and has for the past 40 years. They are the only towing company who handles police impounds.

  17. The police have no authority to tow a car off private property. Those are called private person impounds. Guess what? Brookhurst towing and a number of other tow companies are permitted to conduct this service with the city of Fullerton.

    1. …In a case of life imitating art, I’ve noticed that Sgt. Goodrich is starting to really pack them on lately and is beginning to remind me of the really overweight cop named “Mike” from that T.V. show named “Molly and Mike.”

      1. I was thinking of signing Goodyearblimp up on Amazon.com for weekly deliveries of Dong Dongs. Maybe I’ll hold off.

      2. Very true FL . If I were savvey enough to post both photos, side by side in my comment, I would do that. (Hint Hint, anyone?)

  18. Looks like the trolls took the subject and ran with this one?
    I thought the subject was Ackerman?
    Did anybody notice how bad Dicky Boy looked, at the meeting last night? I think he needs a little tuck.
    He had the constitution in his pocket.

  19. I saw this in the Fullerton Observer-Paddy Mac wants to defend himself- http://www.fullertonobserver.com/artman/uploads/fomidnov.pdf

    McKinley Defends Himself:

    “McKinley asked for an opportunity to
    defend his choice of words at the She Bear
    event in Brea. He explained that it was
    meant in a different context; that he was
    referring to the women who had asked
    what they should do if a police officer
    assaulted them. He said that none of the
    other women understood what they were
    talking about. But then he also said that
    instead of saying “not like women like
    you,” he should have said “not credible.”

    (oh, THAT’S way better-glad he cleared that up-those other women weren’t CREDIBLE , I feel better so do the other women especially the ones who didnt know was they were talking about)

  20. You fffffffs love that observer. It must be your only source of information other than what Tony, Travis and Chris tell you. Did you miss part in the observer article that clearly indicates this recall is solely a Bushala production. You better not disagree or Tony will take you off the payrole.

    1. hey bushala is better then 3 old farts and the senior citizen brigade!!!
      id rather have a pot head then some senile sand baggers.
      you know else is a pot head your mom
      so shut up

    2. Did you read the part about the recall that said that almost 15,000 registered voters from Fullerton will have signed the recall of their own volition by Christmas?
      …I guess that means that there are 14,999 residents out there that are all on the big bad bully (aka: “El Toro” ) Tony Bushala’s payroll huh?

    3. The 2 women that were not credible, so far, cost the City of Fullerton $350,000. There are 8 more not credible women that Pat McPension wants to pay off so they cannot testify or release info to newspapers! But they are not credible.
      Sgt. Goodlie uses the towing slush funds for donuts and Keurig brewed coffee.

      1. So……………….they arent credible, or their stories arent, but the city gave them 350, thou because?Why? Apparently the city felt them credible enough to write them a check.Just sayin.

    4. What are you smoking, the Observer is a useless rag. I used to use it as cage liner, but then realized my bird deserved better.

      Maybe Jan Florys; dog might still use it to pee on?

      And I have never met tony, and wouldn’t know him if he walked up and slapped me on the face. This city is corrupt,and has been for many many years…long before Tony was born, no doubt. So with or without Tony change is coming, and I can’t wait.

  21. mckinley is a drunk ass mick.
    beating on his bonnie lass.
    oh and he likes to pop a pill here and there.

  22. fullerton lover :Hi ya’ Wrong Guy!I’ve even heard from others on the street that the FPD’s arrangement that they have with Brookhurst Auto Tow is that it is possibly one of the main sources of the slush fund that the Fullerton police officers used to bail the two officers out of jail that are accused of murdering Kelly Thomas.

    You are so full of shit!!

    1. …you sound like one of the FPD bootlickers with gender issues that actually enjoys paying the $406 as this affords you the opportunity to go in and cry about it to Sgt. Goodlie so he’ll give you another creme filled donut just to see if he can put a smile back on your kisser.

  23. those dumb ass cowards on the anti recall (714-397-3409) can’t even free up space on their cell phone voice mail.

    I blew it up monday night telling them to get stufft

  24. @strangebuttrue #103

    don’t know if you’ve noticed but ffff dislikes the observer for the most part and refers to it as a ‘bird cage liner’ in several posts.

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