Dithering Dinosaurs Dine Out; McPension Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot. Again.

Unfortunately, age did not confer wisdom...

The Old Boy Network of the Fullerton establishment held a fundraiser for their old boys at the Villa Del Sol the other night. We will be sharing our own video later if our boys in the White Van ever recover from their serial ingestion of raw opium poppies that admin now grows in his backyard.

Lookin' good in yellow! (Photo by Marisa Gerber OC Weekly)

In the meantime, here’s a story on the event from Marisa Gerber of the OC Weekly. She mordantly describes the anti-recall attendees:

a rather homogeneous crew of sexagenarians and older — gathered at a pricey fundraiser tonight to support three beleaguered city leaders.

As usual the best quote of the night come from high school graduate and architect of the Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department, Pat McKinley:

He can handle it, he said, adding that what frustrated him most was hearing people “who probably never graduated high school” bad-mouth the mayor, who used to be a doctor.

Oh, oh. The literary She Bear who gets $215,000 a year courtesy of the taxpayer for doing nothing is taking shots at the academic accomplishments of the recallers. Bad idea Chief. Some folks might start asking about the scholastic level of your police force!

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    1. I am not a LE officer. However, according to my vows, I am an “Officer of the Court” . That sounds awesome, but I have ZERO impact on this B.S. I am just a stupid officer of the court who has to (unguarded) defend the people who are defenseless.

      I have not lived in Fullerton in many years. However, from l all have seen, including while being a resident, is someone needs to look into the city council (ala RICO). I am not saying anyone’s guilty, but we NEED an outside source.

  1. As I said in the previous post, some day, the money isn’t going to be there to fund the pensions of all these fat cats!

  2. in other words hes sayin about the taxpayin people that tore him and his sidebuster friends asunder at them council meetins to “consider the source-cause they is dumb”
    thats how I see it anyway

    where I come from thats biting the hand that feeds ya

    1. I ever tell ya the bedtime story bout the 3 little pigs that got kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel ? They was found hangin’ from a overpass in morning rush hour traffic, their guts was hangin all the way down to the concrete. Guaranteed to scare the wits outta the youngsters! lol!

  3. “McKinley ended by saying, ‘We’re gonna win this thing, and if we don’t, we’re gonna fight like hell.'”

    IOW: Screw the people of Fullerton, if they recall us we’re going to make sure to drain the city coffers of as much cash as possible while we can!”

    Petulant, condescending, arrogant, defiant. Just like the attitude of many FPD posters on this blog. Coincidence?

  4. me a grad degree, too. but watching and listening to these three, bankhead, jones and mckinley, has been a real education in political cronyism, corruption , misuse of tax dollars and excessive feeding at the public trough. Now I receive at the hands of these same three men an education in how to ignore, bluster and cover-up the murder of a homeless, disabled man by fullerton police officers. popular jargon tosses around the word “transparency” when referring to politicians and their actions. A more apt word is honesty. we, the good people of fullerton, are begging for just a shred of honesty seasoned with decency from these three well-educated fools.

  5. I just happened to meet a very intelligent and educated former LEO from an LA beach community yesterday. She confirmed for me that this blog has been absolutely right in it’s contentions that our local police department has a culture of unprofessionalism, corruption, and brutality, and in her words “it starts from the top. McKinley.”

    She made it clear that departments like Fullerton’s brought shame on all law enforcement and contributed towards public suspicion of police and adversarial relations between police and the community.

    It ain’t just high school dropouts who want you out of here ya bald headed freak!

    1. did she refer to pat mckinley, a board member or rusty kennedy’s orange county human relations commission? wow, and I would have thought mckinley, while serving as the sole representative of law enforcement on this claimed civil rights commission, would have learned that it is wrong to murder a man because he is homeless and disabled. Maybe rusty kennedy of the orange county human relations commission didn’t teach mckinley the truth that civil rights extends to all people

      1. Yes. As soon as I mentioned Fullerton police she went off on McKinley. She also said Cicinelli should never have been hired and that everything he and Ramos did in their confrontation with Kelly Thomas was the opposite of the training LE has to deal with the homeless and mentally ill.

        One of the harsher condemnations of FPD I have heard.

    2. LBPD has their own corruption.. They shot and killed Doug Zerby.. They just got off the hook for shooting him without even a holla that they were there.. Put 20 bullets in him for having a hose sprayer in his hands. ALL LEO’s are a waste of space and money!!!! Gangbanger thugs with badges and guns..

      1. This LEO was not from Long Beach. She described an accidental killing committed by an officer she knew and how the officer almost committed suicide out of remorse. Accidents do tragically and occasionally happen. I’m not saying the LB case is one of them. But seems to me there are some LEOs with a very strict code of ethics they follow, and some without. The leader of an organization sets the tone.

  6. The Fullertonista – I have a family member who is a former LEO as well, and she expressed the same sentiment as your friend.

    Also, McKinley should have said “graduated FROM high school.” Someone who tosses around the word “ain’t” on a regular basis is in no position to comment on others’ levels of education. Even if what he said were true, all it proves is that it doesn’t take a high school education to see right through these three and get them out of office. Isn’t America great?

    1. “ain’t” was a valid word until the invention of the printing press resulted in increased literacy in Europe, especially England where the Tudor Reformation demanded increased literacy to read the psalter and Bible just to annoy the Catholic church. The dilemma was the spoken English language is a smash-up of latin,Germanic, French. The learned men of that time applied the latin grammatical rules and this ruled out ain’t. this is what my linguistics professor told me

        1. Key word “was.” I follow what you’re saying, but is now generally considered to be a sign of a lack of education. Similarly, slavery was once socially acceptable until ruled otherwise.

            1. yes, but the study of language is often referred to as morphology meaning shape-shifting. a word is accepted into mainstream speech when it once was considered irregular.

          1. Government workers retiring on INFLATED PENSIONS at 50 while the rest of us cannot draw full social security benefits (THAT WE PAID INTO) until we are 66…..combined with heavy taxation while some of these workers draw TAX FREE disability on top of their ridiculous UNFUNDED pensions is SLAVERY in my book.

            1. Yes you are right. Politicians like Bankhead, Jones and McKinley sold us out to their union pals. We are now indentured servants to the public employee unions.

  7. Look I’m famous! lol

    It’s funny how the two articles (OC Weekly and Fullerton Stories) while writing about the anti-recall, had pictures of us and not them. 😀

      1. What I like about all of these guys is that there is that they didn’t try and blend in with the old fools that were in there scratching Jones’ belly or McKinley’s head, or Bankheads butt while re-assuring them that everything is gonna be o.k. It’s not. These guys are all toast based on the level of resentment that I see and hear daily that resides in Fullerton residents outside of these 100 people that mostly don’t even live here in Fullerton…they just benefit from us through these 3 little pigs teats.

  8. AP Exclusive: CIA Tracks Revolt By Tweet, Facebook

    McLEAN, Va. (AP) — In an anonymous industrial park, CIA analysts who jokingly call themselves the “ninja librarians” are mining the mass of information people publish about themselves overseas, tracking everything from common public opinion to revolutions.


    If anyone has doubts that this country has become a police state, stop it! The only thing left is to add ‘fascist’ to the title, and judging by the LEO comments here they’re working hard to make it sooner than later!

    1. These “ninja librarians” also sat up & organized “occupy” protests around the country then they log, photograph and record everything that is happening.

      In case you didn’t know the occupy movement is a giant CIA sociological experiment. A perfect example of our tax dollars at work ladies and gentlemen.

      1. And to illustrate the continuing slide to fascism of government, here’s what they attempted to do but were beat back by freedom loving congressmen:

        Government Cans Proposal To Hide Records

        Last week, we reported that a proposed Freedom of Information Act rule from the U.S. Department of Justice would allow agencies to tell requesters of certain law-enforcement or national security records that the information did not exist — even if it did.

        The measure riled open-government advocates and some members of Congress, who have pushed for greater federal transparency.

        Thursday, DOJ said it had withdrawn the measure from its final regulations.


  9. Pat McKinley has distinguished himself as the spokesperson for what is wrong with Fullerton government. He is not just an elitist as a result of his own naiveté, but truly believes that leadership should be determined by class and connections rather than ideas and character. Not only does he assume that those who oppose him are uneducated, but he discards the value of their words based upon that assumption.

    I would like to thank Pat for being transparent with his own character. When sitting in front of a supermarket for hours on end, or knocking on doors on a day where it seems very few folks are at home, it helps tremendously to remember that you are not in a political fight, but a noble battle of ideals.

    1. Well said. His comments about women were what finally got me fired up enough to sign the petitions. (The other two have done and said other things that also led me to the decision to sign as well, but it’s too long of a list to mention here.) Anyway, I’m thankful every time one of them unleashes yet another ignorant comment to confirm that I made the right decision.

    2. “… it helps tremendously to remember that you are not in a political fight, but a noble battle of ideals.”

      Excellent point, Chris. The only way people like McKinley can worm their way into government is for the citizens to become complacent. If there’s anything that can be called good that came from Kelley’s death, it’s the wake-up call to realize what’s been going on.

      I know Kelley can see what’s going on, and I hope he understands how much those of us who appreciate his sacrifice thank him. Thank you, Kelley – God bless you!

    3. I agree, Fullerton leaders have truly revealed themselves for what they are. I thank the courageous good people on the front line of this battle.

  10. continued…The public should not believe bankhead, jones and mckinley are ignorant or stupid. These three are well-educated but not smart or wise, only slick. It is this fact that explains why they are being re-called by the good people of fullerton

  11. Business Honors from CSUF and MBA from LMU-LA. I’ll have to school McKinley that the educated are also fed up!

    1. Exactly! They’re trying to paint an image of the people who want them recalled, but the reality is that many people who they would assume are on “their side” are most definitely not!

  12. I think if he spent some time on here, he would see quite a bit of literacy, despite some trollers who post nonsense. Maybe he’s afraid. Yes, that must be it.

  13. New Chief Says He Will Fire Officers For Excessive Force
    Robert White Says Culture Of Department Will Change Under His Leadership

    Russell Haythorn, 7NEWS Reporter

    POSTED: 8:52 pm MDT October 31, 2011
    UPDATED: 10:36 pm MDT October 31, 2011

    DENVER — Denver’s new top cop said he won’t hesitate to fire any officer who exhibits unnecessary use of force.

    Could this be the start of a trend? I sure hope so.

    1. I believe that Fullerton’s interim Chief of Police, Kevin Hamilton, would be wise to fire the fat professional liar he now employs named Andrew Goodrich, and stand on his own accord.

        1. Officers suspected of excessive force should be suspended with pay immediately and a review hearing scheduled within 72 hours. If your found guilty you get the axe.
          I think that might get the message across that your supposed to be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker.

      1. Hamilton did not have to fire him, only replace him with another smokesman or simply allow City of Fullerton spokeswoman Silvia Palmer officially speak for the Police Department. Goodrich would then be free to provide myriad other constructive services to the Fullerton Police Department. I suggested such weeks ago.

        In my mind, Hamilton’s willingness to stand behind the proven liar Goodrich; or by different perspective. Hamilton allowing the liar Goodrich to stand in front of him, proves that Hamilton is at heart, a liar.

        No one can have trust in the Fullerton Police Department until Hamilton is gone. Then again, my outside law enforcement people say that for a city the size of Fullerton to have its own police force in this day and age constitutes an unnecessary administrative expense. Contracting with the OC Sheriff should be done, not to impove quality, but simply to cut the cost of unneeded brass.

        Hamilton, you must go.

        1. “Hamilton allowing the liar Goodrich to stand in front of him, proves that Hamilton is at heart, a liar.”

          Well said, Indeed. And it also proves that Bankhead, Jones and McKinley are liars, too.

          Of course we already knew that.

        2. I’m with you all the way on the fact that Kevin Hamilton is a professional liar and at paid stooge for Pat McKinley. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I have had dealings with Kevin Hamilton when I complained about his officers conduct when he was the commander of the detective division and found him to be an insincere narcisstic dolt.

  14. “the mayor, who used to be a doctor”
    Correct me if I’m wrong…. but doesn’t the mayor STILL carry that title on his placard at city council meeting?
    “used to be”?

  15. I still think that broadcast last week on O.C. Stories shows McKinley’s arrogant evil side more than anything I’ve heard when he stated his worst ever, “This will be an interesting trial.” “Mr. Barnett? (Ramos’ attorney) is an extremely incredible attorney.”
    This ex Chief of Police (POS), now councilman(POS) is so confidently cocky, hoping that his murdering underlings go free from murdering someone.
    Did I say McKinley’s a Piece of Shit yet?

  16. Do you remember the detective with LAPD, Ron Fuhrman, I believe, who was found to be a racist bigoted prick by OJ Simpson’s Dream Team?
    I believe it was a female reported who taped him making racial remarks against blacks, using the ‘N’ word over and over again.
    Someone has to have some stink on McKinley like that either on a voice mail recording, home vidoe recording, etc.

    1. how about that thar
      ‘”WOULD YOU PLEASE SHUT UP”? by mayor Squidbillie at one of those meetins-will that do?

  17. There were 4 of us, but I had to leave at 10:45 to go to church with the family; they have been putting up with me being at a LOT of functions lately. I had to compromise a little today.

  18. Erin :
    hahahaha.. When I saw the 3 of you in that picture I was like “HELL YA!”

    Did you see the other pic on Fullerton Stories? 😉

    1. I’m glad they are finally looking into how he could receive a pension for 70% disability and work full time on street patrol. It was a work related injury and I believe there might be some fraud on his part in this for collecting this money.

      I don’t believe for a moment that Concinelli could pass a psych evaluation (I don’t believe McKinley when he says he had one) and would like to see PROOF that it wasn’t waived, just like the POST requirements which are mandatory by Calif. State law.

      Reality Is, mentioned that if it could be proved that the POST requirements were waived by McKinley, you wouldn’t need a recall to unseat him, as that alone would do it.

      ADMIN……….Please request a copy of Cincinelli’s personnel file from Ron Thomas’ atty. (I’m sure he has sent paperwork to receive it) and PLEASE CHECK on this matter as per the link to the Sun Herald regarding the inquiry going on NOW, proves you’ll find it.

    2. Wow, Sissynelli really stepped in it this time. The clown was getting $40 grand a year tax free and another $90 grand as a criminal with a badge. Now he will have to go to prison and have his pension cut to $20 grand (one can hope)….. Looks like he thought more of being a tough guy than taking care of his family. Next to the word “disgrace” in the dictionary should be his picture.

  19. ???? why the heck is this in a mississiippi article and nowhere to be found locally??? !!!

    everyday more crap comes to surface!!

  20. @vw?? how did you find that article?? google jays name or what?? so we can all keep vigilente..


  21. The Fullertonista :I just happened to meet a very intelligent and educated former LEO from an LA beach community yesterday. She confirmed for me that this blog has been absolutely right in it’s contentions that our local police department has a culture of unprofessionalism, corruption, and brutality, and in her words “it starts from the top. McKinley.”
    She made it clear that departments like Fullerton’s brought shame on all law enforcement and contributed towards public suspicion of police and adversarial relations between police and the community.
    It ain’t just high school dropouts who want you out of here ya bald headed freak!

    lies!!!!nothing but made up lies!!

  22. so the suspicions were right!! its good the see some actual news coming from a newspaper for a change.. abby sewell deserves a raise!!

  23. Every man or woman in the State of California has to pass the Peace Officers Standards and Training or POST requirements in order to be hired as a police officer. It is a law and is mandatory. We already know that Cincinelli had a 70% disability and would NOT have been hired.

    Just the loss of one eye would have failed Cincinelli (see link) to pass the required vision requirements.


    McKinley BYPASSED the POST requirements to hire Cincinelli…………… that alone should be able to unseat him from the city council…….

  24. Several good posts so far today.
    All government agencies,federal,state,county,and city need to be brought under a strict policies and procedures criteria as a hiring condition and of employment.
    Alluding to the statement that the new top cop in Denver will fire any cop for use of excessive force is blathering BS to get the job,and is the same rhetoric to be expected by McKinley and his trained insider “Hamilton”.
    Hamilton is covering his ass by either being the smartest cop in the FPD or by being the abjectly dumbest of the bunch.
    Has Hamilton made any public statements,since his appointment/ascension to the position of acting Police Chief?
    There should be NO consideration for any present FPD personnel to become Police Chief.
    Considering that such an action is being contemplated by the management and city council, when will the city council initiate and direct the city manager to hire a company to solicit a replacement for Chief Sellers?
    Applicants should expect to be vetted to their childhood.
    As a reminder ;;bring your BIRTH CERTIFICATE and a couple of baby pictures.


    PLAN “A” (good)
    1. Hire a new chief
    2. Immediately institute recommendations of the Gennaco investigation that opens the fiscal accounting of the FPD.

    Plan “B” (better)
    1. Hire a new chief
    2. Immediately fire him

    PLAN”C” (best)
    1. Fire all FPD personnel
    2. Contract all present FPD services to private contractors and the OC Sheriffs Dept.

    There appears to be a very limited amount of communications by and between the FPD and city management, therefore a requirement for any sort of liaison between OCSD and the city management could be transacted by the contract administrator or directly to the city manager. This would eliminate a filter/shield for any claim of miscommunications.

  25. Went back and read the Sun Herald article linked by vw type 53a.
    The punch line is interesting that it states:

    There has been no suggestion that Cicinelli’s injuries played a role in the Thomas incident.

    I’m going to fast forward a few years;
    Jay Cicinelli will probably be in the same condition and possibly the same environment as Kelly Thomas existed. If he avoids prison time, who would hire this person? After prison time , this FPD protector of the “law and order ” citizens may be your next SERIAL KILLER. Maybe a partnership with Rincon for a sex angle and Mejia as a funding method.
    What sort of crimes would this small three person gang specialize in?
    4.Home invasions
    5.Hijacking (semi rigs)

    Question to the FPD?

    Did and have all terminated personnel turned-in all uniform items and any other such items that in any way could be used to construe that they may be a member of a law enforcement agency or activity. This is a serious accounting and any items that are not physically accounted for should be referred to the city attorney and District Attorneys office

    Read more: http://www.sunherald.com/2011/11/05/3555120/fullerton-officer-charged-in-beating.html#ixzz1ctXJPkNU

      1. I asked for that photo again last city council meeting..again nothing. So this leaves me no choice..every sign that i see that says PROTECT AND SERVE…will be replaced with CORRECT AND PURGE…..until they give us the Police dept we deserve. White out and sharpie- my new best freinds.
        Also anyone have access to make several copies of the judges report..so I may hand them to women in our city. ALong with the girls at CSUF, city college women deserve to know they are fodder for those who like to grope, molest and generally make fun of women in our city. Mr Felz,where are you ? Whya re yu paying a deviant 215 thou a year to do she bear, when he is the deviant. What the hell?

  26. 9c1copcar :Went out to Fullerton today..No protesters. Oh well..

    There were a whoppin’ 4 of us there from 9 to 11. VW had plans at 11 and we had plans at 11:30. Will try to be there next weekend, but it would be nice toget a little bit more support.

  27. seer2some :
    BTW, , vw type 53a………..GREAT FIND! WELL DONE!

    TY. I think someone put it up on fb in the justice for kelly group. Thought y’all would like to see it. 🙂

  28. We screwed by corrupt Fullerton politicians and cops. Once a politician gets ahold of something it takes on a life of its own. Unless we vote out the corruption and take this Fullertonh back from the corrupt politicians and cops.
    Remember they work for us. Don’t let the tail wag the dog!!!
    Recall Fullerton officials are the Only Best Option. Then fire and prosecute these cowardice cops, along with their powerful unions.

  29. The murder of Kelly Thomas at the hand’s of certain members of the Fullerton P.D. is a tragedy beyond comprehension and the officers involved must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    However, the citizens of Fullerton need to be aware that FFFF blogger, TONY BUSHALA (the individual who is funding the recall movement and using CHRIS THOMPSON as his paid $$$ front man, because, for whatever reason, Tony chooses not to speak for himself), is using this tragedy to further his own agenda, and most importantly, to line his own pocket$.

    GET ALL THE FACTS PEOPLE! Here are some of them:

    a) TONY BUSHALA is a multimillionaire real estate “developer” who was given his money by his multimillionaire parents.

    b) Tony has used some of mom and dad’s money to secure cushy “development” deals with the help of votes in his favor from members of the Fullerton City Council (including council members he is now trying to recall). These cushy deals helped make multimillionaire TONY even richer! These cushy deals are part of the Fullerton City Council record and as such are available to the public for review – read them.

    c) Now that the current Fullerton city council members will no longer “play ball” with Tony by handing over still more cushy development deals, TONY has turned on them and wants them out of office.

    d) Being the man of great character that TONY is, he has sunk to the lowest of lows by using the death of Kelly Thomas to misdirect the understandable anger of Fullerton’s citizens away from the police officers who killed Kelly, and toward the city council members who refuse to keep handing out the cushy development deals $$$ that Tony so desperately craves.

    e) TONY BUSHALA’S plan, his end-goal, is to fill the city council with people who will do his bidding. Tony will use his family money to finance the campaigns of individuals running in the next election for the Fullerton City Council who will support his insatiable greed by voting in favor of all the sweet development deals Tony want$.

    g) A special recall election will be expensive. Who will pay for it? You the citizens of Fullerton – with you hard-earned tax dollars. You pay, and TONY BUSHALA profits. What a guy!


    I suggest that those of you who read this blog site redirect some of your energies away from the three council members Tony wants recalled and instead direct your energy to finding out more about TONY BUSHALA:

    In all his years in Fullerton, what has Tony Bushala done to better the quality of life in Fullerton for all its citizens?

    In all his years in Fullerton, what has Tony Bushala done to help the homeless population? For example, has he volunteered to work in any of the local church-run soup kitchens that feed Fullerton’s homeless?

    In all his years in Fullerton, what elected public offices has Tony Bushala held (or run for) out of his concern for the welfare of Fullerton’s citizens?

    In all his years in Fullerton, how many times has Tony Bushala volunteered to sit on any civic committees which provide input to the city council regarding needed community parks, the senior center, the library, city street safety issues, community services, etc?


    Wake up citizens of Fullerton to the fact that you are being used as pawns in Tony Bushala's greed & ego game and to the fact that Chris Thompson is Tony's well-paid mouth piece.

    1. Give it a rest already. Tony Bushela is not the reason. Just like luv a duck said, city council had their chance and they blew it.

  30. lets take Tony and Chris out of the equation- you still have thousands of people in this city discontent enough to want a recall. We all have our reasons for the recall. Everytime you write a post like this, I feel as though your condescending, as though were mindless sheep. Not sure if that is your intention. But I didnt sign the recall paperwork for Mr Bushala. I have read the report from the Judge re: the sex crimes, I have seen the stories about the theft, the drugs ect- the misuse of funds through out the years, its troubling. So you may continue to spew your Anti Tony posts, but it doesnt change the fact it stinks at city hall and we all know it.

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