Yes on Recall Phone Banking this Saturday and Sunday – Come Volunteer!

Food and drinks all day! Join the fun tomorrow, Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd from 10:00AM to 6:00PM to make phone calls to Fullerton voters encouraging them to get out and vote for all of the Fullerton Recalls!

We will be making the calls in air-conditioned comfort at 110 E. Walnut Ave., Fullerton, 92832.

We have a finite number of phones and lines, however you are welcome to use your own cell phone as so many have unlimited weekends on their cell plans. It is our preference that you contact Jessica at (714) 869-8231 or email her at to discuss best available times so that we can cover both 8 hour days. Food and drink will be provided to volunteers as well as a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Chris Thompson
The Fullerton Recall

A Brief Respite

In a campaign that has been long on issues and short on joy, I thought it would be hopeful to post a couple of the sweetest images I have seen in this campaign.

Travis’ little girl, Selah, exalting in unbridled joy at the sight of her dada on a door hanger:

and Sean Paden’s beautiful daughter sitting next to her mommy and taking a picture of her daddy making a speech.  Sean is a winner no matter what happens in this election.

Another Round of Anti-Recall Fabrications

After discovering that Fullerton was not biting on their “Bushala Buying Fullerton” fairy tale,  the Anti-Recall committee moved on to their pathetic and even hysterical Plan B: maybe Fullerton will believe that both Tony and Chris Thompson were hooked up several times by the Fullerton PD, hauled and away and placed under investigation by the Orange County DA?

Since this story can be factually disproven, they might want to consider going back to their buying Fullerton strategy.

This week, Larry Bennett attached his name to this mailer which can be seen (here) and additionally attached it as a file to an email blast which can be seen (here).

This monolithic mailer must have cost a bundle to send out. Along with a giant pair of handcuffs and the header of “Busted”, it includes three more postage paid opportunities for voters to tell Bankhead, Jones and McKinley what horrific leaders they have actually been.

The Fullerton Recall has had an uninterrupted and remarkably cooperative relationship with now Interim Chief Dan Hughes and the Fullerton PD with regard to our signature gathering activities at retail locations. It is informally understood between our campaign and the FPD that they WILL NOT arrest our people for signature gathering activities. But in California it is legally incumbent upon any police officer to assist any citizen in executing a citizen’s arrest if the accuser claims to witness a crime.

The bottom line is that signature gathering in front of multi-tenant retail centers s is protected by the First Amendment and legal precedent.

But a number of times, supermarket managers upset by the unwillingness of the Fullerton PD to agree that a crime is occurring, have chosen to file a citizens arrest.  The process takes 3 minutes.  The police take your name, fill out some paperwork describing the citizen’s accusation, issue a “release” to the signature gatherer and submit a copy of the accusation to the DA to review.  Chief Hughes has confirmed that in every case, the DA has quickly and formally disregarded the accusations for lack of evidence.

There are NO pending cases against Tony, myself or any of our signature gatherers.  Note that we continue to gather signatures during the “arrests” and after the police leave.

Most notable with all of this continues to be the absolute unwillingness of the anti-recall campaign to address or debate the real issues of the recall:

  • An absence of management over out-of-control Fullerton cops.
  • The theft of $27 million of taxpayer’s money with an illegal franchise tax.
  • The planned doubling of our exorbitant water rates.
  • A multi-million dollar annual city budget deficit.
  • Bankhead and Jones’ effort to secretly and retroactively spike the pensions of their buddies who run city hall.
  • Putting every Fullerton voter $1,700 in debt with a $124 million unfunded city employee pension liability.
  • Absconding with $10 million per year of revenue for schools and public safety through an illegal and massive expansion of the corporate welfare known as Redevelopment.

More Comic Relief from the Anti-Recall Clowns

Yesterday I talked to the Fair Political Practices Commission regarding the complaint filed against Tony Bushala by Tony Florentine. This complaint is actually posted as “Breaking News” on the anti-recall crowd’s ugly website.

So what’s the status of this Breaking News? Tony Florentine’s “complaint” was flatly rejected by the FPPC.

Truth was a concept that eluded him...

In effect, the complaint never made it past the receptionist. It seems that Tony Bushala’s actual transgression was over-reporting! The assertion was that an individual, major donor must file a brief Form 461. Bushala actually legally reported all of his activities using the more comprehensive Form 460 in forming General Purpose committees. In other words, Bushala worked harder than he needed to fully disclose all of his political activities.

The FPPC was not amused by Dick Ackerman's latest clownery.

The FPPC representative actually seemed amused that such a complaint would be filed and made it clear that she personally had fully explained all of these circumstances to somebody calling themselves a treasurer for the anti-recall.

In fact, the only reason to even look at the complaint would be to enjoy some of Florentine’s “evidence,” including humorous mailers leveled against his RINO pals in years past.

Rejected complaint

I can hardly blame these guys for throwing this worthless claim against the wall and then lying about the results.  I would have no idea how to defend three RINO council members who have spent us into the enormous financial hole that we find ourselves in while pumping up the staffing, salaries and pensions of their primary supporters.

Time to move on.

Recall Petitions Are Approved; Signature Gathering Begins

We have received approval from the Fullerton City Clerk of the three recall petitions for Don Bankhead, Dick Jones and Pat McKinley.

I would like to give credit where credit is due and thank City Clerk Lucinda Williams for getting our petitions approved with three revisions in nine business days.  I spoke to a number of people who had been through this process on recalls and I would guess there are not too many examples of getting one recall petition, much less three, approved in that timeframe.  Thank you Lucinda for doing both a good job and the right thing!

Recall Petition – Pat McKinley
Recall Petition – Don Bankhead
Recall Petition – Dick Jones

Again, if you have not already communicated with us on your desire to be a Signature Gatherer, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED FULLERTON VOTER, please send an email stating your interest to

Many people have asked about online signature gathering, but that is not allowed.  If you wish to sign the petition, please either find a signature gatherer at your local supermarket, the Kelly Thomas Protests or events, the Thursday Fullerton Market or email  Tell your Fullerton Friends!

Fullerton Recall Meeting This Wednesday

If you are a Registered Fullerton Voter then YOU are absolutely the KEY to this recall. You are the only people qualified as legal “signature gatherers” who can sign the bottom of our petitions.  You will be the team that takes down McKinley, Jones and Bankhead for their lack of leadership and transparency leading to and following the death of Kelly Thomas.

If you are available to do any signature gathering, we would like to ask you to attend a meeting this Wednesday, August 31st, 7:00PM in the church located at 112 E. Walnut Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832. There is plenty of public parking adjacent to the South side of the railroad tracks across from the train station. Walnut Street is accessible via Lemon or Highland, but not Harbor. Food and refreshments will be provided, so feel free to come hungry.

Meet here.

At this meeting, we will be doing the following:

  • Identifying leadership for signature gathering teams and even for other roles in this campaign
  • Initial signature gathering training
  • Summary of all of our excellent reasons for recall which should appeal to the left, right center, libertarian and anyone else who advocates for honest, transparent government.
  • Showing off our Signature Team Stations

The petitions have been filed with the City of Fullerton and we are awaiting approval.  Our best guess is that we are one to two weeks away from receiving the go ahead from the city to begin signature gathering.

Please RSVP to

The Great Dorothy Lane Airsoft Caper of ’09

This is a recollection of the day when 11 Fullerton PD units saved us from a plastic gunfight.

We were living on the North side of Dorothy Lane at this time.  I would not have allowed this if I were home, but my son Riley and his three buddies had an Airsoft war in the front yard.  There was one kid with an automatic Airsoft rifle and the other 3 had cheesy plastic handguns with orange tips.

My very cool neighbor Paul, who was working in his front yard, told me later that he knew the cops were going to come because some of the people driving by were watching pretty intently.

Obviously, a dumb idea.  At about dusk, three or four Fullerton cops came screeching up, pulled their guns and told the boys to freeze, drop their weapons, etc…  I’m fine with all of this.  They’ve got to protect the community.  Within a minute or two there were 11 units on scene.  One of the boys’ girlfriends pulled up while it was happening and took these pictures.

At that point, my neighbor, who is about 56, very articulate and grew up in the neighborhood, told one of the cops near him that the boys were just playing airsoft and that it’s OK.

Even after the cops were informed that it was an airsoft game, they made the boys put their hands on their heads, back toward them, lie on their stomachs, handcuff them and put them in one of the cars. My neighbor began chewing this cop’s ear that he could not believe they were not putting an end to this event, now that they knew what was going on.

The 8oz clear plastic guns were lying on the ground near where they had the boys lie down.  There were real guns pointed at the four boys the whole time.  After the cops got all the kids in the car, they sent officers with shotguns down either side of my house, into the backyard and then asked for permission to search the house… which my handcuffed son gave them.

When I talked to some higher ranking guy at the station the next day, he told me that he once was on a bust in Fullerton where guys were out front with Airsoft guns while there were real bad guys with real guns, pistol whipping the homeowners inside.  He declined to get me the details of that incident.

I will say this:  Once the boys were in the back of the car and the crime scene was secured, my son told me that the police did NOT condescend to them, berate them or generally act like power hungry jackasses.  I was told that the boys having their shirts off had something to do with the reaction. It seems that speed freaks are particularly fond of going shirtless. Well, so are boys that practice for Eastside’s High school Worship Group in my garage when it’s 90 degrees outside.  Plus, it’s more fun to shoot somebody with an Airsoft gun when their shirt is off.

This happened more than a year ago and I was torn as to whether or not to allow FFFF to post the photos.  After this much time has passed, I figured it was worthwhile just to point out that Fullerton is adequately staffed to have 11 units show up to a plastic gun fight.

PTA Wants to Raise Your Taxes

Parents, the PTA that you all belong to is behind trying to raise your property taxes by reducing the threshold for passage of parcel taxes.

The California State PTA has endorsed the “Local Control of Local Classrooms Funding Act” which reduces the voter approval requirement to raise taxes from 2/3rds down to 55%. This will make it much easier for local school districts to place new property taxes on local homeowners to benefit the teachers’ unions.

Your local PTA: Always thinking of the children

QUIT THE PTA. It is a bad lobbying organization disguised as an innocent thrower of classroom ice cream parties. It hurts children, families, the state and the country.

Moms and dads can help in the classroom, support schools and be great parents without supporting this organization which is stabbing you in the back as a pawn of teachers unions.