How Long Was Jose Castaneda Cheating on Fullerton?

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Carpetbagging has always been a problem in local politics, especially in and around Fullerton, and it looks like Fred Jung’s appointee to the Fullerton Planning Commission in District 1 might be the latest example.

Jung’s appointee to the Fullerton Planning Commission, one Jose Trinidad Castaneda III, recently told the Fullerton Observer that he “decided to move out of Fullerton” which would explain his boasting about being on a commission in the City of Buena Park and yesterday being his last PC meeting.

Castaneda - BP - Commission
Are you even qualified for this post?

But, in typical political hack fashion, it looks like Castaneda stopped being qualified to be on Fullerton’s Planning Commission at least as far back as 03 June according to Castaneda himself.

Here’s the application Castaneda submitted to Buena Park in order to qualify for his new commission that he himself signed digitally where he claims to have moved to Buena Park at least BEFORE the 3rd of June.

PRR Castaneda - BP

It’s interesting that on this form he claimed that he “served on the Fullerton Parks Commission and Planning Commission” in the past tense. Sure, he used to serve on the Parks & Rec Commission but at the time he filled out this document he was CURRENTLY serving on the Planning Commission – not formerly. Why lie?

Probably because owing to City Ordinance, it’s a requirement that somebody on Planning Commission be a resident of Fullerton. He was likely very aware of the problematic issue with voting on items that impact the city in which he no longer lives OR admitting to Buena Park that he didn’t live or do business with the city.

BP - Beautification

To be on the Beautification Commission in Buena Park you have to live in the Buena Park (which he claims on this form, while claiming otherwise on Facebook), work in Buena Park (his employer is in San Diego) or do business in Buena Park which he makes no mention of here. His only self-claimed qualification to be on this BP Commission, as written by him, is his residency..

Thus if he moved to Buena Park, as he claims on this form as his qualifying requirement to be on this commission, then ethically he should have recused himself from all votes and meetings on Fullerton’s Planning Commission. His recusal should have happened immediately after the date of his move, which was obviously at least before last night’s PC meeting if not before the 27 May meeting or sooner. Did he feel entitled to vote despite this obvious conflict? Did Jung or Fullerton’s City Attorney Jones & Mayer tell him the conflict didn’t matter? Did he bother to tell Fullerton, or Jung, that he had moved? Did he even move? Being that he obviously lied about having “served” in the past tense on Fullerton’s Planning Commission, the entire document is suspect which raises even more questions.

I guess for now we simply must say adieu to JTCIII as he, allegedly, leaves Fullerton behind in his endeavors to climb the political ladder in Buena Park. As for the facts of this matter? We probably won’t ever know the truth in this ethical quandary because Fullerton does ethics about as well as it paves streets.

21 Replies to “How Long Was Jose Castaneda Cheating on Fullerton?”

  1. He’s just another version of Zahra – a useless empty suit who wanders around trying to get photo ops. He is obviously the tool of Connor Traut – another in the same mold, another creep who moved to BP to run for an open office. And there’s a longer lineage here. Traut was the project of Jordan Brandman, the creepiest hack of the bunch who beside posing comments about cutting a woman’s breast off carpetbagged into Anaheim’s 2nd District to get himself back into office. And Brandman was the protégé of none other than the slimiest piece of greasy feces in OC history – Kurt Pringle.

    JTCIII actually styles himself a “climate change activist.” We are well rid up this jerk.

      1. Traut is a deceitful, wretched, carpet-bagging slug. First, he falsely accused and attacked a Centralia School District Trustee so he could steal his job. Then he lied to everyone in BP about where he grew up, lived and his background. Connor Traut never cared about truth and he wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped him in the face. Connor Traut only cares about *one thing* — Connor Traut.

        He is a wretched political turd who has no integrity and no soul.

      2. When your legitimate resume is as dry and empty as Traut’s, you end up lying in a desperate attempt to impress and persuade people. It worked. Fools voted for his false persona.

  2. We can only hope to be rid of this racist weasel. And WTF was Jung thinking when appointing him to Planning Commission???
    Along with the Hamburglar, this is clearly the worst pair of lobbyist assholes ever to be on Planning Commission.

  3. And the Council will not force him to resign despite his willful violation of the code. This is why politics and politicians are such a hot mess and an all out clown show — because nobody *actually cares* about integrity, accountability and the *people* they serve more than they care about themselves.

  4. Wondered why this turd had been suspiciously absent from the Fullerton ND app the last month or so. Hope Jung fixes his mistake ASAP. Won’t hold my breath.

  5. Any and all votes made by Trinidad should be re-taken for the last year. (Time lived in Buena Park as stated on the application to Buena Park’s Beautification commission.)
    Should Fullerton make him pay for all of those votes having to be re-visited? I vote YES.

  6. So did this guy sell his house and move to BP, or did Jung appoint a renter to the planning commission?

    1. He’s a renter.

      Could have been worse. Fitzgerald’s last appointee lived at home with his folks.

    2. Owning property in the city is not a prerequisite for any city position. In fact, the vast majority of this city’s bumbling moves were made by homeowning idiots.

      1. You can’t tell me that renters will have the best interest of the homeowner (and city) at heart. Just like this hack and his group NIMBY. This just makes no sense to me at all.

        1. I love renters. They create passive income for me to play golf and I can depend on government to bail them out when they can’t pay. It’s a win-win for me.

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