The 2024 4th District Election

As the Friends know, Fullerton’s First, Second and Fourth City Council District representative jobs are up for election this fall. And while it’s a little early to speculate on who’s going to run and what the outcome might be, it’s fun to do a little introductory review.


Incumbents Fred Jung and Nick Dunlap are incumbents in the First and Second Districts, respectively. If they want to run again, and I haven’t heard they won’t, the power of incumbency is hard to beat.

Going, going, gone…

The Fourth District, currently represented by Bruce Whitaker will be wide open. Whitaker is termed out after 12 long years on the Council and his replacement will decide the balance of the Council if Dunlap and Jung run, and are re-elected. The current 3-2 division is based on ideological difference, the difference is between looking out for the taxpayers – at least once in a while – and doing whatever idiocy the bureaucracy wants to perpetrate.

Yes, I do so live here.

At this point the candidate pool seems weak. Last time Whitaker squeaked by past a dude named Aruni Thakur, a school board member who didn’t live in the district. Could Thakur do the (fake) carpetbagger routine? He had the full support of the unions and the County Democrat Party four years ago, but it wasn’t enough for poor Aruni, who was hammered with his carpetbaggery. With no incumbent this time around his political greed might pull him in.

Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo

Then there is a woman named Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo, an individual who has made a nuisance of herself recently attacking the Council majority with the usual feigned outrage. Ms. Jaramillo is retired from “work” as a life-long municipal employee whose professional career started in Fullerton handing out parking tickets and graduated into being a code enforcement busybody. She would be a perfectly reliable yes vote for anything floated by city staff, and just the sort of running buddy Ahmad Zahra dreams about to support a sales tax. Word on the street is that the OC Dems are already behind her candidacy, which would preclude the aforementioned Thakur from getting involved.

Jaramillo ran for the City Council in 2012 and came in 7th in a city-wide election. Two years ago she was appointed to the redistricting committee where she championed the failed, ridiculous district map meant to keep the lamentable knucklehead Jesus Quirk-Silva in office.

Jaramillo’s other claim to fame, besides pestering the City Council these days, is suing the City in 2015 to create city council districts – very likely so she could run herself someday when Whitaker termed out.

So far no one from a more responsible philosophical perspective has raised their hand in D4, but as noted above, it’s still early in the year and filing doesn’t take place for almost another five months.

34 Replies to “The 2024 4th District Election”

  1. If Jung goes for putting a sales tax on the ballot in November Kitty will be doomed. She would have to support it and get tattoo’d for it.

    So maybe he should.

  2. Does it really matter? I mean look at how they all vote the same way 95% of the time.

    The three who may vote no once in a while will ultimately lose their nerve anyhow. Just look at the trail to nowhere.

      1. Sorry, chum, it doesn’t go to the DMV. It stops at the ass-end of Independence Park – a little used parking lot (for cars – the horror). The other dead end is Highland Avenue where it just stops abruptly.

  3. One thing is sure, whoever wins will suck and Fullerton will continue its descent into the abyss. Fullerton is trying to be the Compton of OC and is making Stanton look like the Emerald City!

      1. It’s not a cheap shot, it’s an honest opinion based on the long history of weak and ineffectual council members just cleaning their plates as directed by city staff.

      2. No one is obligated to run for office in order to be able to criticize the long list of zombies, retired public employees, and feckless RINOs that Fullerton has always produced.

          1. So wrong. The people who run and win think they can do better and they can’t.

            The problem is the system is geared to elect the idiots and stooges who will do what staff and the unions want. And they do.

            1. I always hoped that once little Eddie Royce quit dumping people like Doc Heehaw on us things would get better. They haven’t.

              And I’m waiting for Flory to take another lap around the track.

          2. They can’t. They hate government. If they joined it they’d become what they hate and despise.

            The cynics here are dedicated to staying unhappy.

            1. I don’t hate government. I hate waste and stupidity. Therefore I hate the dumbass things you utter – your ideas.

              As for you, you aren’t worth hating.

            2. They don’t hate government. They hate incompetent, ineffective and wasteful government, which is exactly what we have and judging by the majority of your posts, that John R. Hogerhuis supports and applauds!

              1. So you like government that is never incompetent, wasteful or ineffective.

                Since all institutions private and public are at times incompetent wasteful and ineffective, I call that a distinction lacking a difference.

                1. JRH, you are indeed as they say — an angry elf and insufferable twat. You also must be very lonely given your acerbic personality and incessant need to feel right. You are an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. You’d be a perfect feet for the incompetent, ineffective and wasteful morons in Fullerton government.

  4. You bet the Dems are planning hard to get a reliable ally in the 4th. They care about the 3-2 split too, and this is their big chance.

    Maybe Whitaker’s wife can run?

    1. OMG, say it ain’t so!
      God help us all in Dist 4.
      Kitty used to haunt the Nextdoor app. Must have went silent due to anticipating a run and didn’t want a paper trail.
      I can’t even tell you how horrified I am to think she could be our representative for dist 4.

  5. Maybe the insufferable twat J.R. Hoogerbooger will get off this this blog and put his money where his dumb mouth is and show us all how it’s done. How ‘bout it Hoogerbooger? Can we count on your shockingly mediocre skill sets to set Fullerton on the right patch?

        1. There are risks with elected office. When you climb the ladder everyone sees your butt. In business you don’t get the same level of scrutiny until you screw someone powerful over really good. In elected office you tend to get either action and scandals or milquetoast risk averse folks that can’t get anything done.

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