What Is The Fullerton Gazette? All Indications Are of Another Chaffee Scam

It looked good from far, but it was far from good…

FFFF recently received an e-mail from something calling itself The Fullerton Gazette. The document touted a list of recommendations for the March Primary ballot yet contained no FPPC number and no political action committee name. Hmm. There among the recommendations was convicted trespasser and thief, Paulette Marshall for OC Board of Education.

Wouldn’t hurt a fly…

A quick trip to the Fullerton Gazette website revealed a very recently concocted site with ridiculous generic  “articles” that only an idiot would read. But there buried in the other pabulum was a “story” about Marshall’s interview with some thing called the “Anaheim Education Bulletin.”

Someone left the water running…

A helpful link takes the curious reader to the Anaheim Education Bulletin website,  another recently fabricated site with the same sort of crap we discovered on the Fullerton Gazette site. And once again, buried in the other trash is the interview with Marshall, nothing other than a political advertisement.

Another Chaffee con job. Sick of it, yet?

But now a name appears to give the thing a tincture of verisimilitude: Deborah Hayter. A quick internet search for this unusual names indicates some woman scratching out an existence as a publicist and PR person, which all makes perfect sense: an Astroturf campaign trying to look like a legitimate journalistic endeavor.

10 Replies to “What Is The Fullerton Gazette? All Indications Are of Another Chaffee Scam”

  1. Other than the specific “article” about Chaffee, it really does appear that the rest of the web site content is simply purchased filler. For example, the story about how to bully proof your child appears verbatim on numerous other web sites. It can be purchased from https://www.plr.me/content/parenting-family/articles/bully-proof-your-child/4797. You would think that her publicist would at least take some minor effort to rewrite the article.

    Just what kind of mental problems drives a person to go to this much effort to get elected? In her case, elected to anything.

  2. Well, why not? She’s masquerading as a teacher and an upright citizen so this is just another front. She learned from Bud that if you just keep spending money you might win. But she won’t.

  3. This has all the earmarks of a Chaffee campaign – clumsy, oafish, faithless, and most likely very expensive. And now that FFFF has blown their cover worse than worthless.

  4. They are shameless. They are as unaware as my dad mowing the lawn in black socks in the 80’s, if my dad was a self serving cunt. Fullerton needs to purge itself of this couple.

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