The Thief is Back!

Yes, your honor. That’s me…

For some strange reason, Paulette Marshall (Chaffee) thinks that she should be elected something. Once again, she is giving it a go, again running for the OC Board of Education. She got wiped out last time, coming in third – 5,000 votes behind Vicki Calhoun who spent half a million dollars less.

Here is Paulette’s ballot statement, just oozing sympathy for the traumatized victims of COVID and offering her special brand of boohoo bullshit.

A moral paragon speaks…

For starters, Paulette is not a teacher and non-profit boardmember is not a job. But expecting the truth from a Chaffee is like expecting rain in the Sahara. Plus this office has very little to do with those 600,000 kids, so she either doesn’t know the job she’s running for, or is just lying – again.

In the past FFFF has shared how, in her desperation to get elected, she has created or paid to advertise in phony websites. I guess she thought this was somehow a winning strategy, because she’s doing it again, with a feminist flair, here.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

Of course Paulette’s bios never mention an extremely embarrassing, and telling, fact: when she ran as a fake carpetbagger for the Fullerton City Council in 2018, she was caught on video – twice – stealing campaign signs, a crime for which she pled guilty.

Poor Paulette. You almost have to pity somebody who is so desperate to get elected something. Well, here at FFFF we try to help folks with self-improvement whenever we can. And here, I suppose, we’ll have to keep trying to teach Paulette that there are more important things in life than being elected to office. One of them is being honest.

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    1. Exactly what I thought. Now her little gambit is coming back to bite the only Democrat on the OC BoE.

  1. The Chaffees are completely shameless, talentless self-promoters looking for ego validation by being elected to something. Bud Chaffee is in trouble even the Dems all hate him. Paulette will soon learn that hiding from the sign thief name only to link herself to her rodent-like husband will backfire, too.

    No way she can beat Shaw with the name “Chaffee.”

  2. I think I heard it is a prerequisite for every person in that city government/(or by way of Fullerton in one way or another) has to have zero morale character and is unabashedly shameless.

    Sharon q Silva, zahra, mr Sharon QS, Chaffee, sign stealer Chaffee, Kennedys, drunk driving Felz, tricky Dick Jones, phoney baloney Fitzgerald, gin flurry, the entire dept of Keystone cops, many many greasy palmed city planners, etc etc.

    I could go on for hours.

  3. Good gracious BOE District 4 have awful choices:
    One who quit board then asked to be reappointed and another who steal signs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a third candidate mount a write-in campaign.

  4. What an arrogant piece of shit.

    I hope that whoever she paid to write that horrid ballot statement gets the unhappy sleep at night they deserve.

    Being a political consultant can be rough, but taking money from Paulette Chaffee, AN UNAPOLOGETIC THIEF, LIAR, AND SERIAL CANDIDATE, is beyond the pale for anyone with a conscience.

    Some checks aren’t worth cashing. I hope this blog names and shames everyone who takes money from a thief trying to grandstand on the backs of children’s education.

  5. Any deep trauma from the pandemic was imposed by leftists who shut down schools and caused millions of American kids to waste a year of their lives locked up and not learning.

  6. Paulette is only one of many reasons we have, NOT to vote for women. Then again, why does anyone vote for Doug?

  7. That fake website “Celebration of Women” is a hoot! Please expose who’s putting that out there as I’m pretty sure Paulette can’t operate a computer.

  8. What’s with those Chaffees?
    Have they no shame?…. No. They have a perverted view of humans.
    Can we see the list of campaign contributors?….No. There is none.
    How did Bud get elected?…. It’s all about the Benjamins baby.

  9. I feel I must add a different point of view. I don’t know anything about this allegation of stealing signs and frankly I don’t really care.

    What I care about is the best people representing Fullerton, those who care about the underserved communities and who support the government programs aimed at improving people of color.

    Ms. Marshall Chaffee is one of those who GIVE. Just look at all those wonderful community groups she says she is a member. She performs as a free Ambassador for the 4th District, standing in for her husband, our wonderful County Supervisor, Doug Chaffee.

    These are highly educated, well-intentioned people who give of themselves to the at-risk among us. Like the Quirks and the Silvas and the Zahras, these are the heart and soul of Fullerton, our leaders, guides and inspiration.

    1. We are so grateful that has chosen to humbly offer her abundant qualifications and experience to the people of District 4. She is a pillar of honesty and integrity worthy of the utmost trust. Her election will surely improve the quality of life and financial circumstances of every Fullerton resident. Paulette, along with Sharon and Jesus Quirk-Silva, Ahmad Zahra, Jennifer Fitzgerald and the honorable Richard Jones have earned the gratitude of all of us in the Real Do Good Community. We are richly blessed to have so many wonderful, caring and effective human beings selflessly laboring for us!

  10. So she’s going to work with non-profits on pathways? Hmm….I wonder what non-profit she’s talking about. The one that’s made Fullerton the vagrant capital of the OC?

    As for her truthiness, didn’t she also lie on her statement about her true address? I wonder what she will teach the kids about honesty.

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