Your Choices Couldn’t Be Clearer

It seems like I keep saying this. And it keeps being true.

The Old Guard Establishment that buried us under a mountain of unfunded pension liability, that stole almost $30,000,000 in the guise of a water “fee” and who created a murderous Culture of Corruption that abused us, stole from us, lied to us, and even killed one of us, isn’t going without one last, vaporous, noxious gasp.

Jan Flory disappeared ten years ago, run out of office after a two-term misrule that included overdevelopment, massive corporate subsidies, boondoggles galore, and of course, worst of all, the disastrous 3@50 retroactive pension spike. Now teamed up with the most obnoxious elements of the corrupt, unapologetic cop union, Flory represents the completely discredited Ancient Regime better than anyone.

Well, anybody but Flory’s old chum King Don Bankhead, recalled twice and so desperate, demented and disconnected that he still believes he has something to contribute to Fullerton besides the comical spectacle of falling asleep during meetings.

He’s the one on the right.

There’s somebody called Rick Alvarez running, who like Flory, has been hugely supported by the cops. This cipher is the last wheeze of the Ackerman repuglican tribe, a dying breed to be sure. No one knows anything about this drone, except that he appears to be willing to say anything to anybody. He is also supported by the Old Dems who see in him their main chance of stopping reform.

Then there’s a woman called Kitty Jaramillo who seems to be just what what the doctor ordered – in case you wanted a former city employee making decisions that affect her pals’ pensions. Cynically, she’s been dropped like a hot potato by those Old Dems and the cops who don’t want her siphoning votes from their candidates, and who wouldn’t support two latino-named candidates.

Another entry is Jennifer Fitzgerald who stood up to Dick Ackerman when he started tricking himself out for the cop union. But this sure seems like way too little, way too late: as Friends will recall she was a big opponent of the recall which speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. Her backing by Ossified GOP clique is equally telling. Her employment is based on lobbying and political hackery – which for Republicans is a sure fire sign that they are for big government.

Are you sufficiently depressed, yet? Don’t be! You can do yourself a favor. You can support conscience and reform.

There is Barry Levinson, a guy who has been on the front line of reform for the past couple of years, and a man who wuold undoubtedly demand accountability in City Hall.

Jane rands has been at the forefront of reform in Fullerton, too, particularly about land use and cop brutality, which has not endeared her to the liberal establishment.

Finally I arrive at Travis Kiger and Bruce Whitaker, the incumbents. These two have accomplished more in four months than their predecessors had done in twenty-five years. They have finally ended the illegal water tax and they have demanded fiscal and practical accountability from the police department. Naturally the public safety unions are outraged and have spent a fortune attacking them. Why? because Kiger and Whitaker work hard for us, and the unions just hate that. They hate it a lot.

Yep. The choices stand in stark contrast to one another. You can go back to the depressing days of unaccountability and irresponsibility; the days when our police department spiraled out of control; the days when downtown Fullerton became a subsidized, open-air booze court; the days when land was given away to favored developers and City Hall looked the other way when it came to environmental impacts on the rest of us.

Do the right thing.

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  1. Just the fact that all the fpoa ers are bent on attacking
    Kiger and whitaker tells me they are
    The men for the job.

  2. Brian Bartholomew. He’s my choice. I would never vote for Kiger or Whitaker. Any developer who pays to seat his friends is no friend of Fullerton.

    1. Just because three men all happen to be for reform it does not mean they are colluding and out to get you. Man, have you been that brainwashed to believe that anyone who is against union and local government robbery and murder is on the side that is against you?

      It is very clear to anyone who is unbiased which candidates will work for the best interest of the people over the wants of the “elite” few.

      Great post, GC. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of our choices. Keeping my fingers crossed that Fullerton has been informed enough to choose the right people to move forward with.

  3. Well written article that I wholehartedly agree with.

    I sincerely hope that the residents of Fullerton are no longer fooled by these wolves in sheeps clothing.

  4. This is the best single breakdown I have read on this election.
    Absolutely right. We have 4 great candidates and many abysmal if not terrifyingly corrupt candidates. My only complaint is I’d add Fitzgerald to the latter group.

    1. Accountability to who? Certainly not Fullerton residents. Kiger & Whitaker are only accountable to Tony Bushala and his $.

  5. Whitaker is in it to feather his taxpayers nest which is subsidized by a developers dream to play King…….Kiger just has no business leading anything let alone a city, maybe he can try again after he grows up.

    1. Quick fact check:

      Jan Flory: $31940.76 FPOA, $10808.52 FFA, Total Public Safety Union IEs: $42749.28

      Rick Alvarez: 31940.74 FPOA, $10808.52 FFA, Total Public Safety Union IEs: $42749.26

        1. The above quote regarding the amount of monies that the public employee unions have contributed to Fullerton City Council candidates, Jan Flory and Rick Alvarez, for the election on November 6th, should be be wholly attributed to Ryan Cantor.

          No disrespect intended sir.


      1. How could Alvarez receive that much money ($42, 749) and still have to have his picture photoshopped in front of city hall?

        This question is not rhetorical btw, I am genuinely curious.

        1. They’re through independent expenditures, not a direct cash contribution. FPOA and FFA are supposed to call all the shots for their IEs and the candidates aren’t allowed to be involved.

          1. Yeah — the word “receive” and the phrase “contributed to … candidates” above are not really appropriate.

      2. Quick Fact Check:

        Developer Tony Bushala’s Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform) contributions to both Whitaker and Kiger are far greater than public safety contributions to Flory and Alvarez.

    2. Hey Mario, hopefully next time you go thru one of those overtime paying “drunk driving” detainments they will find you without your green card and deport you

  6. There is much talk about the “Bad” cops are ruining things for the “Good” cops. Has anybody seen a good cop yet come out and say anything? I’m sure we all “know” a good cop or two, but, where are they? Where are they in the community? All I’m seeing is lies, cheating, deceit, and cover-ups from law enforcement. I’m starting to believe that this layer of corruption and incompetent police work is not just surface level. I believe the level of corruption is so deep that we cannot even fathom what is going on. I’m seeing more negative actions by police officers these days and it is quite disturbing. It’s disturbing that it is these same disturbing personalities that are in charge of the safety of the community, representatives of the city and people, and so-called “heroes”/role models. So, where are all the “Good” cops? If they are so afraid to come out of hiding, then there is something extremely wrong with law enforcement. When did PEACE OFFICERS turn into fear loathing juiced up soldiers with A.R 15′s, camos, tanks, and God knows what else. Are we in a war that I am unaware of? There needs to be an oversight committee where the absolute power is taken out of the department’s hands and into the hands of EDUCATED, UN-BIAS, COMMUNITY REPRESENTATIVES that holds ACCOUNTABILITY to those who abuse the power of being a police officer and abuse the public trust. It is obviously apparent that there is no accountability to the crimes get swept under the rug when issues are kept in-house. Also, maybe we need to look at how police officer are trained and get away from this nonsense of self-entitlement, pompous, arrogant attitudes. Quick fact less than 15 percent of police officers have a Bachelor’s Degree. As much responsibility that this career demands, this is disturbing I know. So, I ask one more time, where are all the “Good” cops? Because I have yet to see one. I’ll leave you with this quote by Abraham Lincoln- “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
    Apparently in law enforcement these days, character is not a requirement.

    1. Wow, very well said, but I do disagree with one thing. That less than 15% have a BA or BS. Police officers of previous generations probably had fewer degrees, and were fine. I was a mouthy kid, and back in the day never got a rise from a Fullerton cop when pulled over. I lived across the street from a Fullerton detective and he was a great guy. Degrees are over rated and many who go to college these days end up with unnecessary paper. Having a degree, whether Batchelor or Phd doesn’t make a good cop. Having character and honor do. Which is what previous generations had. I’m reading, actually re-re-re-reading a Perry Mason novel by E.S. Gardner and he says in the introduction, ” We have some remarkably competent investigative officers and we are rapidly getting more. The police officerwho has pride in his profession and confidence in his knowledge can tackle his job with the quiet courtesy born of competence. The ignorant officer all too frequently masks his ignorance with brutality and may well send innocent men to prison.” This was written in 1950, and for those who don’t know Gardner was an attorney in addition to being an author. He was part of a group who donated services pro-bono and got many who were wrongfully convicted out of prison. My point is that bad cops have always been around. It’s just that now they all seem to be bad, which I know can’t be true, but you’re right, where are they. Serpico was one, but when he called for back-up no one came and he was shot in the head, he lived and got out of the NYPD believing if he stayed they’d kill him. That may go a long way to explaining where the good ones are, seeing nothing, hearing nothing, knowing nothing… I’m also disturbed by the fact thet they’re no longer peace officers, but now LEOs, whatever that is. Well apparently that is someone trained to shoot first and ask or answer no questions knowing they’re protected by their superiors and the law.

      1. Hey Leroy, in regards to the education comment. I allude to education because it is lacking in law enforcement…hear me out. I’m not saying that a Bachelor’s degree holding detective is going to do better work than a detective who does not have a degree. My argument is this, along with education you develop the ability to critical think. I don’t think a degree is going to make you smarter per se, however maybe more tolerant or more understanding of different people’s viewpoints, backgrounds arguments, etc. This of course is speaking to all law enforcement. I’ve been a firm believer that law enforcement is one the most important professions out there. It’s the only profession I know that you only need 6 months of training and given all the power in the world. I think there needs to be a strong re-evaluation of what kind of officers we put on the street. A more diplomatic approach to law enforcement ..ahem PEACE officers.. with officers who are more aware of the repercussions of their actions. Yes, some may see it as a piece of useless paper. However, that is still 4 years surrounded in a learning atmosphere, obtaining experience and knowledge, and most importantly developing character (especially in the 18-23 year old age range).

        1. A number of policemen and women get their degrees while they are on the force. Those are the ones that desire to rise above the rank of sergeant. Higher ranks value degrees in criminal justice and sociology. At least they can write and deliver better speeches when they make Chief!
          eg. in Buena Park, lack of a degree will prevent you from being promoted past Sergeant.

    2. I’m a good cop. I’ve said plenty. I’ve got a bachelor’s degree.

      Kyger and Whytaker will purposely move Fullerton towards bankruptcy. Their campaigns are almost wholly funded by developer Toni Booshala. They are bad for Fullerton. They are both like little kids who hold their breath in an attempt to get their way, unwilling to discuss compromise in an effort to move the city forward.

      Dan Hughes has made many positive changes, seems capable, and has the support of officers at the department, which is critical in times like these. And this is coming from someone who had a negative view of FPD in the years leading up to the Kelly Thomas incident, has a hatred of Sellers, and didn’t think much of McKinley. FPD is better now than it has been in years.

      Always be wary of candidates whose campaigns are almost wholly financed by one person and one person only, especially a developer.

      1. How come Dannt boy can’t even control the rank and file from making fools of themselves and their department at concil meetings?

        Right. He’s an incompetent weakling. That’s why “his” officers “support” him.

        Saying the FPD is better now than it has been in years is a tribute to Tony B, not Hughes.

      2. BTW, I truly doubt if you are a “good” cop. Of course II’m sure we have completely different ideas about what that means.

        What diploma mill conferred a degree on you?

      3. Dan Hughes is also the individual who repeatedly told the Kelly Thomas protesters that he had seen the city owned camera’s footage of the beating at least 400 times ( the protesters had never see this footage until 6 months later), and that as soon as the protesters saw the footage, that they would all have a different opinion.

        I don’t know ANYONE that saw that tape that didn’t think that the beating was WORSE than we could’ve possibly imagined.

        Dan Hughes also swore up and down to the Kelly Thomas protesters, that his officers were not going to try and shut down the protests by citing motorists for “illegal honking,” yet minutes later you can see him in the beginning of this video directly issuing commands to the contrary?

        For all of Dan Hughes’ talk of how he absolutely loves and breathes everything Fullerton, he’s chosen to raise his own family in Yorba Linda, which ironically, is patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

        We need honesty, not hypocrisy.

  7. It is difficult to be pounded by public scrutiny and media bullets for taking action and providing for change. Travis Kiger and Bruce Whitaker may not be perfect. But both have taken action and provided change. That is what we Fullerton citizens voted for in the summer recall right? Change! Change is what both of these men have brought. In a few short months action has been taken and it has been impressive. Did they rubber stamp a new police chief? No. Why? There is a bitter partisan election coming. That issue could be used as political favor and backroom gladhanding. Water tax? Over with. Refund? Coming. And Levinson seems to want to advocate change. The choice isn’t just clear. It is without question. Change needs to continue. These are the ONLY men for the gig.

    1. Very well said and to the point.

      Hope fullerton voters have the blinders off this year.

      This election is coming down to truth and reform vs. dirty attacks and union money. Things could continue to improve or they can backslide into very frightening territory. Let’s hope the truth wins out.

    2. What changes have been brought?

      Put a costly fireworks initiative on the ballot that, if passed, will result in further costs as a result of having to pay additional overtime to police and fire in the days leading up to Fourth of July. Possible additional costs related to negligently started fires/brush fires on public property.

      Voted to turn down free state grant money for Supreme Court approved DUI checkpoints.

      Voted to give a block refund of the illegal water tax in an effort to bankrupt the City and refused to consider other, more financially sound alternatives.

      Want to spend money on a recruiter/screener for a new police chief instead of hiring from within and providing stability for the PD. Using a recruiter worked so well last time.

      Tell me….what other changes were made?

        1. No, Hughes & Company did that the night they murdered Thomas. Cut off their own nuts.

          Haha, lol! Unintended consequences!

      1. “oted to give a block refund of the illegal water tax in an effort to bankrupt the City and refused to consider other, more financially sound alternatives.”

        Speaking of bankruptcy, listening to the ravings of Dime Bag Diamond is a good way to end up broke yourself.

        1. Great — then you’ll sign the pledge never to endorse such a strategy, right?

          If you do, you’ll be the first signature from FFFF-land! What an honor!

      2. Most Fullerton residents I talk with see Travis Kiger and Bruce Whitaker as a couple of individuals not allowing themselves to be bullied by the Fullerton Police Officers Union or F.P.O.A.

        I do too.

  8. I haven’t quite made up my mind yet……..

    Uh wait, what, I live 1/3 of a mile out of the boundries??? Oh man!

    I guess it’s Christine Merrick.

    But, that won’t shut me up I still have a lot to say Fullerton………..

  9. Ffffers seem scared………… it’s ok for 1 man to support and pay all the expenses of two idiots but yet you attack the other candidates for being supported the police union. You f’n morons are so hypocritical it’s actually hilarious!! I just hope after it’s all said and done bitchala can take his ball and go home and quite being the whining sniveling little bitch that he is!!

    1. As long as you take your FPD team, and take your bat and leave. Your talkin two idiots and I’m talkin 130 FPD idiots. Go OCSD!!!!!

    2. It’s okay when that one man is fighting for reform, and the unions are trying to reinstate corruption (literally, in the case of Bankhead).

    1. They are a couple NOW….Looks like Flory is gettin a little spice in her prune juice. Alverez is very handsome. Arm candy!!!!!!! Now who gets the job of pullin his lips off.

    2. Vote for either Flory, Alvarez, Bankhead, or Jaramillo on Tuesday November 6th and watch the public employee unions bleed the residents of Fullerton dry.

  10. Don’t forget the FPOA will be out in force tonight putting up signs and taking down ones’ they don’t like. It’s a long standing practice so voters see an abundance of pro police candidate signs during their morning commute right before the election!! Be vigilant! Take pictures!! Even the dark photo silhouette’s of Coffman and Goodwrench can’t be mistaken for someone else!! Lol

    1. That’s odd, because the Muckenthaler was donated to the city of Fullerton in 1965.

      I’m not sure it’s legal for ANYONE to be placing campaign signs on city owned property?

    1. Strength is needed against the old guard and the very unethical moral and probably illegal tactics.

      Jane Rands really really needs public speaking coaching and classes to match her sweet demeanor, it makes me uneasy to see her speak in public.

      1. bullet train may be a good concept, but why set the first “leg” in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley? Starting from SF or LA would seem more reasonable; as it is this seems comparable to Alaska’s “bridge to nowhere”.

        Would also prefer a bullet train to Vegas 🙂

        1. My guess is that the honest answer is that if it started in NoCal or SoCal, legislators from those area would not have as much motivation to see the thing through all the way to completion. Starting in the middle is a way of “tying ourselves to the mast” to make sure that we don’t end up with a Sacramento to San Jose or a San Diego to Santa Barbara train.

  11. I agree about Jane Rands lack of public speaking ability. We already have to listen to Doug Chaffee drone one & on, and although I like what Jane has to say I can’t stand how she delivers it. If she had some public speaking coaching she might stand a better chance next time.

  12. Moxley hit it spot on.

    Greg tries to insert himself into everything.

    He creates an unhealthy dialouge, he is by most definitions an agitator. an online version of they guy who ruins an otherwise peacefull protest by breaking a window.

    He has done the OCDEMS a great disservice with his actions and canididacy.

    Don’t be surprised to see the likes of SQS, Sanchez and other popular democrats to push him aside come December.

    It’s a shame his big mouth and bad personality got in the way of what could be an otherwise great resource for the progressive cause. I don’t just mean his one minded march towards PENSIONS FOR ALL, I mean a real dialouge and understanding of others concerns.

    Greg is IGNORANT to others. That’s too bad.

    1. I don’t want to offend you, but I find this comment from an anonymous poster on FFFF to be pretty hilarious.

      By the way, I tried to insert myself into a Mason jar yesterday. Didn’t work — but at least I tried!

      The OCDEMS appreciate your heartfelt concern for their welfare.

    1. You can buy an elction for a couple thousand bucks in Manila…………..Oh wait a minute…

      “Hey, How about a nice hineymoon, there is a beautiful place called the Watt’s Towers”

      Seriously, that is where he honeymooned with the “NEW” Mrs. Diamond.

      1. No, it wasn’t for our honeymoon, but we have been to the Watts Towers — and as an artist my wife very much enjoyed it.

        More bullshit from the coward who wants to be taken seriously a few comments above — with similar bullshit.

        1. we have been to the Watts Towers


          More bullshit from the coward who wants to be taken seriously

          …I agree.

        2. Watts Towers honeymoon? Hahahaha.

          A new chapter in the Gag Diamond legend.

          Where’s ya stay, Dimebag? The Carson Motel 8?

          1. We went there for an afternoon while we were in the area on other business.

            The honeymoon was well before that. No details for you, Tony.

    1. We do get any robo calls, but we no longer have a land line, just cells. And they won’t come to my front because I have three little dogs….

    1. Maybe he wants a free ‘junket ” to find a new one that he can write off as a good will trip. TSA should check his luggage in and out. My opinion because he seems to protest to much.

  13. Why did the OC Dem party “choose” Greg Diamond to run for state senator? He never campaigns, no signs, no attendance at political rallies, no nuthin’! So someone tell me why the OC Democratic party chose him to run for an important job? Are they trying to ensure the Republicans have enough votes in the Senate to continue to tie up various budget and tax proposals? I thought that was the Republicans job!

      1. Just like someone’s heart is about to do the same thing in a few years and given someone’s height, weight and age the damage is irreversible so dieting aint gonna do jack squat.

        At least someone’s wife will be able to cash out on the life insurance and move on, one can only hope that this time around she gets someone who is worthwhile and has an actual work ethic.

        I’m betting on 7 years max.

  14. In response to “The Fullerton Harpoon” and his question “who?”

    That will tell you a little about who I am and what I stand for. Watch the video as well and thanks for your support this Tuesday. Email me any questions you may have and I will get back to you ASAP.

    1. Hey, dude, where were you during the past 18 months?

      I don’t remember hearing your name. Did you support or oppose the recall?

    2. You have my vote, Brian! I saw you at the last Candidates Forum. I like what you stand for and the best part is that you’re not a Bushala puppet. Stand strong, we’re going to need your involvement after the election. Don’t get drug into the nasty exchanges that this blog invites. You’re better than that and it won’t change the ugliness that spews from Bushala followers.

      1. Oh Brian you so have my vote. I wouldn’t have expected you to have been out on the front lines of Kelly’s Army, or ever even thought about speaking out on an issue before the City Council that might rankle your loyal friends in the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce would we now?

  15. I will be so glad when Travis Kiger in NOT elected to the council for another term. My HOPE is that Whittaker is not also. My votes went to Alvarez, Flory and Fitzgerald. Reasonable people with intelligence, kindness and sensibility.

  16. It is never too late to do the right thing Fullerton. You all know in your heart of hearts that there is something terribly amiss in this towns political landscape. The desperate attempts to speak to the lowest common denominator with cartoon glossy mailers full of lies is about as pathetic as you can get. The hopes are the IQ’s of the electorate are at or below room temperature. The problem the IQ’s of who we are trying to rid ourselves of hovers there daily. Such is the debaucle. I knew the Santa Anas would be blowing on Tuesday and hopefully will blow all the crap out of town.

  17. Kathy was Ms Flory being kind when she referred to Travis not “getting enough mother’s milk”.

    I do not think so.

    I thought that remark was beneath anyone running for council.

    Talk about a lack of civility!

      1. There is a big difference between what is acceptable in the comment section of a political blog and what is acceptable at a city council meeting. Flory lost a lot of respect with her decision to attack Travis in that manner with the city watching just because some anonymous posts hurt her feelings. Her actions were (and have been since then) classless.

        When a person can’t even determine when it is best to keep her mouth shut what makes you think she is capable of running our city?

        And that question is posed ignoring the fact that she has had her chance to control this city in the past and used it to fuck us over and pull special favors for her financial backers. We want more of that?

        No thank you.

        I would love nothing more than to see Travis in and Flory kept out.

      2. What’s funny is a greasy little piglet like you telling job-holding, responsible adults what to believe in.

        Your critics are right Dime Store. You will get a lower % of votes today than you got in June – by just being poor, overworked, misunderstood you.

  18. I believe that Flory, Alvarez, Fitzgerald, Jaramillo, and Bartholomew were all SILENT on the murder of Kelly Thomas, the suspicious in custody death in the jail, the frame up of Veth Mam, and the screen checks with the satanic rock music. Does anyone care to correct me if I am mistaken? I don’t recall ever seeing them publicly denounce the tremendous injustices done to members of our community and now they desire to represent us?
    Travis, Bruce, Barry and Jan all stood for Fullerton in a dark hour. They are leaders with conviction and courage.

      1. Travis, Bruce, Barry and Jane all stood for Fullerton in a dark hour. They are leaders with conviction and courage.

        Thanks Nipsey as that missing vowel makes all the difference in the world

  19. vote for Kiger and Whitaker is a vote for restoring the letter and the spirit of our laws that demand individual rights be respected above perceived collective good for society .
    For too long, city of fullerton has been controlled by a greedy, nanny, police state that financially and physically abused the rights of Fullerton’s community.
    When not wagging their finger in front of fullerton’s community for being selfish not to pay more in taxes to subsidize bloated municipal government employees salaries and pensions, gratefully giving up their property rights via eminent domain for redevelopment mess and cheerfully allowing more of precious tax dollars be spent on legal fees and legal settlements to buy off the numerous victims of Fullerton PD, the old regime, the greedy,nanny, police state city council has defamed anyone who dare challenge their authority to stomp on the rights of Fullerton’s community.
    The benefits of having Kiger and Whitaker on Fullerton’s city council is: removal of the highly unqualified for his job as city manager, mr. parks and recreation, Joe Felz, removal of a violent, homicidal, sexual predator, perjuring, thieving, lying Fullerton police force, protection against illegal taxes that only benefit city o fullerton employees and are enacted by old regime of city council members to buy the political support of city o fullerton employees, and to destroy the credibility of Fullerton’s provincial liberal and rabid conservative pillars of Fullerton’s society who stood stock still, not uttering a sound when the public screamed in horror and moral outrage over the horrific beating death of kelly thomas by the long arm, the strong-arm enforcer of fullerton’s greedy,nanny, police state city council, the Fullerton PD

  20. Rands, Levinson and Kiger

    Give Jane Rands a break on her public speaking. I stutter, and in case I forget that I do the Cicinelli supporters are always kind enough to point it out to me, and yet people seem to listen on those rare occasion when I am making sense. It’s content that matters and there is no one else running who has given more of herself to Fullerton and who is more informed on the issues than Jane Rands. I’ve seen her at the candidates forums and she shuts them down with her ability to recall facts. Knowledge is power and that’s is where Jane’s power comes from.

    To be honest the third vote for Kiger did not come easy for me, given my left of center politics and his position on W, but Kiger impressed me with his cross of Gennaco and we need folks on the council who are couragious enough to accept the pending shit storm of intimidation and slander from the Police Union and their supporters, that pushing for police and pension reform brings with it. We are still in the shadow of a murder, leaders and rank and file from the police are comfortable slandering members of the council and intimating those of us who dare speak at the podium. Kenton Hampton is still in uniform, and yet most of those running, and every Democrat running, thinks enough has been accomplished and it’s time to move on. It’s time for Kenton Hampton to move on. Both Whitaker and Kiger have have proven themselves willing to take the hits, and I figure Bruce should be relatively safe this election so that leaves Kiger. I’m going to catch my own liberal shit storm for voting this way – 2 Republicans and 1 Green Party member won’t go over well with those I’ve know for a long time in this town. Don’t blame me my fellow libs, put a Democrat with the stones and the willingness to clean up FPD on the ballot and I would have work tirelessly for them. The thing is, you can’t. Every single Democrat in this town seeks the approval of public unions, and I can’t vote for you with that giant turd hanging around your neck. I knew Kelly and I like him, you don’t get to ignore what they did … and take off that ridiculousness I <3 FPD shirt. Unconditional love is what got us to this point, our support must come with conditions.

    In closing, and despite, what is an effect an endorsement, fuck you Travis and fuck you Bruce for changing the wording on Measure W. I've heard your explanations and they are bullshit. You knew this bit of political deceit would translates to votes for W. Stop doing things like this, grow a conscience about more than just pension reform and water taxes. Do the right thing even when it goes against your political DNA. You know, like me voting for Travis and calling my own out. Supporting W is one thing, but with with 1.5 million from Chevron being spent to deceive voters on this measure, they did not need your help as well. You are doing the right thing in wanting to reform at FPD, now try to do the right on all matters by default, then perhaps the next time I cast a vote your way I won't feel so dirty for doing so.

    Good luck to the four you tomorrow – and to Fullerton. We can't let the recall and the reforms we have seen so far be undone.

    Also a sincere thanks for Tony Bushala and FFFF for making what justice has come out in this case so far possible. Some think that you buying elections, but I think you are evening the playing field and giving Democracy in Fullerton a fighting chance.

    1. Thanks for your honesty.

      The fact is that on about 95% of the issues all councilmembers vote the same way.

      It’s on the 5% you’ll get to really see how it goes. And that includes the corporate subsidies, land giveaways, boondoggles of all kind.

      Travis and Bruce vs. Flory and some guy named Alvarez the boohoos dug up? Really? Strictly no contest.

    2. Stephan you are a sell-out in my humble opinion. You are voting for kiger even after he has demonstrated how deceptive he can be with the wording on Measure W. Rules don’t seem to apply to him in your eyes as well. You should feel dirty. I have absolutely zero respect for your decision here. jane on the other hand is definitely worthy and not a sell out. You can so easily comprise your position and look the other way. Nothing has changed in fullerton government keep backing liars

      You would have to be a dope or a dope seller to agree with you and your logic

      1. I agree with Mr. Baxter and he is anything but a sell-out as you can easily see from his comment.

        I also recommend you consider punctuation.

    3. Thank you Bax, my friend. I voted for the same three (Barry, JANE, and Travis) yet I am just as pissed about Travis’s and Bruce’s stance on Measure W. I shared that with Travis at the first candidate forum. I voted him for him though, for his transparency of his agenda, balls in questioning the Gennaco report, and handling of the illegal water tax so far have impressed me. He has done a lot in just a few months, Since the citizens get to vote in Measure W I can still vote for Travis.
      Regarding JANE RANDS-she is the most balanced person in 12 running. Regarding her public speaking skills, as Bax said–it is the content that counts. I have to say watch her run a meeting. She won me over during the police oversight committee meetings that she facilitated. Her facilitation skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of this city are top notch! She has the memory of a hard drive computer, she knows the issues and the detail about them. She will bring balance to this council.
      And to Barry, thank you for spending over an hour with me sharing your passion for this city, your position on issues. That sealed my vote for you…your grass roots, door to door approach talking to your voters. (JANE, BARRY, TRAVIS)

  21. OK, looking at that picture, just try to tell me that Travis is not the one who posts as “Mr. Peabody.” Ha!

        1. Nothing says “serious candidate” more than childish photoshops Greg.

          Don’t hate on Travis because he is gonna win and you are gonna LOSE BIG.

        1. What will you be doing between elections? It’s a long way ’til 2014.

          Cal Fresh for the step-kids?


  22. Anyone reading any of my comments will know I am not a huge fan of Mr. Diamond’s philosophy.

    However, I believe the personal attacks concerning his weight, his ethnicity and/or his religion, only reflects badly on those that utter that garbage.

    Bigots do not belong in my town.

  23. Greg Diamond :
    I don’t want to offend you, but I find this comment from an anonymous poster on FFFF to be pretty hilarious.
    By the way, I tried to insert myself into a Mason jar yesterday. Didn’t work — but at least I tried!
    The OCDEMS appreciate your heartfelt concern for their welfare.

    you couldn’t INSERT your fat ass into a hot tub.

  24. Most of us that read this blog have made up our minds for city council. I just wanna remind those of you that are not here to be childish to keep Sharon Quirk-Silva out of higher office as well. I told one of her canvassers this past weekend to quit wasting my time and his trying to convince me that she will actually do something meaningful if elected to state assembly. She is just piggybacking off of the Kelly Thomas murder for her own political ambitions and she will be as useless in higher office as she was as Mayor the past year…

    1. Sounds what Bushala is doing…piggbacking on the Kelly Thomas incident also. Let’s not call the kettle black.

      1. Let’s not call a brain damaged cop a hero for pounding a homeless guy’s head in with the butt of a taser and lets not call a murder, an “incident”.

      2. The lack of self-awareness in that comment IS pretty … well, come to think of it, not surprising at all.

  25. By the way….the whole pension issue is a red herring.

    No police association expects to come out of future negotiations maintaining 3% @ 50 for new hires. None. Most new packages are for 2.5% at 55, and will be further reduced from there as time goes by. You have to reduce things gradually or you simply can’t compete with other departments for new hires, especially those with college degrees.

    Ask OC Board of Supervisors how their attempts to take away 3% @ 50 went for them. Ask Stockton and Vallejo how it went with their bankruptcies. Watch as San Bernardino cuts their own throat with their current attempt.

    No police/public safety organization is going to insist at 3% @ 50 in future negiotiations. If you are choosing candidates solely upon the retirement issue, you really need to look at the bigger picture.

    1. Then we will have to get OCSD in and save $10,000,000.

      Of course we could also get the FPOA members to pay %100 of the employees share to CALPERS! Now there’s an idea!

          1. Not true. First year bid might come in a few million lower but not 10. You will see. If you do a 10 year analysis of contract cities you will see it will be more long term. Sales. Politics. Games. Love, Omaley

  26. “Choices couldn’t be clearer” – ?

    Yet it sounds like you endorsed four people when you only have three votes!

    My piece coming up…

    1. Dispite what you may have heard from your lazy, slug of a co-editor, but there is no drone thinking going on here. I leave that for the Democrat hacklings like Dan Chermilewski and Gag (love that name) Diamond.

      1. Greg. What’s your odds of winning? I read the article in the IV Daily bulletin. They talked very highly of you like you had a shot. I was shocked reading it all after reading all your posts here. Good luck.

        1. For what I’ve wanted to accomplish, the campaign has already been a success.

          My feeling is that whether people think I have a chance or not shouldn’t determine whether or not they vote for me. There’s just two of us on the ballot and it’s about as easy to mark the spot for the race as it is to skip it. If you prefer me, vote for me; if you prefer him, vote for him.

          1. It’s hard to feel bad about the police unions being attacked by some “rich guy.”

            The police union sucks $40+ million out of city coffers every year. Bushala probably hasn’t made that much in his entire life.

            1. What is the cost of a City Leadership and PD that doesnt give a BLANK BLANKITY BLANK BLANK, about not only its citizens but guests and unfortunate victims of city, for the expense of a highly questionable few!!! There are also buisnesses that have taken a enormous hit from negligence and immaturity.

              Fullerton needs every ounce of strength it can muster, buisnesses and the world are chomping at the bit from this ridiculous overgrown overfed overapologized for Big Government Experiment. Fullerton was put far far behind in the world. There is no room for apologetic, immature, unrealistic fools with any ties however small they may be to the old guard of this city.

              Before the, bomb threats, videos, travel advisories against, World News Media crews scouring fullerton and its Dais.
              I knew Fullerton being the “BIRTHPLACE OF THE ELECTRIC GUITAR and some of the worlds most wonderful electronics and people!”

              Johnny B. Goode – Back to the Future (9/10) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

  27. I haven’t been feeling well due to the heat so I gave G-D a pity vote when I completed my absentee ballot this morning 🙂 Poor fella…

      1. yeah, dropping it off tomorrow then off to a Ralphs market to pick up stuff to send to a friend in the Sandy Hook area of NJ

  28. How come the trailiers being pulled around town with the anti Travis and whittiker billboards don’t have any license plates on them??????? Can someone get the plates off the trucks pulling them and report them to the California highway patrol? I’m thinking our Fullerton police Dept is “looking the other way” if not doing the driving themselves!

    1. grace – that’s part of a culture of corruption. If you or I were driving a vehicle around without tags, we might wind up dead or in jail, a big fine, attorney, etc.

      1. They are liars, foolish heartless brutes and cheap ass cheats, WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT???

        Its a Democracy not a online gameshow of disingenuous lies, threats, and snickers.

        Cost of not having to have Ciccinelli, Ramos, or Wolfe, “HELP YOU” PRICELESSSSS!!!!!!!

    2. Those trucks are being driven around by what sure looks like off duty (but are they off payroll?) officers and union members.

      They are trying to force our hand and buy the election in plain sight. Let’s hope it fails.

  29. I would like to say it has been great seeing all the things that happened out of a whole bunch of tragedies in this city. Its still hard to believe a:”Merry Band of Bloggers” and a courageous large group of Fullertons, citizens, friends and cheering onlookers have achieved 100 times the accomplishments anybody ever expected. (Including that RI Mickey etc etc guy the self defeating union agitator and a unintentional FFFF asset extraordinaire, he seems to like us now 🙂 Thank You would love to visit him when he ends up in his locked facility 🙂 !!!)

    Vote for the strongest candidates in the face of a hostile rabid ship of FOOLS!!!

    Kiger, smart, cute and cuddley.
    Whitaker Gubenatorial (like a State Governor) even Presidential.
    Levinson, smart, steadfast, determined, but just cuddly.

    KWL KWL KWL !!!!!

    1. Kiger is not cute smart or cuddly. You are though life. I miss all the good bantor here. Hope it comes back soon. Drama rules the world.

  30. Jane has very questionable ties and strength in the face of she would be a good replacement for chaffee I really really would hate her to be threatened like the exsisting Council members just yet.

      1. Fullerton Observer and Rusty, Danny, FPD, the old guard, “Liberal Elite” in this world etc. Even Europe is turning to conservatism in a very fast way.

        Were it not for Asia’s acceptance of western economic growth plans, their plight would be disasterous even compared to Californias plight with the “UNION MONSTER” a monster that will KILL the worlds economy as it has easily killed many national economies, and industries. Its very basic math and GREED !!!(not the healthy kind)
        Housing is and was a very harsh form of a socioeconomic plan that KILLED and SUFFERED many. (KILLING and SUFFERING)

        A rising tide floats all boats, gains are not a zero sum, business creates most wealth.
        If I go find a Silver mine or rare mineral deposit there will be more wealth.
        Giveaways arent free they are removed from otherwise fruitful endeavors.

        1. Sharon at the Observer lets me write editorials on there too. In the last year almost everyone of them has been about reform and the Kelly Thomas case. Something Sharon Kennedy and I do not see eye to eye on. The first time this blog reposted something I wrote, it was taken from an Observer article. It was an open letter calling out all my old liberal friends for not having any balls and not speaking up to get Kelly Thomas justice. It started in the Observer and Sharon is the one the published it. There is no running in Fullerton who is more independent than Jane. Look at who donated to her campaign and compare that to any other viable candidate. No Pacs, no developers, no public union. If that’s not good enough you have a pretty high bar. You can’t get a more pure donor list. If Jane was aligned with those you mention she would have have had the endorsement of the old liberals at NUFF, but ironically they question her ties to Tony. People have lost the collective heads in this town. If there is a position that Jane holds which you do not like, then it’s fair to criticize, but saying that Jane is not an interdependent thinker is ridiculous. I tried to tell a year ago that if she was going to run, doing so as a Dem would benefit her, because until Flory the list of possible Democratic candidates who could win was zero. She said it did not matter, that’s it would not be honest. So in the recall the Democratic Party challenged Jane with Paula Williams for the Bankhead seat. That was her punishment. They needed a Dem in every race. Because Jane wrote for a local paper, as have many of us, and that paper is run by the sister of a man you do not like, you conclude she is in someone’s pocket? Dude, I hope with some reflection that you realize this this is just bat shit crazy thinking?

          1. “crazy batshit thinking”?, Steve,potty mouth,Baxter are you as blind as a bat? Jane Rands was part of the provincial liberal crew that supportd and still supports the Fullerton PD’s proclivity to romp and stomp on the good people of fullerton, protect and revere the disgraced Fullerton city council persons, and throw their heart and soul ibto backing flory’s bid to make a further mess out of city o fullerton.
            maxims support my suspicions about jane Rands
            birds of a feather flock togerher
            you are known by the friends you keep
            the apple doesnt fall far from the tree
            hey, just my opinion

            1. Yeah, she wants subpoena power on the oversight commission for just that reason. She signed the recall petitions and collected signatures for just that reason. And of course, let’s not forget– she’s run against an establishment Democrat two times in 6 months.

              Come on now. Let the guilty by association beat go. It’s un-American.

              1. Agreed.

                As I recall, the position that Jane Rands filled at the Fullerton Observer was as the volunteer City Council correspondent.

                The position had previously been vacant for quite awhile, so an argument could actually be made that Jane Rands brought the City Council’s actions back into focus after residents were being kept in the dark for quite awhile.

                I personally believe that no one has any more sincere love for the residents of Fullerton than Jane Rands.

            2. Van – read my response to your prior post below. Jane is not who you think she is. NOT AT ALL. She is right behind Travis and Bruce on the police issues. Ryan is right, this guilt by association is invalid. Again, refer to the specific points I made below. Jane was out in the streets protesting against Fullerton police more than any other candidate. She was even out there against police brutality in Anaheim. Rethink your position.

      2. she works or worked for Rusty Kennedy’s sister, Sharon Kennedy. Sharon Kennedy is the editor of the Fullerton Observer. Jane Rands wrote “investigative ” articles for Sharon’s paper.
        These facts seem innocuous until a person realizes it was Rusty Kennedy who used his Orange County Human Relations Commission to run intereference between his colleague’s, Pat Mckinley, police force and the community of Fullerton.
        while the nation rocked in horror over the video clearly showing Fullerton PD beating to death Kelly Thomas, Rusty”s sister, Sharon Kennedy titled a very brief article, in her newspaper, the Fullerton Observer, about this same beating death at the hands of fullerton PD as “downtown death investigated”. I believe at the time this article was published, Jane Rands worked for Sharon Kennedy’s “Fullerton Observer”.
        In sum, I don’t trust jane Rands to do what is right for the community of Fullerton. Instead, her attention to details may not allow her to see the immoral forest Fullerton’s community has been forced to wander in by its recalled city council persons and their cronies like sharon kennedy.
        Just my opinion.
        Jane Rands was not able to see sharon and rusty and their newspaper “Fullerton Observer” were duping its readers and the community of Fullerton by whitewashing the horrific civil rights abuses Fullerton police chief Pat Mckinley’s, a proud board member of rusty kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations commission, police force committed upon the good people of fullerton.
        but this is just my opinion and I would welcome, just once, a reliable source with proof refusting my opinion so I may stop thinking the worst of people who use humanitarian language to prey on people.

        1. I can’t refute anything you wrote Van, and you know I respect your opinion. What I would tell you though is sit down and just talk to Jane Rands and I do believe that your suspicions about HER SPECIFICALLY would be hugely alleviated.

          Which city council candidates were at the Anaheim police brutality protests this summer? JANE RANDS. I may have missed some other ones, but she is the one I SAW. Who was out protesting Wolf a few months ago? JANE RANDS. Who is working with Travis Kiger on civilian oversight of the police? JANE RANDS.

          I agree with Grover – we have 4 good candidates for 3 spots, and I don’t care which 3 of them you vote for, but don’t mislabel Jane as being part of that Old Guard Fullerton liberal bloc, because she is not.

  31. Hey everybody,

    greg is holding a campaign event!!

    His final campaign rally will be held at Sizzler on Harbor Blvd. on election night.

    But rather than spend the money on the food there, Greg’s going to have everyone meet in the parking lot. That way we can share the “All You Can Eat” salad bar!

    That’s the kind of thrifty campaign Greg has run!

    Come by and enjoy some loose leaf salad and maybe a few canned beets.

    GO DIAMOND 2012!

  32. ELECTION DAY BABY! I love the smell of victory in the morning. It smells like someone else’s broken hearts and smashed dreams. Oh, and sweet sweet roses. And coffee . . . and also bacon.

    Good luck to all the candidates. Someone’s gotta win and someone’s gotta lose, but putting yourself, your ideas, and your opinion on the line is noble.

    Time to celebrate some democracy.

      1. Hmm. it was bound to happen sooner or later. Too bad you waited for the day before the polls open.


  33. In his bestselling book, “Dreams from My Father” Obama writes:

    “With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”
    ROMNEY 2012

    1. Very much enjoyed this article, and thought that the character assessments were spot on.

      Well done Vern.

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