Real Competition for Bud Chaffee

Our 4th District County Supervisor, Doug “Bud” Chaffee probably figured he’d receive some token Republican competition in a re-election campaign this year. Another dud opponent in a district going blue for good.

What he probably didn’t expect was competition from members of his own party. FFFF has already chronicled the backroom ambitions of Ahmad Zahra whose only legitimate interest is getting name recognition.

Buena Park City Councilwoman Sunny Park stands accused of stealing campaign signs critical of her 2018 run. (Courtesy of Sunny Park)

Well, now he has a another opponent: Democrat Sunny Park of Buena Park’s City Council. Ms. Park has put out notices ‘n everything, so it’s a real deal. Whether she too, is in it for name recognition, is highly likely. There are less than 5 months to the June 7 Primary so good luck, Sunny.

The fact that Chaffee is being challenged by members of his own tribe suggest a deep dissatisfaction with his feeble presence at the County where he seems to be nothing but a puppet of Republican crook, Supervisor Andrew Do. Chaffee’s vulnerable.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

And finally, an amusing coincidence vis-a-vis Park and Chaffee. During her first campaign Sunny was busted stealing campaign signs pronouncing her a carpetbagger; and of course Bud Chaffee’s wifie, Paulette, was caught stealing signs naming her a carpetbagger, too!

And that’s where I put the sign in the back of the car…

Sunny lawyered up and took her case to a jury who hanged itself 10-2 for acquittal. Pilferin’ Paulette pleaded guilty to petty theft, paid Tony Bushala $20, and did some piddling “community service” which she may or may not have used for photo ops.

18 Replies to “Real Competition for Bud Chaffee”

  1. Park’s Buena Park City Council campaign was financed by the union goons over at the OCFA. You can bet your ass they are going to pour a ton of cash into this year’s 4th District election like they did to get that biggest of the public safety bootlickers, Katrina Foley elected to the Board of Supes. You can bet your sister’s ass that those same fire union goons are going to pour an equal amount of cash money into Fullerton’s election come November now that Fullerton is considering the proposal the OCFA Cartel cooked up for the rubes in charge to be dazzled over.

  2. Rumor has it Paulette’s gearing up for another run at OC Board of education.
    I seriously think she has a mental illness.

      1. Step 1: a hammer to the noggin in the dead of night. I think she’d do it if she could get away with it.

    1. I once thought the chaffee’s were a good thing for Fullerton and Orange County but things change. I now see them as just a couple of lying political A/Hs and way up there on the list of what’s wrong withe city and county government

  3. A shit sandwich tastes the same no matter which side you bite — Chaffee side, Park side — both taste bad and will make you sick.

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