She’s Back! Tanned, Rested and Ready, Pilferin’ Paulette Marshall Returns

Sort of like toenail fungus, Paulette Marshall (Chaffee) is an unwelcome parasite that won’t go away. She has recently announced yet another run for public office – this time another try for the Orange County Board of Education.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

Friends may remember Paulette from such hits as faking an address to run for Fullerton’s 5th District back in 2018. Too bad she was caught stealing campaigns on video. That ethical lapse caused her to quit the race (not in shame, for she has none). The DA wasn’t impressed and charged her. She was forced to plead guilty, pay a fine and do community service; her record was expunged, but the two videos that document her criminal activity are alive and well on the internet.

And that’s where I put the sign in the back of the car…

In 2020 Ms. Marshall (Chaffee) returned to electoral politics – a first run at the OC BoE. Her campaign was marked by a phony “news” website and phony interviews which were so lame it was almost more pathetic than angrifying.

Trying to run on her County Supervisor husband’s coat tails yet again, she poured a ton of cash into her campaign, yet finished a distant third place – way behind Vicki Calhoun – who spent virtually nothing.

Why Paulette thinks her chances are any better than they were two years ago is unknown. Her past is hanging around her neck like the proverbial albatross and it seems unlikely that her by just using her husband’s name will work.

In 2021 she got a crony to sue Tim Shaw, the guy who beat her in 2020, to quit the Board. His reappointment to a 2-year term must have come as a shock to Paulette who unsuccessfully interviewed for the job, and is suing Shaw yet again.

I suppose FFFF will just have to dust off and crank up the old campaign machine and get ready to go to work.

24 Replies to “She’s Back! Tanned, Rested and Ready, Pilferin’ Paulette Marshall Returns”

  1. One robocall similar to the one Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform sent to the voters in the District knocks her out of the running.

  2. Ms. Chaffee Marshall has worked very hard for the welfare of the children at risk nor to mention all of our underserved communities of interest.

    She is Supervisor Chaffee’s inspiration for all the good work he’s doing for all Orange Countians! She’s his Official Ambassador.

      1. I think you’re missing the Big Picture. Paulette is a key part of much bigger movement that recognizes social justice and the needs of poor people and the downtrodden. Every soldier is needed in the battle to help the underserved communities of interest in our broader community. And the whole is greater than the sum of it’s members. We NEED all people willing to give of themselves to help the greater village.

        1. Exactly.

          She’s willing to lie, cheat, steal, and fake moving her residence to save poor brown people.

          The world will never get better without old white ladies saving us all.

          1. Again, missing the Big Picture. People with ability must take the forefront on the war against Poverty and Homelessness and racism. Ms. Marshall has walked the walk of progressiveness and inclusiveness. She know what people ought to have rather than just wat they want. She is highly educated, including the best college and law school. She is EXACTLY the sort of person that can deliver the goods to disadvantaged people of color – brown, black, yellow, you name it.

              1. How is it wrong to want the Best and Brightest to represent us? We all need to work together to solve these Big Problems and we need natural leaders like the Chaffees and the Quirk-Silvas to guide us with their expertise, and yes, their network of political influence. Paullette has been in the trenches for years fighting for the welfare of people who require the skills she has to offer.

                1. Father, again, missing the big picture.

                  Paulette is not the best and the brightest.

                  Tip: No word salad needed. More is not always more.

            1. God: “There are ten commandments . . .”

              Moses: “Why only ten? Seems like there’s a lot more to being a halfway decent person than then simple commandments.”

              God: “Because you humans are stupid and can barely count to ten, let alone remember why these rules are important. For example, thou shall not lie and thou shall not steal . . .”

              Father Chrism: “God, aren’t you missing the bigger picture here?”

              God: “Jesus! See what I mean? And this asshole claims to speak for me!”

              Moses: “Point taken.”

  3. Paullette has a better chance of beating Zahra. All she needs to do is move to an apartment in District 5. The poor people of District 5 need an experienced crook to teach them how to beat the system.

  4. Just saw an ad for her campaign to do your research before voting, so that’s the most honest thing she’s ever done,but it’s a sickening version of irony really. Hopefully people do some research and end up here. And she ends up not not doing anything for our kids.

    1. “And she ends up not not doing anything for our kids.”

      You don’t have to worry about that.

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