Hope Springs Eternal

There is a certain personality profile that is so narcissistic that it can’t conceive of the reality enjoyed by others. And that sobriquet must certainly apply to Paulette Marshall, the erstwhile candidate for County Board of Education who was so thoroughly trounced at the March 3rd election that she came in 5000 votes behind a candidate who spent 1/300th of what Marshall did.

If you need any evidence of this disconnect with reality, here’s Exhibit #1, an image harvested from Marshall’s Facebook page the day after the election:

Such delusion in a normal person might be cause for a certain amount of pity from folks. But this is not a normal person. This is thief, a liar, and a fraud. Pity would be misplaced. “Who cares now?” you may ask. You should. Because I predict that Fullerton hasn’t seen the past of Pilferin’ Paulette. Just wait and see.


9 Replies to “Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. instead she fell farther and farther behind. This is not a mentally healthy person. And to think, she was the brains of the crime family.

  2. She may well be back, but all the money in the world can’t remove the stick of being a caught and confessed thief.

  3. Wish she (and the J&K folks) would get their damn signs down already.
    Any bets on whether or not she gets the hint?
    City Council next??

  4. Absolutely on-target! However, be careful, with monikers like “Pilferin’ Paulette” you’re beginning to sound like you should be tweeting with an orange face and bizarre two-wind comb-over…

  5. You know what would be awesome? If she stabbed Fitzgerald in the back by carpetbagging into the D1 City Council race.

    1. She has a better shot there than in D2.

      Her neighbors hate her, but Doug’s favors with a few churches west of Euclid might earn Paulette some votes.

  6. Paulette and Bud made a deal that each would be elected something, in turn. Lady McBeth won’t quit until she’s elected something. Anything. Look for more photos of her at official events wearing an OC badge of some sort.

  7. Don’t discount her…she may have insider information that the vote counters are working dilengently to insure her success. Democrat votes always seem to surge ahead toward the end of the count.

    1. It’s over.

      She lost. Hundreds of thousands and got destroyed.

      On to the next dumpster.

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