Paulette Raises Some Cash

So what do you do as a candidate when you’re a liar, a self-admitted thief, a phony carpetbagger, and quite possibly the worst human being in north Orange County; and because of these sad truths you can’t raise any campaign dough?

Night time is the right time!

If you’re Paulette Marshall, the Constant Candidate, you write yourself a check. A big check

Making an investment in good government…

Ms. Marshall did it last time, too, when she previously ran for the OC Board of Education in 2020, and blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars to come in 3rd, 5,000 votes behind Vicki Calhoun who spent almost nothing.

Apparently Marshall and her hubby, the odious rodent Doug “Bud” Chaffee, who serves as our County Supervisor believe any amount is worth it to promote the missus into some elected office – any office probably.

Meantime, she and her pals are trying backdoor legal means to get rid of the incumbent Tim Shaw, and if that works maybe she can save some of that money.

10 Replies to “Paulette Raises Some Cash”

  1. Funny how she lists her employment as Attorney at Chaffee & Marshall where she HASN’T WORKED in years!

  2. This woman Paulette Marshall Chaffee is NOT a teacher OR an educator for that matter. She was a lawyer until she retired to manage her husband’s political career, *also bought and paid for by the Chaffees.

    Furthermore, the fact Paulette stole campaign signs she didn’t like the wording of is A-OK, and is indicative of someone who is clearly against free speech.

    Do you want someone who opposes free speech to be in an elected position ruling over YOUR schoolchildren?

    I personally would never, and would very carefully weigh any reasoning why you would vote for this woman. She’s not for the children, but someone pathetically addicted to being elected to any office.

    Lastly, the fact Paulette accepted Josh Newman’s and Sharon Quirk Silva’s endorsement (and the fact they gave their endorsements in the first place), should say plenty about the character of all of them.

    Newman and SQS are apparently perfectly happy to help elect a cheater and thief, and apparently would love to see someone who likes to stifle free speech as an elected member on the OC-BOE.


    1. Newman and SQS endorsed this twit?

      Wow. You two are supposed to be running DPOC in North OC. You have so little pull you endorsed a known thief, carpetbagger, liar, and prison absolutely desperate for validation?

      We’ve all done things were not proud of, but you had a real choice here. I hope this albatross weighs heavy around your neck.

      You both lost my votes.

    2. SQS and Newman are illegitimate, liars, thieves and cheaters too so of course they support “their kind”!

  3. Dougie is chair of the Homelessness Committee for the BOS. After all, he did such a great job of ending…I mean, increasing vagrancy in his home town.

    I think Paulette and he would like access to all kinds of homeless funds pouring in from the state and federal to spend on their “non-profit” supporters. Who knows what’s next? Does Dougie want to be president?

  4. At least she got SQS, MR. SQS, Trini, Al Jabbar and Jose Moreno to lick her balls last weekend. Half of whom don’t even live in Fullerton.

  5. Paulette made an appearance at the Love Fullerton lunchtime wrap up today. I saw her high five the Chick Fil-a cow while her husband wandered around on his own. I wonder what projects they worked on.

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