Paulette Marshall Lands in Box

Although the thought of discovering Paulette Marshall in your mailbox might seem a little unsettling, worry not. For it is only her campaign propaganda. A vigilant Friend forwarded the piece in question.

Would the grimace pass for a smile?

This is so funny because everybody in Fullerton knows that Ms. Paulette has never “led” anything. She is the consummate joiner, padding her service resume with memberships in this or that group started and carried on by others. She tried to be a leader in Fullerton by faking an address in a district that she didn’t live in. She insinuated herself into all sorts of photo-ops where she didn’t belong, courtesy of her equally creepy spouse Doug “Bud” Chaffee.

Paulette attacks the guy who beat her like a drum the last time around, Tim Shaw, who was made to resign from the OC Board of Education to avoid a costly lawsuit brought by a Chaffee surrogate and undoubtedly paid for by the Chaffee Crime family. Shaw didn’t resign in shame and no doubt feels none. Sort of like how Paulette doesn’t feel any shame as a caught and convicted criminal.

Oh, no. The purple Joker pantsuit again!

We see that Paulette is “endorsed by OC teachers” although she doesn’t care to inform us which ones those might be. Another posed picture shows Paulette engaging exited youngsters, but I really have to wonder if this picture wasn’t staged during her mandatory community service following her guilty plea bargain.

And finally, Paulette shares more staged images that only a fool would mistake for genuine support or personal experience.

Paulette uses a freakin’ adding machine? How 20th Century.

As my uncle Cas always said, no matter how you slice it it’s still baloney. So here’s the image by which we will always remember Paulette – caught in the act of committing a crime.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

10 Replies to “Paulette Marshall Lands in Box”

  1. I opened my mailbox once and thought it might be Paulette in there. It was just a large spider.

  2. Paulette is a person of fine character whos says she believes in all the right things. She is a successful wife, mother, and business/civic leader who just wishes to give back during her golden hours.

    1. Would have fed a lot of bums with the cash she used printing fake photos in a shitty campaign mailer.

      But priorities, Padre. Thou shalt not steal.

  3. The sad part is if she and Bud spend enough money on those kind of fluffy mailers, Pilferin Paullette could get 30% of the votes.

  4. I think the Chaffee’s have spent well in excess of $1-million running for elected offices. Kind of absurd when you realize the council and board of ed don’t pay except for a tiny stipend. Certainly begs the question, what is it they want? POWER.

    Imagine what Chef Bruno could do with $1-million for the children of OC. Chef Bruno is a HERO and the Chaffee’s are a ZERO!

    1. That’s not the point. The point is that it takes money to succeed in politics so you can govern along the lines of social and environmental justice and so forth.

      We need people like the Chaffees with their wealth and ambition to usher in a new age of enlightenment for under-served communities of interest and whatnot.

  5. center left in the tick tack toe box of pointless photos is of current board member of the political sign stealers action campaign, which also has on it sunny park and roland chi, signing an official document of some sort.

    if she has just been a perpetual never was and always running for an office to finally be in with the cool kids, can someone tell me what she is actually signing in the stupid picture?

    1. Nothing. The pen is out of ink. Safer that way in case Doug is accidently allowed to pick it up.

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