Happy Felziversary

Poor Sappy.
Poor Sappy. So young, so vibrant…

One year ago today I wrote my first piece for this site, Friends for Fullerton’s Future. It was on the tail end of my lackluster city council bid when I was approached to join the site. I was asked to keep up the writing that I was doing during my campaign but here instead of my own site to which I was agreeable. No timelines had been discussed or content hashed out but the premise was we would revive FFFF because nobody else was effectively putting a spotlight on Fullerton’s abysmal government.

Then Joe Felz killed Sappy McTree after drinking his way through every election party in downtown.

One year ago this morning Joe Felz “took a wide turn” and ran down a tree only for Fullerton’s Finest to be called to the scene of the crime and offer cookies and a glass of milk to our beleaguered city manager instead of the breathalyzer and night in the drunk tank any regular Joe would have received.

One year ago this morning and still the bodycam videos have not been released.

One year ago this morning and we’re still waiting for a trial to begin.

One year ago this morning and still the city council has refused to even bother to publicly inquire into the corruption and cover-up opting instead to allow the city attorney to hide public records from view lest somebody pay to sue them.

One year ago this morning and we know little more about that day than we did on that very morning.

Joe Felz allegedly driving drunk and hitting a tree was a problem. The unprofessional and corrupt way with which Dan Hughes dealt with it on his way out of the door to his 6-figure retirement & new job as Disneyland hack was worse.

Worse still was the lack of effort put forth by our city council. Lack of effort is actually too nice. Then mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald straight cried for her good friend Felz giving not a damn about public trust or long standing issues of corruption within FPD as is the norm from lying bootlickers.

This is the same Republican Jennifer Fitzgerald who originally ran for council on ending pension spiking and double dipping by our “heroes” and has yet to find a pay raise or budget handout she can avoid saddling the taxpayers with on their behalf.

Then Mayor Pro-Tem Jan Flory, a Democrat, was actually worse. Being a liberal union hack meant that she never cared about government corruption unless it affected her personally and even then I doubt that she wouldn’t have simply turned masochist just to give city employees whatever they wanted.

Doug Chaffee (D) has done nothing to get to the bottom of the issue, the same with Greg Sebourn (R). Jesus Silva (D) is so lazy and/or carefree on corruption that he can’t be bothered to bring back his own wife’s oversight idea from the post Kelly Thomas days. The same guy shouting about Milo talking at CSUF is strangely silent on actual issues of the power structure using their positions for official corruption. Which pretty much puts him in line with every other hack politician.

Then there’s Bruce Whitaker. The man who would be Senator. The esteemed current Mayor of our little metropolis hiding a culture of corruption.

He became Mayor for his second term around the same time Dan Hughes & Joe Felz retired. Under his current tenure we had both an acting Police Chief and an acting City Manger both of whom have since been replaced by full on staff. Did our Mayor use this opportunity and gap in leadership to demand accountability? Did he agendize public discussion on oversight or really anything at all to end the appearance of a cover-up and official corruption?

No. Of course not.

That would get in the way of campaigning and you don’t want those big union dollars coming after you during an election so it’s best to ignore any issues the heroes deem unseemly. Just like the Senator in Legally Blonde 2, Whitaker wants to be in office to do good but refuses to do good because then he wouldn’t be in office while wholly missing the problem with his milquetoast brand of leadership.

One year ago I started writing for FFFF and two month ago I stopped for much the same reason. I started writing for FFFF because I think some of the people involved have the best intentions and are of a caliber of character I can only hope to achieve. I’m proud to have met the writers I know and amused to have written with the ones I do not. I stopped because I have no faith in the Fullerton City Council and am tired of beating the dead horse of accountability to a council so against even the things they themselves campaigned upon.

I’m tired of putting up with fools like Gretchen Cox calling me out on her trite little Facebook group as a “chronic malcontent” because I demand my government, paid for with money stolen via taxation, be accountable to it’s people.

I’m tired of watching Jennifer Fitzgerald roll her eyes at me from the dais because she doesn’t mean anything she says and would never put taxpayers ahead of her employer’s profits.

I’m tired of watching people like Jesus Silva bumble their way through meetings. A math teacher too inept or lazy to the do the basic arithmetic required to even vaguely notice that our budgets don’t balance and our liabilities are unaffordable.

I’m tired of the Greg Sebourns who when put on the spot to demand fiscal accountability talk a good game but when rebuked by city staff and shown to be wrong still rolls with the status quo and gives the heroes just about anything they want.

I’m tired of the Doug Chaffees who put government first and the people dead last while apparently gearing up to support a nepotistic campaign to put family in office.

But also I’m tired of the Bruce Whitakers who are constantly putting running for office ahead of actually accomplishing anything of substance. If Whitaker can’t accomplish anything or bring any accountability to Fullerton despite having a 3-2 (R) majority because the vote is always against him then what does he hope to accomplish in Sacramento when he’ll be in a minority party full of GOP sell-outs like Anthony Cannella? Even the underpants gnomes had more fully vetted plans to explain their actions and goals.

One year ago today Joe Felz was given a pass for a crime that we normally award officers for enforcing and in that year nobody in office has done anything to make it right. Not the Republicans who claim to believe in accountable government. Not the Democrats who claim to believe in equality under the law.

I’m ashamed of Fullerton’s city council. I’m ashamed of their cowardice. I’m ashamed of their compliance with corruption.

When we needed leadership in Fullerton we got cronyism followed by low-energy the likes of which Jeb! couldn’t even manage.

One year to the day since our esteemed City Manager proved how lazy, corrupt and/or incompetent our electeds are in this town when it comes to doing the basic job of keeping the public trust.

So Happy Felziversary – the day we remember the myths of accountability and responsible government in Fullerton.

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  1. Well said. Now it makes sense why all people with beliefs and comments against what you believe or FFF believes are blocked. FFF only wants to hear from people that think and act just like you, or the other FFF minions. Now it all makes sense. You block the enemy, and then you wonder why nothing you believe in ever happens? Wake up. Engage the enemy. Learn from the enemy. Until then? You will never learn how to beat the enemy.

    1. What the ever loving hell are you on about? I haven’t “blocked” anybody.

      As for engaging the enemy? Easy to say from behind an anonymous account. I have engaged and I know how to beat the enemy. It takes a truckload of cash which I don’t have. So I guess you’re up to bat next sweetheart.

      1. I should have bern more clear. Joe Sip did. He couldn’t take the heat. Talks tough but doesn’t like to hear from the enemy. Yes I’m still blocked. 😉 FFFF used to be much more fun when the enemy was allowed to post. 🙂

        1. Here’s an idea Paddy. Why don’t you start your own blog where you can explain the benefits of paying killer oinkers.

        1. Why would anybody want to block a loudmouthed, ignorant, narcissist?

          It doesn’t make any sense.

          Also, the earth is not flat, the earth is not flat.

    1. Now why would you assume that? Especially since drunk driving has so far meant little more than some irritating legal fees that Wild Ride can easily afford – on our dime.

  2. Mr. Ferguson, there are many, many people in Fullerton who are better off after your efforts to expose Felz, Hughes and the rest of Fullerton’s crooked leaders. I’m glad that some of them are gone and their power in Fullerton is diminished. Thank you for your leadership. It’s difficult to stand up for the truth when everyone else is afraid.

  3. “This is the same Republican Jennifer Fitzgerald who originally ran for council on ending pension spiking and double dipping by our “heroes” and has yet to find a pay raise or budget handout she can avoid saddling the taxpayers with on their behalf.”

    And don’t forget her BS statement about not taking a salary? That was a damned lie.

  4. The wonderful thing about free speech and social media is that absolutely anybody can start a blog and write whatever they want about whoever they want, even if it means omitting inconvenient facts and telling half truths. No need to fact check or investigate in any way. Best of all, they answer to no one and are accountable to no one.

    1. Another wonderful thing about free speech and social media is that absolutely anybody can comment anonymously to attack the character of others without offering any evidence of supposed “half truths” or which “inconvenient facts” were omitted.

      Come on anonymous I triple dog dare you to bring out the well researched and investigated facts to prove me wrong. I’ll wait.

      Your throw away “answer to no one” rhetoric sounds like the typical insider talk from somebody who forgot long ago that it is the folks in power who are accountable to we the people and not the inverse.

      If I am wrong prove me wrong, otherwise go back to your campaign mode charade style of licking boots and shaking babies while pretending that our electeds accomplish anything of substance. The hard truth is that I’m right and the thirst for power always trumps the desire to even try to do the right thing on all levels of politics.

      1. Yet many of the bloggers here post under pseudonyms and screen names. Funny, back in the day I used to ask Travis why the bloggers post anonymously and are using fake screen names and wouldn’t use their real names. Being The Scholar of our constitution as he was, he told me it was perfectly okay to post under a fake name because the founders of our country did the same thing.

        1. What and how others post is not relevant to the comments at issue. I have consistently posted under my real name and am implicitly being accused of spewing half truths and omitting inconvenient facts.

          I’m still waiting for proof from the #SoBrave anonymous defender of mythical research who seemingly doesn’t have the courage to back up their accusations.

            1. Oh I have been bested by your witty repartee. Why it is in fact like I never left the camera store. Alas – because I have in fact not left.

              Try harder nitwit. A word of advice though – you might want to try and rebut my contentions as opposed to childish banter.

              1. You’ve drawn your own conclusions regarding the Felz incident. So let me ask you, how do you suppose the DA’s office got the case? How do you suppose the DA was able to get enough evidence to file a DUI case? I can tell you for a fact that the CHP was notified immediately after this incident took place and was the investigating agency – which is exactly what should have taken place in this instance in order to avoid the exact type of nonsense you’ve been alleging for the past year. Somebody had to have contacted the CHP. Who do you think that was? How do you know what sort of investigation took place? How do you know whether Felz was given a sobriety test by an agency other than FPD. The DA didn’t just wake up one day and say, ‘hey, let’s file DUI charges against the Fullerton city manager.’ The thing is that if knew what really happened then everything you’ve been spewing for the past year would be BS. And no way in hell you are going to admit you were wrong.

                1. “I can tell you for a fact that the CHP was notified immediately after this incident took place and was the investigating agency”

                  Even if that CHP story were true (it probably isn’t) so what. Nothing would have happened if FFFF hadn’t publicized the event. It would have been buried deep and fast – just as planned by FPD – the swine who gave the drunken Felz a ride home on Chiefie’s orders.

                  Oh, and just because charges were filed by the DA means very little since there is no evidence that Felz was drunk, again thanks to the amoral cretins who prowl our streets with badges and guns.

                  You probably believe everything is on the up and up because a case designed to fail has been filed. And that says a lot more about you and your colleagues than it does about FFFF or Ferguson.

                2. “How do you know whether Felz was given a sobriety test by an agency other than FPD.”

                  Sooooo. If it turns out that the CHP didn’t show up at Felz’s house within the next hour to administer a sobriety test, everything you claim is pure bullshit. Is that what you want to go with? You’re almost as dumb as “Detective” Bair.

                  Here’s what you said last April 1, using a different name, of course:

                  “I’m pretty certain that the very next morning, FPD contacted the OC Sheriffs or CHP and turned the entire investigation over to them,”

                  Now what you were “pretty certain” about you know as a “fact.” The next morning? Don’t you think Wild Ride Felz had sobered up by then? That would have been a interesting sobriety test. And who was the alleged administer? CHP, OCSD?

                  Admit it, chump. You’re just making shit up.

                3. The DAs office “got the case” because the cat was let out of the bag. It was their employee Santos who did the only investigating and he was summarily told to shut up when he discovered obstruction of justice courtesy of Hughes and Goodrich, et al.

                  CHP never did shit and FPD has never done shit to get to the bottom of their own employees’ malfeasance. And they never will.

                  And when there is an orchestrated effort to cover up the truth, free citizens are free to draw their own conclusions. If you don’t like it, release the video.

                4. Wow Anonymous thank you so much for proving my point.

                  Yes. I have “drawn my own conclusions” based upon the information provided by the City which was forced out of them by the many Public Records Requests put in by myself and others from this site. No information has been forthcoming on it’s own.

                  The only time the CHP has been officially mentioned that I can find is in the original memo from then Chief Dan Hughes to the City Council:


                  “I informed the Watch Commander that I would call the sergeant to obtain additional information and that I would have the field sergeant conduct a preliminary assessment by performing Field Sobriety Tests and if the sergeant believed there was a level of intoxication that met the criteria to be a violation of the law, we would contact CHP to investigate.”

                  Go ahead and read that back to yourself.

                  “If the sergeant believed there was a level of intoxication that met the criteria” then and only then would CHP be contacted. Dan Hughes’ own words. BUT Hughes says that he will instruct the Field Sergeant to conduct the tests meaning that the tests weren’t already conducted. Meaning? That’s right. The Field Sergeant knew better than to do his/her job on the scene without the Chief’s say-so first which goes to that whole “culture of corruption” issue.

                  Word on the street is that a crime scene tech was told not to take photos at the scene and she wrote a memo to her supervisor complaining about it. I requested said memo and was told by the City Attorney that it was a personnel record. Evidence of corruption was a personnel record. So your argument, which is the same argument from all bootlickers, is that we should trust that you have more information than we plebs despite any evidence to the contrary. You want us to believe that the same department which refused to do their job on the scene without the go-ahead of the Chief — the same department which stopped a crime scene tech from collecting evidence at the scene of a crime — this same department should be trusted to have done the right thing because you say so.

                  So thank you for proving my point. The entire lot on the council is either lazy, inept, corrupt or complicit in the corruption because running for and staying in office is more important than actually doing anything good in said office.

                  Try to prove me wrong and bring sources next time. I have mine.

                5. If any law enforcement organization was notified to investigate, it would have (in the usual course of events) been OCSD. Why do you allege that it was CHP that was the investigating agency?

                6. Bod – it hardly matters. The CHP station is in Westminster. The nearest OCSD station operates for NOC out of Stanton. Neither were notified (if at all) until well after Felz had sobered up.

                7. Boadicea —

                  The reference to the CHP originated with Former Chief Dan Hughes’ memo telling council about the Felt incident.

                  OCSD, I believe, wouldn’t have jurisdiction whereas CHP is a State agency.

  5. Very well stated! Thank you Joshua for standing up to all the goons we have on our council and for trying to clean up our city. Unfortunately, it is so corrupt that it will take more than 1 person to clean up.

  6. The felz episode proved one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt (of course we already knew – now it’s undeniable): the Fullerton cops enforce the law selectively and incompetently. And that means that if justice occurs it is by dumb luck as much as by a designed effort.

  7. Been awhile since I posted here. I’m so happy I moved outta corrupt Foolerton. The clowncil only cares about themselves and the citizens lose everytime. Joe Felz use to booze it up with Foolertons’ sex offender John Murray. I gave up trying to prove this. Seemed like nobody cared. Even Jin Floozy was friends with this creep!

  8. The city council will always be corrupt. Look at the way the council members communicate with people. They all except Jesus use personal email address to communicate. They do this so we can’t request a public records request. I really want to know what has been discussed behind those private accounts.

  9. Even though Joe wasn’t treated like “any regular Joe” (he didn’t get a “DUI”), thanks to FFFF, his life was ruined just like any other Joe that has a hint of beer on his breath.

    1. People with a hint of beer on their breath usually don’t run over curbs, knock down city trees, and then try to flee the scene.

        1. Oh, no. Not “Screenshot Sam” again, all dressed up with no place to go.

          Yes. cuckoo. Nutsy-wacko. Dmented. Around the bend. Chemtrail cuckoo.

  10. Joshua, we tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. The irony here is the person who made all these points originally, Barry, is blocked from this site.

      1. The hate is unbelievable and it is all due to the fear of the truth. Everybody in the game in Fullerton is in it to get something they want, but Barry tells the truth. Barry blows the lid off of things this site wont talk about like the DCCSP because Tony has too much money, tens or perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars, riding on corrupt undemocratic zoning changes going through. It is not a coincidence this site has been so damn quiet about those issues.

        The person who made all these points originally, Barry, is blocked from this site. So are any comments that contain links to what Barry has written. Barry has done some excellent expository work on corruption in Fullerton. Another problem is people like Sean who work against people like Barry. Sean is every bit a part of the problem as the people on the dais. He actually had the nerve to have supported Bruce’s total lack of public response to Barry or anyone else to the 5 million dollar debacle. If that is not the quintessential definition of a phony ass kisser, I don’t know what is.

        1. Bigmouth Barry wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and kicked him in his big bubble butt. Bigmouth Barry has never exposed anything. He loves to take credit for other people’s work and very loudly, too. If he ever b;ew the lid off anything it would be a miracle because 1) he can’t find his own butt in the dark; and 2) he’s so busy shouting at people that he automatically triggers everybody’s mute button.

          1. I am still waiting for you to make one truthful statement. The baseless attacks on Barry are nothing less than pathetic. Goerbels would have been proud of you.

    1. Who is “we?” Blowhard Barry?

      You couldn’t find your butt in the dark, Barry. You never made a single point “originally.” All you do is take credit for other people’s work. Your rappy website is littered with stories and even pictures you robbed from THIS website.

  11. Joshua I would like you to address the issue of Barry being blocked. If you are a supposedly libertarian leaning website concerned with individual rights as opposed to those of the government, why would you censor Barry 100 percent? He has been blocked and continues to be blocked. Why don’t you take care of your own shortcomings in house ie FFFF site. What games is the FFFF site playing?

    1. Joshua you should tell the administrator to not block people as a condition of you writing for this site or else you are obviously part of the problem and not the solution.

      1. The Earth is not flat. Walt Disney was not the Anti-Christ, NASA is no run by Satan. Just keep saying it over and over. I promise you’ll start feeling better.

      2. I stopped writing for this site 2 months ago (read the post ^) and only wrote this as an anniversary piece.

        I don’t give half a damn who this site’s administrators block as I believe in property rights and the owners of this site have the right to block whomever they see fit to block if those people are in fact blocked.

          1. Of course I support censorship on a private platform. Do you not believe in private property? Are you a socialist?

            The premise of Freedom of Speech does not apply on private property as it is by design a safeguard against government.

          2. Of course your heroes Leviathan and Baby Embryo always censor my comments. By supporting these two idiots you support censorship. Thank you for publicly admitting you are actively supporting censorship.

    2. Barry, please stop it and find some real work.

      In the meantime just keep repeating:

      The Earth is NOT flat, Disney is not the Anti-christ, NASA is not a toy of the Devil, evolution is real, the Holocaust is real.

      1. Don’t forget the fake moon landing!
        And flu vaccinations are a tool of the government to control the population.
        The drought was manufactured by the government too.

        1. You would think that someone who wants people to believe he is an expert on everything would at least have a website that wasn’t all jacked up.

          1. Amen! That website gives us a look inside Joe’s brain. What’s frighting though is that this whack job got like 5.000 votes in his city council run.

            1. “inside Joe’s brain.”

              Where the theme song is never-ending circus music played on a high-pitched calliope.

              “Are we rolling?”

            2. Joe latched on to anti-high density development sentiment and got a few votes for his efforts. None of those voters were exposed to his nutty website.

              1. Yeah but remember those signs? Some dude barfing. He stole that idea from Bushala’s crew. Typical. Unless it has to do with cooking up some intricate network of implausible and irrational conspiracies Embryo and Leviathan can’t do anything.

    3. Barry ought to attend to the shortcomings of Crazy Little Joe’s website. Apart from the fact it is unreadable and unfathomable, the organization is a joke, the fonts jump all over the place, latest posts are out of order, the images run all over the texts, it won’t open up, and of course The Informer is a sick little SOB who belongs locked up in the loony bin at the nut house.

      You’d think someone pretending to be an expert on everything could at least figure out how to manage a simple thing like a website.

      1. Even if everything you just said is true, then it would make sense to block Joe but not Barry. You guys are all full of shit. You have no logic because you have an agenda and therein lies the fear factor- your need to control the conversation. Joshua and David Curlee would be wise to break ranks from this site and its owners. I think David and Joshua would be a great team on their own and they need to just dump Sean. That way Bruce, Cantor and Sean can keep up their subterfuge. We all need to be looking for the missing hundred million dollars that should have been used to repair our roads instead of all the distractions.

        1. Distractions like a flat Earth? Yeah maybe Curlee really needs to team up with you lunatics.

          1. Like I had said David Curlee and Joshua Ferguson would make a great team. Maybe they could find the hundred million dollars missing from the city coffers that should have gone into road repair. They certainly won’t find it here while being exercised and hamstrung by Sean, Bruce, Ryan and the administrators of this site.

              1. “David Curlee and Bruce Whitaker would make a great team up in Sacramento.”
                No! You didn’t just say that! (By the way, it’s spelled Whitaker, not Whittiker)
                Bruce: yes. Curlee: no.
                Besides, we need Curlee down here so he can continue bombarding the city with public records requests

                1. Records Requests are put in to find out what the city is hiding. If you don’t like the volume then perhaps you should work on convincing the government to be more transparent in the first place.

                2. There is nothing wrong with putting in public records requests, and yes, it’s about keeping the city accountable, but to put in public records requests for every single document that exists number on it is ridiculous a waste of time and taxpayer money. Gadflies like Curlee are a dime a dozen. They put in a request of documents and then think they know what the numbers mean but really are clueless They go in front of the council like they’re the second coming of Woodward and Bernstein. Nearly every time, there is a logical and appropriate explanation for whatever is being questioned. I’ve seen it from Curlee for two years. He makes accusations of financial improprieties, only to get a logical explanation of what the expenditure is and that his assumption is incorrect. He could have gotten the explanations needed by making a five-minute phone call to the appropriate city department, but would rather waste everyone’s time at a council meeting so he can make himself into some sort of hero. Sorry, but public records requests should not be submitted frivolously. And when you get the documents you want, you better know what you are looking at. No, I don’t work for the city or have any allegiance to anyone with the city. I’m just sick of seeing gadflies like him think they know something about finance and city business when they know nothing.

                3. “Sorry, but public records requests should not be submitted frivolously”

                  You should be sorry for that stupid comment. What is frivolous is a matter of opinion and the folks inside City Hall would like to consider all PRA requests as frivolous. Curlee caught the FPD and the FFD heroes incompetently and possibly illegally wasting public funds. Of course that’s not a big deal to you but it should be to everybody else. Curlee is Hero and Deserves.

                4. Anonymous
                  November 13, 2017 at 5:31 PM

                  Says the City Hall lackey who wants us to believe that the CHP maybe, somehow, somewhere, implausibly (we can’t prove it didn’t happen!) administered a sobriety test to Wild ride Joe Felz before he sobered up.

                  Take a hike, son.

                5. So, Mr/Mrs/MS. Anonymous, Mr. Curlee doesn’t know what he’s talking about and doesn’t really understand the documents he requests? To quote: “Nearly every time, there is a logical and appropriate explanation for whatever is being questioned”. Maybe you can give us a few examples of these “logical and appropriate explanations”. I certainly haven’t seen any. Have you noticed that virtually without exception, the response to Mr Curlee has been an ad hominem attack? Just like yours.

                  So instead of just making vague comments about his alleged lack of ability to properly analyze and understand the city documents, please give us some factual and objective reasons to discount his conclusions. I suspect that he’s more that man enough to admit he’s wrong if that’s the case.

                  But remember, we want objective facts, not some rant about how he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

                  We’re waiting for your response.

            1. Just repeat: “the Earth is not flat, NASA is not run by Satan.” You’ll feel better, I promise.

              1. Just keep repeating the mantra: the Earth is not flat, NASA is not an instrument of Satan, Disney is not the Anti-christ. Just keep saying it, dude. Eventually people may even think you are sane.

  12. To the FullertonsFuture admin(s) – is there no way to assign numbers to the different “Anonymous” names? Anonymous1, 2, etc.?

  13. “Records Requests are put in to find out what the city is hiding. If you don’t like the volume then perhaps you should work on convincing the government to be more transparent in the first place” Josh Ferguson

    Says the little man who thinks its ok to censor comments on a blog that is supposed to be all about transparency and you wonder why nobody listens to you.


      1. I believe Josh Newman’s mother gave us Josh Newman.

        Carry on confirming your irrelevance. Send out a resume or two today as well.

        1. Well Jack Dean and Tony Bushala did give us Josh Newman, and Jennifer Fitzgerald and Greg Seaborn and Bruce Whitaker. Look it all up on the FPPC site. Follow the money and it all leads to development. Tony’s kind of development- transit oriented development-Bushala is the father of Fullerton’s push for transit oriented development. It is so peculiar yet completely understandable why the 8 of you have been unleashed on anyone critical of this undeniable fact. Bushala has been pushing for massive development for the last decade. It is no secret.

          1. Bushala hijacked the Kelly Thomas incident to rig the council. He dumped half a million dollars on the recall. You think he did that out of the goodness of his heart? You think he did that expecting nothing in return? He would have made upwards of 50 million dollars or more with the transit oriented development projects that were in the works. Why do you think out of the 8 million words in the articles and comments since FFFF set sail in 2008, the Fullerton downtown core and corridors specific plan was never mentioned once? It was supposed to sail through the stacked council and make Fullerton look like Manhattan and make Bushala a very rich man in the process. Larry and I have discussed much of this at length and you will be amazed at all the information that will be forthcoming about this. I hope you wont block me like you blocked Barry because your readers need to know this information.

            1. The old FFFF blog shut down in early 2013 – before the core and corridors mess even started. You really are ignorant aren’t you?

              1. Ignorant? That’s putting it mildly. These lunatics believe in every whacko conspiracy theory there is. They also believe the Earth is flat, NASA is great con created by Satan and that Disney is the Anti-christ whose movies are full of semi-hidden phallic symbols.

              2. After the DCCSP went down, Tony Bushala went to plan B and plan B was to make friends with the Dems- like Josh Newman. Why would any libertarian make political friends with socialists? Well of course Bushala wanted an end run around local control at the state level for development If you think Bushala would spend upwards of a half a million dollars for altruistic reasons then you must be smoking more weed than Tony Bushala and he smokes a hell of a lot of weed

                1. “Well of course Bushala wanted an end run around local control at the state level for development”

                  Please explain how exactlythat was supposed to happen and if it was possible why it wouldn’t have been so much easier making pals with either Sukhee or Ling Ling.

                  You sound an awful like that Levinson guy who shoots off his mouth all the time without understanding how anything really works.

            2. Interesting to hear you repeat the same nonsense put out by Larry Bennnet. Bushala could very easily have bought off the previous council with a few thousand bucks in campaign contributions had he wanted to. Taking on the establishment made no sense at all from an economic stand point.

              Now crawl back in your hole and play circle jerk with Little Joe.

          2. Just keep repeating: the Earth is not flat, NASA is not run by Lucifer, Disney is not the Anti-christ. Just keep saying it. I promise you’ll feel better about life almost immediately.





          4. It is so peculiar yet completely understandable why the 8 of you have been unleashed on anyone critical of this undeniable fact.

            Oh boy, that’s cute. You think we’ve been “unleashed” on you and your “truth” telling allies?

            Show me on the blog where the unleashed attacks touched you.

      2. Please confirm: has Barry accepted Jesus as his personal savior yet? Otherwise Joe says he’s going to Hell – that scary place underneath the flat earth – directly below NASA HQ.

          1. Not me. But you better go check Little Embryo’s website.

            Now just say it once: the Earth is not flat, NASA is not run by Satan, Disney is not the Anti-christ. I promise it will make you feel better about yourself.

              1. Okay.

                From Embryo’s “Jesus Christ” tab:

                “Jesus Christ, being fully God and fully man, remained sinless, and obedient unto death. He was the one and only means of atonement who would willingly shed His blood on that old rugged cross for all sin; past, present and future for those who would willingly accept His payment.”

                Uh oh. I hope Bigmouth read that bit.

  15. Here’s more (from March 2014):


    Do you see that Barry? Joe Imbriano didn’t just call people who don’t think wireless radiation causes infertility a kind of holocaust denier, he called them the *** real ** Holocaust deniers, which sure sounds like he thinks the holocaust mentioned in history books is made up. Joe wrote that in April 2014, shortly before you started writing for his blog. So what do you have to say for yourself, Barry?

      1. Pretty obvious logically.

        If there are those to be judged as “real” holocaust deniers then other holocaust denial isn’t “real”, i.e. IT ISN’T DENIAL.

        Get a grip. You people are insane.

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