An Insult to a Fallen Brother

Photo from Behind the Badge

While on his way to work back in 1975 one of F.P.D.’s own, officer Jerry Hatch, was killed by a drunk driver. Skip ahead a few decades and we have signs on the 91FRWY to honor him. Last July F.P.D. held a special event to honor Officer Hatch with his family and former colleagues.

This is because F.P.D. cares about their brethren. They likewise care about Drunk Driving based on the praise their officers receive when they get awards from M.A.D.D..

Which beggars the question of why was F.P.D. so willing to spit on Officer Hatch’s memory by allowing favors, politics or whatever it was to get in the way of doing their jobs on the morning of 09 November 2016? Why would they send the message that drunk driving is A-O.K. so long as the driver is connected enough?

For all of their continuous grandstanding they were perfectly fine with letting an “alleged” drunk driver walk in the hopes that he didn’t mow down another of their brethren.

On the fateful morning of 09 November 2016, good friend of former Mayor Fitzgerald and all around guy, Joe Felz left our quaint city to spend time with his family. Owing to why Mr. Felz actually separated himself from his position (the 10th highest paid City Manager in California) it’s a bit of a surprise to learn that his family doesn’t reside in the Fullerton Jail.

Amazingly we have a District Attorney who magically found evidence for charges four months after an incident that Fullerton P.D. couldn’t find on the scene. F.P.D. even managed to phone their friend, Chief Danny Hughes, for help and couldn’t find even a citable offense under Sappy McTree or Felz’s missing mud-flap.

Fullerton gives out hundreds of D.U.I. tickets each year. What with 62 liquor licenses in the Downtown Fullerton area alone that’s not as impressive a feat as we’d imagine but F.P.D. is proud of their D.U.I. tickets.

If one looks at the headlines from the Public Relations firm Behind the Badge, which the City of Fullerton pays $50,000+/year, you would think we take drunk driving very, very seriously.

The point is clear that our city and our Fullerton Police Department claim to care deeply about Drunk Driving.

Behind the Badge likewise takes D.U.I.s seriously but are nothing more than a mouthpiece for F.P.D as evidence by the results when one searches “Felz” on their site:

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

B.t.B. wrote several pieces about Officer Hatch but have remained completely silent on the entire Felz affair. It’s not news, just good news.

Just for the sake or irony let us look at one more link from our paid P.R. flacks over at Behind the Badge:

Vargas: Political correctness puts public at risk when PD cancels DUI checkpoint – 06 May 2016

It’s a good thing we never let politics get in the way of the job.


15 Replies to “An Insult to a Fallen Brother”

  1. The cops tried to let Felz get away with his crime because the Fullerton Police Department is just as corrupt as it was in 2011.

    In fact, Felz used to tell people that he had worked hard to reform the PD after the murder of Kelly Thomas. Joe must have been overwhelmed by cognitive dissonance that night when he begged them to cover up his crime.

  2. It’s all eyewash. I’m writing an essay on the symbiotic relationship of DUI arrests and the Fullerton PD.

    1. Just curious, Hee Said Haw, why did you write the cop “on the far right just stepped on his own weenie”? Is there something you know that we 4Fr’s should know??

  3. We are on a mission to eradicate drunk driving in Fullerton. Except when the boss is involved.

  4. Hey Josh, how the hell do you eat with that hideous rats nest stuck on your face? Must be really nasty.

    1. Don’t be jealous, because you’re not man enough to grow one of your own. It’s cute that you go to personal insults about someone’s appearance instead of the issues at hand.

      1. That’s what you five clowns do under fake monikers all day long- sling personal insults. We just laugh at how broke all you all are and have nothing better to do than dredge up petty bullshit and gossip.

    2. His food is so impressed with the beard it spontaneously breaks down as it enters his mouth. No mess.

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