Where’s Dino? Part 2


A few weeks ago FFFF ran a post on the status on Dino Skokos, the FJC security goon and “disabled” former LA Deputy Sheriff who beat up and handcuffed a kid on campus in October, 2016. Right after the video of the event went viral, the district snapped into defense mode, placing Skokos on administrative leave and putting its lawyer to work on an in-house “investigation.” FJC President, Greg Schulz declared his dedication to reaching a conclusion of the incident.

The Schulz Factor: happy-looking but not credible…

The winter had passed; spring had come and gone. Summer was well along when in July, Schulz was directly confronted on the subject. In Schulz’s long and winding stream of nonsense a shiny pearl accidentally popped out of its oyster in the river bottom sludge: Skokos “was not going to be an employee of the district.

What that meant was anybody’s guess, and some, like me, were skeptical. Was Skokos still on leave? If so, why? Who knew?

So FFFF followed up on an earlier Public records Act request that had been ignored. When that was intentionally misunderstood we filed yet another one. And finally we finally got this:

According to this list, Skokos was on admin leave – meaning he was getting paid for doing nothing – until the end of September, two full months after Schulz said he was no longer going to be an employee of the district, and almost an entire year after he assaulted that kid.  And coincidentally (or not) that date corresponds exactly with the peculiar day projected earlier in the summer that Skokos was to come off administrative leave.

There was confusion on campus…

And here’s the last insult to public transparency on the part of Schulz & Co.: we have no idea whether Skokos is still employed by the district – whether at FJC, Cypress, district HQ, or at some other locale.

So how about it Greg? You promised a conclusion to this incident over a year ago. Did that promise include actually telling us about it?

In the likely event that no answer will be forthcoming from Schulz, you might try broaching the subject by our able and eager Trustee, Molly McClanahan, who has a long history of demanding accountability from her bureaucratic underlings.

Put on a happy face.

No, that’s not quite right, is it?


19 Replies to “Where’s Dino? Part 2”

  1. I have to wonder whether or not they reached a deal with Skokos last spring to keep getting paid until the end of September if he would go away quietly.

    Of course there’s no reason why anybody should have to wonder except that Schulz likes happy faces and secrecy. And red high heels.

  2. President Schulz was wearing those heels during our annual “Walk in Her Shoes”event that asks the men of Fullerton College to walk the quad in high heels and raise money for sexual assault victims and prevention.

    1. Assault victims?

      Instead of some fucking stupid, hollow gesture he might have actually done something to address the assault of a student on his VERY OWN CAMPUS.

      So Jodi, share with us what did this high heels wearing bozo ever did about the assault on one of his students?

  3. That’s very noble of him. If only there was something concrete he could do to reduce assaults on Fullerton College’s own campus, or at least those that occur in broad daylight, and get recorded for posterity.

          1. Admitting that you are not a journalist or writing content that amounts to balanced journalism is very rational, thank you for that.

              1. I usually start and end my day by being nice to people and conduct work I’m proud of. I always don’t need the last word, so take it away big boy!

                1. And how does a dope like you spend the the middle of his/her day? One wonders.

  4. Good for this blog. I can’t post my real name due to idiot trolls who would hurt me. But you ought to look into how fjc covered up all sorts of foul play. I was sexually harassed by students, cheated out of fair grades by some teachers. Jodi balma gives some students better grades than others too

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