Drive As We Say, Not As We Do

Once again the Boys & Girls in Blue have decided to insult the residents of Fullerton with a poorly timed Press Release via the F.P.D. Facebook Page where they tell that we need to “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” and that they’ll be “stepping up enforcement” of impaired driving laws.

One Set of Rules for You…

This Press Release is actually dated yesterday, 13 December 2016, the EXACT same day that it was announced at the Special City Council Meeting that the City Manager, Joe Felz, has left his position with the city. Weepy words from Jennifer Fitzgerald notwithstanding we know that Felz left owing to his own alleged D.U.I. Hit-&-Run that F.P.D. and the City Attorney are still attempting to cover up with boilerplate legal obfuscation and the myth of an ongoing investigation.

From the Press Release;

“We want to keep our roads safe for the holiday travelers, so we will have zero tolerance for drunk or drugged driving.”

F.P.D. will have zero tolerance. Zero! None I dare say.

Unless of course you’re part of the upper echelon of our City’s Bureaucratic Bureaucracy and can get the Police Chief on speed dial.

I figured the award for most clueless response to the Felz departure would go to Fitzgerald & Flory for their nonsense praise but this press release might take the cake. To be fair the F.P.D. probably didn’t know that Felz was on the way out when they wrote this little public service announcement but they certainly knew of their own culpability in the continuing culture of city corruption.

Word on the street is that City Hall is glad to be rid of Felz and now they’re just itching to get rid of his sycophantic entourage that continues to make city life miserable. Stay tuned as we might be able to help with some of that as time passes. If any intrepid City Employees want to help foster some more changes you know how to reach out to us here at F.F.F.F..


8 Replies to “Drive As We Say, Not As We Do”

  1. They’ve had these DUI controls every year. It’s business as usual. Hypocritical FPD didn’t do it’s job with Felz. This is the way they work. I was pulled over twice around noon for ” driving too slow”. Going 33 on a 35 mph road. That was the officer’s reason to pull me over. He started shouting at me face and sticking his chest out when I asked him if that was a traffic offense . Another patrol came by and both cops starting pointing and laughing at me. FPD has a number of very dangerous cops.

  2. “…City Attorney are still attempting to cover up with boilerplate legal obfuscation and the myth of an ongoing investigation.”

    Nicely phrased.

    1. Yup. Normally this would go from police to court right away. Nope with Felz!! Law enforcement didn’t enforce anything and the City Attorney is making sure time and know-how give Feltz his exculpation by the club.

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