Dan Hughes Accidentally Tells the Truth – Felz Was Intoxicated!

A follow-up to last night. Here’s some more, under oath, testimony from Former Police Chief Dan Hughes. See if you can spot the moment when Dan decides to not dissemble the details.

Hint – “The Supervisor believed he was intoxicated”.

Did Hughes lie to the Fullerton City Council or did he lie Under Oath yesterday?

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  1. Notice how Hughes tries to brush it off by playing word games: Felz was not a “suspect.”

    A few minutes later Dumb Danny states that the supervisor was believed that Felz was intoxicated. That suspicion made Felz a suspect, right? This is a clear admission that Felz got a huge look-the-other-way by his subordinate, Hughes.

    Of course there is audio recording of all of this somewhere. But you you can bet that neither City nor our esteemed DA will ever let us hear it.

  2. I think you missed the point here, which is not Hughes’s honesty (or lack of it). Hughes told the Council that the supervisor smelled liquor in Felz’s vehicle – a statement not incompatible with “he believed Felz was intoxicated.”

    The real issue was and still is: why did not the supervisor, believing Felz to be drunk, administer a breathalyzer or blood test? The FST is a method to assess whether or not a suspect MAY be drunk, as a precursor to a science-based test. But the supervisor ALREADY had solid suspicion because he smelled alcohol. Administering an FST at this point would be considered redundant and anybody other than somebody getting special treatment would have been subjected to an objective test.

  3. Who will be hired to be next Chief of Police in Fullerton?

    Why so many bad cops?

    Back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90s the Fullerton Police Department had a reputation as being one of the finest police agencies in Southern California. The department had no problem attracting very qualified applicants even though it was not one of the highest paid departments in the area. The department hired officers then sent them though local Sheriff’s departments Police Academies. About 50 percent would never make it through the academy. Of those that did graduate, about 50 percent would never make it through the one-year probation process.

    Staff from the Fullerton Police department was not directly supervising and evaluating the academy trainees, the unbiased, uninfluenced sheriff academy staff was. There was no inner struggle when deciding if a cadet was not cutting the mustard and needed to make the call of letting her/him go. What you ended up with was a well vetted, trained officer.

    Sometime during the late 90’s and up to 2015 some Fullerton police supervisors gained part-time employment working as instructors at the Fullerton College Police Academy.

    Most of students were not sponsored by police departments and had to pay their own way. Many of the academy attendees were police applicants who could not get hired by other police department for various reasons…poor academics, psychological issues, a shady background or a criminal history.

    Some Fullerton supervisors hired as instructors were even able to teach while on duty, while also getting paid by the College. These instructors also established personal relationships with the academy cadets which later made it harder to make the decision to let a below preforming officer go when he or she was not preforming up to standards. Fullerton Police academy instructors had a financial interest in finding employment for these under qualified applicants. With help from the inside, the Fullerton Police department was where they landed employment. This cycle provided statistics to show post academy employment placement and guaranteed added income for those Fullerton officers working as instructors at the academy.

    Dan Hughes has done lasting damage to the reputation and the legacy of the Fullerton Police Department. During the Hughes reign, honest hardworking officers have been leaving in droves to neighboring police departments.

    Who and what is left?

    To change the culture of the Fullerton Police Department the next Chief of Police needs to have no connection to the City of Fullerton or its politicians.

  4. I don’t understand what any of this has to do with a nuisance hearing for the Grand Inn, or why Hughes felt compelled to answer these questions under oath.

    Was this the result of the Grand Inn’s attorney trying to dispatch with the credibility of the city management? If so, well done. It sounds like they’ve been reading FFFF.

    1. Grand Inn should also bring up FPD’s membership in organizations such as the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce which is chummy with Renick Cadillac which seems hell bent on shutting down the Grand Inn so Renick can scoop up the land that the Grand Inn occupies which is surrounded by land that Renick owns which is prohiting his dealership from expanding so he’s trying an end around by using the city to do Renick’s dirty work for him.

      Crony capitalism at its finest.

  5. let’s just say Hughes is telling the truth, poor guy, Hughes told Sgt. Corbett to evaluate Felz impariment. It appears Corbett failed to follow a lawful order given by Chief Hughes and never conducted a FCT on Felz. Corbett lied to Hughes about conducting an FCT and to the degree of impairment displayed by Felz. Based on the fact the DA charged Felz with hit and run and drunk driving without any blood or breath evidence the DA formed their opinion on Felz unlawful level of impairment based on his bad driving, the recorded video of Felz staggering around and slurring his words and the witness statements of the other officers present. If you believe the Hughes version Sgt. Corbett is a Brady officer.
    Is Sgt. Corbett still employed?

    1. Well, we’ll find out eventually. Sooner or later the video/audio record will come out. It may take a lawsuit but it will happen.

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