Fullerton PD Still Selectively Enforces the Law

In the last week or so Fullerton P.D. has been making it extremely clear that they take D.U.I.s very, very seriously.

This isn’t really news as the City Council regularly helps present M.A.D.D. awards to officers with the most D.U.I. arrests.


Fullerton Mayor Greg Sebourn, third from left, with Fullerton PD officers being honored for their contribution in getting drunk drivers off the road.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

There is very little sympathy for people who make the stupid decision to drink or do drugs and then drive. This makes sense as when you do so you’re putting not just your own life on the line but are risking the lives of anybody in your potential path.

The however, of course, is if you make such a colossally stupid decision and happen to work for the city.

Were drinking or drugs involved in the January accident and circumstances around the rolled Parks and Rec vehicle? To this day we have no information.

Better yet is if you happen to be one of the high priests of local government. City Manager perhaps. Then you can “take a wide turn” while smelling of alcohol with near impunity.

Dearly Departed Sappy McTree

For those who may have forgotten, back in March Joe Felz was charged with one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of alcohol and one misdemeanor count of hit and run with property damage. He was charged in relation to his 09 November 2016 accident where he “smelled of alcohol” after running over a tree. Instead of being cited or arrested he was given a chance to talk to the Chief of Police, Danny Hughes, before being given a ride home. Hughes also spoke to then Mayor Fitzgerald.

Thanks to denied Public Records Requests and the burden of suing to get information the city won’t legally hand over we don’t know who called whom that night or who ordered the cover-up and obstruction of justice. We don’t know who arranged to let the City Manager escape the crimes that Fullerton P.D. and City Hall are ever so eager to wield against the commoners. What we do know is the following:

Joe Felz smelled of alcohol and hit a tree.
Felz went on leave for two weeks before vacating his position.
Felz then let his job with the city over “Personnel Matters“.
Jennifer Fitzgerald had the sadz when he left.
The D.A. investigator in charge blew the whistle on a cover-up.
Felz’s D.U.I. case has been postponed twice.

We find out on Monday if former City Manager Joe Felz will actually be prosecuted for the crimes with which he’s been charged. We’ll be watching to see if the District Attorney has any interest in actually prosecuting one of the aristocrats in our midst. More likely they plan to keep continuing the case in the hopes that anger subsides and the status quo of corruption can settle back into place. The worst thing that could happen to the Fullerton Police Department, and the sycophantic City Council, is for the truth to come out so the smart money is on a plea deal or a dropping of charges.

Something to keep in mind here is that our City Council has been silent on this whole fiasco. While it is true that the Felz case is still pending, 9 months after the accident, there is no such investigation going on with F.P.D. and the alleged cover-up. Nary a word has come from Council or the City Manager’s office. This council, all 5 of them, are perfectly fine with police corruption and a total lack of oversight. They could have demanded oversight before hiring a new chief. Or before hiring a new City Manager. They didn’t even bother to address the issue. These 5 are more worried about angering the F.P.O.A. campaign monster than doing the right thing. To add insult to injury the thin blue line would rather wallow in their own corruption than oust their “bad apples” once again proving that the whole bushel has rotted.

Nothing changed after Kelly Thomas died and nothing has changed after Joe Felz’s wild ride.

We’ve been waiting to be proven wrong on this issue. We’ve been waiting for council to demand accountability. We’ve been waiting for the council to demand oversight. We’ve been waiting for the brothers and sisters in blue to step out of the shadows and tell the truth. For 9 months we’ve been waiting and it looks like we’ll be waiting forevermore. For all of the pomp and circumstance about public service and the public good it is once again clear that our government institutions and those inside it are interested in anything but.

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  1. Excellent summation. There’s rules for us and there’s rules for them. And we’d better never forget it.

    BTW, how many Fullerton MADD award winning cops have been busted for breaking the law or abusing the rights of law-abiding citizens. I bet the correlation is damn near 100%.

  2. While I was sleeping a DUI Joe Felz ran off the road, tried to drive away, got the FPD goon squad to cover up HIS drunk driving. What a sick nest of hypocrites. And perched atop this pyramid of pustules sits Queen Jennifer Fitzgerald whose Lord and Savior gave a front row seat to orchestrate the obstruction of justice.

  3. “they take D.U.I.s very, very seriously”

    But some are more serious than others, apparently. And the Felz case was designed by the DA to lose.

  4. “To add insult to injury the thin blue line would rather wallow in their own corruption than oust their “bad apples” once again proving that the whole bushel has rotted.”

    Absolutely goddam right. They will never wipe their own asses and they will fight any candidate who promises to do it for them. Anyone who thinks the cops’ number one priority isn’t circling their own wagons is a fool. “Service'”has nothing to do with it.

  5. Did Mayor Whitaker ever get to the bottom of that mysterious Parks and Rec crash? I think we are owed an explanation.

  6. I was pulled over 10 years ago to check my helmet. After blowing a 8.5 and $10,000 later fuck Kommiefornia. Just a guy with a nice bike and a good job. Now all my stuff is registered in Arizona, and I carry a gun. Legally. Bow down you kommiefornia slaves

    1. Who says he is banned? But if so it’s probably because he is a bigmouth slanderer with a bloated sense of self-worth who believes the Earth is flat and everyone is out to get him.

      I report. You decide.

      1. He is banned. How is that logical for a so called libertarian blog? Flat earth is Joe’s thing, not Barry’s.

        1. No.

          And it’s Barry’s thing. He enables it. He buys all the other conspiracies. He owns this one, too. There’s no cherry picking crazy.

          And he’s a big boy. He can complain for himself just fine.

          1. “There’s no cherry picking crazy.”

            Right. Crazy is just crazy. It doesn’t come like an egg carton.

            BigmouthBarry posts on a site run by a lunatic. A = B, B = C, therefore A = C. Bigmouth is nuts, too. But of course you don’t need logic. Just listen to him.

        2. Who says he is banned? Maybe he just decided not to post wackadoodle comments on a site that isn’t run by an insane little piece of crap.

          Let’s face it. Sooner or later Bigmouth was going to have to come grips with the fact that he just can’t deal with normal people. You know. The kind that ignore his self-important, paranoid rants.

          1. Yes, possibly.

            Soon he and his pal Krazy Flat Earth Little Joe will put out to sea together in their own special 5150 rowboat, never to be heard from again.

    2. I have an even better question. Why is he a paranoid, loudmouthed ignoramus laughing stock.

      You answer first.

        1. Why the animosity towards Joe and Barry? From what I can remember, they were both actively involved in the website before it went dark. What has changed so drastically given their current treatment by the crew here? Wasn’t Tony one of Barry’s supporters when he ran a few years back? What the heck happened? t certainly would appear that your groups share the same objectives or am I missing something?

          1. Maybe because of all their crazy conspiracies about people they regularly defame. Leviathan and Embryo are not a “group.” They are two paranoid wackjobs that normal people avoid like the plague.

            1. I don’t believe you understand the question. They have the same stated goals as your group does. Much of the content posted here is defamatory but in some regard similar in scope and nature as the content posted on the Informer. I understand that Tony Bushala and Joe Imbriano were also friends at one time. Is that no longer the case? What in the world is going on? Are you confirming that you are not working together? You all seem to speak to the same issues. I am confused.

              1. I don’t believe you are confused at all. If you are you are pretty stupid. But, okay.

                You want defamation? Go read what those two paranoid idiots say about people who don’t do exactly what THEY want. The scope and content of that site meets any normal person’s definition of insanity.

                The wold is NOT flat, Disney is NOT the Anti-Christ, and NASA is not run by Satan.

                Here’s the real truth: Bigmouth L can’t get along with anyone and the the Little Embryo needs to take his meds or go back to the Loony Bin. Who wants to affiliate themselves with nutsy-cuckooville? Nobody, that’s who.

  7. Joe Felz lacked qualifications to be a city manager. This weak man, grateful to those who tossed him this highly lucrative job, rubber stamped whatever was put in front of him. And I would not be surprised if salaries and positions increased in his old stomping grounds, Fullerton Parks and Recreation. I am not savvy on the power of city managers, but who is authorized to use city funds to pay legal restitution to the victims of Fullerton PD?

    1. Felz should never have risen above museum director – if he even should have got that high. He was ignorant and incompetent and a drunk (not in that order). He drove the City to the brink of insolvency. But he was the perfect tool for the greasy little operator Fitzgerald to get what she wanted.

  8. That’s an impressive list and scary. As others have already noted, we have absolutely no idea about all the mayhem that NEVER even got reported, especially downtown where all Hell breaks loose every week-end. I think a 90% cover-up rate is not at all unlikely. And then there is the spectacle of the cops that sit around and watch or join in without getting their names shared in the pages of FFFF.

    Very frightening, indeed. And it seems nothing has changed.

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