Who Are the Bad Apples?

Bad Cop

Over the years we here at Friends for Fullerton’s Future have written about what feels like countless stories on the culture of corruption. A lot of facts, some rumors and a lot of annoyance as the city, police department and union goons do everything in their power to keep all of us from knowing anything even slightly negative happening behind the badges of our betters.

Well, on January 1st, 2019 California law changes to allow a little bit of information to eek its way past the Blue Wall of Silence. Thanks to the usually ridiculous California legislature and soon to be former Governor Jerry Brown, we’ll be able to learn about some of the actions perpetuated by some of the officers around the state. Here’s the law in question.

You’ll want to read section C and the bits about lies and dishonesty. I previously had it quoted it here but it’s too much legalese to blockquote. Basically if it’s proven that a cop lies or falsifies a report you can get the records of those findings.


Oh No! Teacher Performance Analyzed

Last week the LA Times released an in-depth analysis of LAUSD teacher performance data which shows a wide variance in teacher quality that can greatly detract from a child’s education.

The analysis angered the teachers unions, who have spent decades lobbying to hide teacher performance data from the public in order to protect bad teachers. As retribution for the LA Times’ disclosure of public information, the unions are attempting to organize a boycott of the newspaper.

State Assemblyman Chris Norby, who was a teacher himself for 17 years, sent out an email blast encouraging these disclosures and asking the public to pay attention to this story.

“Shielding poor-performing teachers hurt both the kids and the teacher. Recognizing and emulating high performers will help us all,” wrote Norby. He also highlighted another major find in the report: the discovery that the educational disparity between  teachers within a given school is much greater than disparities between schools, suggesting that education can best be encouraged by holding teachers more accountable, rather than just pouring money into under-performing schools.

Perhaps someone will attempt disclosure and analysis of teacher performance in Fullerton school districts, although the unions would probably fight it every step of the way. For the good of the children, of course. What we really need are school boards and state legislators who will fight union efforts to coddle bad teachers.

The Voice of OCEA Welcomes Federal Political Crimes Unit

Knows which side his bread is buttered on...

In a post today (or was it yesterday? Aw, who the hell cares?) the Voice of the County Public Employee Union passed along a story they got from the LA Times (no link thanks, you punks).

Of course they are doing it for the wrong reason. Their story is all about how their paymaster Nick Berardino was made to look like a chimpanzee for publicly attacking Webster Guillory and getting dressed down by the County CEO. The implication is clear enough: Rackaukas won’t investigate criminal wrongdoing by politicians. True enough. But why haven’t we heard a single word from the Voice of OCEA about Democrat Tom Daly hiring friends and the relatives of campaign contributors; about County staff withholding critical information from the BOS regarding the purchase of a derelict building on Civic Center Drive; about the Children and Families Commission hiring political hacks for bloated PR and lobbying contracts; about a political operative getting $48,000 to “study” a sports hall of fame; about a candidate for supervisor who committed voter fraud by perjuring himself twice on official documents?

Well, you get the point.

The Joke of OC

Listen up, Supes! We finally got our own news outlet!

We’ve recently seen the true purpose of “The Voice of OC,” and organization that promotes itself as a “non-profit investigative news agency.” We’ve noticed that the manager, Norberto Santana has never said a word about any of the manifest malfeasance taking place in Democrat Tom Daly’s Clerk-Recorders office, but has found time to publish what a amounts to a political hit piece on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson – public enemy #1 as far as County unions are concerned.

It continues. The Voice has recently detailed in five separate posts a DA investigation brought about by charges made against Assessor Webster Guillory by County personnel and publicly advertised by OCEA union chief Nick Berardino. So what, you ask. Here’s what: not once has Santana mentioned that the OCEA provided start-up captial for the Voice of OC. That’s an obvious conflict of interest, and one that any ethical operation would make known to its readers.

What’s also interesting is that the blog comments section has become a forum for a raft of public employees pretending to give a rat’s ass about government efficiency. You will even find LibOC blogger and dead beat, Chris Prevatt on the list. Typical.

Say, Norberto, why not publish something on Tom Daly’s cronyism, waste, or bad real estate deals? At least then the Clerk-Recorder personnel could have a chance to weigh in and let Berardino know how his members feel about OC’s biggest money squanderer.

Well, “The Voice” never claimed to be impartial or objective. Just non-profit.

And that’s why it’s quickly becoming the known as the Voice of OCEA.

The Voice of OC Speaks; The Words are Nick Berardino’s

When The Voice of OC, which portentously calls itself “a non-profit investigative news agency” started, a lot of people were skeptical. Despite the “non-profit” tag that was obviously meant to make  people think that something non-partisan and even objective was going on, it was well-known that the Orange County Employees Association were putting up money to fund the effort.

After several months of posting completely inane and worthless drivel, and completely ignoring stories like Harry Sidhu’s fake addresses and perjury and Tom Daly’s serial misfeasance, the issue is no longer in doubt.

Today all the true colors of this effort and it’s puppet manager Norberto Santana were run up the mast with what amounted to a gratuitous attack on Shawn Nelson, basically parroting Berardino’s recent hit piece and including some lame ass press release by the Fullerton cops who are mad at Nelson for using pictures that he owns.

But get this: the title of the post was changed after it was first posted!

It started out as: “Who is Supporting Nelson and Who is He Defending?” and was altered to the more salacious: “Has Nelson Defended Sex Offenders? Either Way, He’s in Trouble with the Cops.”

Whatsa matta Nick? The first title not nasty enough? No problem you own the editorial board!

The plot thins...

Of course the “article” includes friendly links to Matthew J. Cunningham the Prop 10 welfare king, and the creepy Chris Prevatt, one of Berardino’s other tools.

The Voice of OCEA cannot let Shawn Nelson win this election. There is too much at stake for the union. And next time you come across Norberto Santana you may rest assured he is the proud bearer of the union label – bought and paid for. Let him know you know.

Nick Berardino is Dishonest. And Really Stupid.

Over at the Red County blog yesterday Cynthia Ward properly went after the idiotic mailer the OCEA put out against Shawn Nelson for voting to preserve the Fox Theater.

Naturally, Matthew Cunningham, who is doing his usual shuck and jive for John Lewis to torpedo Nelson, decided to let Chief Union Goon Nick Berardino defend the flier in detail, and of course did his usual look-the-other-way routine as Berardino just made shit up.

How can you tell when he's lying? When his lips are moving.

Berardino defended his fraudulent mailer by claiming that Nelson received campaign contributions from The Morgan Group who was in negotiations to buy the Fox Theater. Then Berardino points out that (some years later) Nelson voted to approve a matching grant to the Fox Foundation for restoration, like there was some sort of connection.

If Cunningham weren’t working for the Lewis cabal to sink a real conservative Republican (Nelson) in order to promote a district-hopping, ignorant  assclown (Sidhu) he would have pointed out that the two things had absolutely nothing to do with one another; that the Morgan Group never had a stake in the Fox grant decisions and that the Fox Foundation that got the grant is a non-profit corporation that doesn’t give out political contributions.

Nick says he did his homework. Nick is a liar and a sack of Nigerian pygmy goat shit.

Oh, and by the way Nick, your flier included a big picture of the old Bank of Italy on it that has nothing to do with the Fullerton Fox.

If Nick weren’t so stupid he might soon come to discover that helping preserve the Fox Theater will win  a lot more votes than it will cost him. So keep it up, dummy. Just love the way you waste your members dues!