Nick Berardino is Dishonest. And Really Stupid.

Over at the Red County blog yesterday Cynthia Ward properly went after the idiotic mailer the OCEA put out against Shawn Nelson for voting to preserve the Fox Theater.

Naturally, Matthew Cunningham, who is doing his usual shuck and jive for John Lewis to torpedo Nelson, decided to let Chief Union Goon Nick Berardino defend the flier in detail, and of course did his usual look-the-other-way routine as Berardino just made shit up.

How can you tell when he's lying? When his lips are moving.

Berardino defended his fraudulent mailer by claiming that Nelson received campaign contributions from The Morgan Group who was in negotiations to buy the Fox Theater. Then Berardino points out that (some years later) Nelson voted to approve a matching grant to the Fox Foundation for restoration, like there was some sort of connection.

If Cunningham weren’t working for the Lewis cabal to sink a real conservative Republican (Nelson) in order to promote a district-hopping, ignorant  assclown (Sidhu) he would have pointed out that the two things had absolutely nothing to do with one another; that the Morgan Group never had a stake in the Fox grant decisions and that the Fox Foundation that got the grant is a non-profit corporation that doesn’t give out political contributions.

Nick says he did his homework. Nick is a liar and a sack of Nigerian pygmy goat shit.

Oh, and by the way Nick, your flier included a big picture of the old Bank of Italy on it that has nothing to do with the Fullerton Fox.

If Nick weren’t so stupid he might soon come to discover that helping preserve the Fox Theater will win  a lot more votes than it will cost him. So keep it up, dummy. Just love the way you waste your members dues!

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  1. “Nick is a liar and a sack of Nigerian pygmy goat shit.”

    You’ve got a real way with words.

  2. Wasn’t the Morgan Group going to buy the Fox, tear it down, and build ugly condos there? Sounds like Nelson took their developer money then screwed up their plans by keeping the Fox out of their hands.

  3. Seems everybody’s afraid of Nelson. Well as a former running back i can attest to the fact that they don’t come after you unless you’re carrying the ball.

    Pretty soon we’re gonna have some fun with Berardino’s candidate – the Precious Princess – who tripped jumping rope and skinned her knee. The scab’s about to come off.

  4. Admin, are you talking about the thrice bankrupt Lorri Galloway? How did she get elected to public office after three bankruptcies? There should be a two times and you’re disqualified law.

  5. Nick is an IDIOT. Hey Nick you complained about Nelson receiving donation and voting to approved a project.

    Nick you need to be consistant because
    TOM DALY is receiving donations from all his supporters who have donated to him and receiving contracts in returned.

    Nick why haven’t you said anything about it. Maybe because you are supporting the Big spender TOM DALY. I forgot about all his friends that have donated and they all got a job.

    Now you pick on Nelson because you favor Harry. What a lame ass Union boss we have.

    Afraid to go after the truth.

  6. It Looks Like & All Out “Skull F……” Of Shawn Nelson,Two Days In A Row The Post Man Has Dumped Off This….’Hit Job’ Mailer….WOW!!!

  7. I’m not necessarily a Nelson fan and I was appalled at the mailer. Weaselly phrasing, not connecting their “research” to their citations, and misleading statements in general make for poor propaganda!

  8. Nelson is Nick’s biggest fear. The fat lady is singing Nicky…your OCEA Union is crash and burning. The taxpayers are getting wise to your tricks and are so tired of it. Outsource everything and destroy the OCEA.

  9. Nick Beradino is little better than a mob boss. He came out on Rick Reiff’s show and said Carona was innocent!

  10. What? Shawn Nelson voted to save the Fox. I am disappointed with Shawn. The Fox theatre is not only an eyesore, but a health and safety hazard.
    Besides waxing nostalgic for the 1950’s and 1960’s Disney movies shown at the fox, what other historical significance is attached to this dump that makes it worth restoring this urine soaked, mold riddled building?
    Did significant events that altered the course of our town’s history occur here? Did famous persons hang out at the fox? Besides the ubiquitous art deco design of the building, what else justifies its preservation?

  11. van, you’re entitled to your opinion but many Fullertonians disagree with you. Those folks determined that preservation of the Fox was a community priority.

  12. No matter how you feel about saving the Fox, its existence has prevented that block from becoming another massive Redevelopment stucco box.

  13. English Major….F. U. It is Tom Daly everyone. He has an English major from Harvard. Notice he didn’t say that in his candidate ballot. He know people would laugh at his stupid ass after wasting alot of money at Harvard for an ENGLISH MAJOR. He needed a Business Administration one. One – he would be a better manager and just maybe some of his employees who aren’t his friends would like him. Two- he wouldn’t have bought a $2.1 million dollar money sucking building. Three – he would be smart enough to know that Renee Ramirez is his biggest liability besides his ego. Well Mr. English Major. Take that expensive English Major and shove it you know where you ass clown. Oh almost forgot. Why did you (TOM DALY) use a 10 year old photo on the re-election web page that you and Jean Pasco created in her office during county hours and using county resources? You think we don’t know why you stay late? You never stay late. Its a matter of fact you rarely come in. Trying to make us think otherwise now is futile you ass clown. Jean where are your ethics? Did you leave them at the L.A. Times??

  14. Van

    They determined that preserving and restoring a historic building in Fullerton was important, and preferable to whatever abomination the redevelopment crooks would have come up with in their march to bulloze everything and build new shit. The shame is that the present day Fox group – who have minimal overlap with the people who actually spearheaded the original effort – has a Fox Block vision (if you want to call it that) which is nearly as abhorrent as what might have happened had the Fox not escaped demolition.

    Anyway, there’s plenty of soulless new crap planned for Fullerton you might like. Or you could hang out at Birch Street Promenade.

    Oh, the Fox is not art deco.

  15. nipsey, is there a happy medium between urine soaked eyesore and the Fox block? Nipsey,since you can’t peer into my soul, what is souless new crap? Is it a fusion of Bauhaus and Baroque? Mid-century charm blended with Queen Anne style? If The Fox is not art deco,what is it because it looks like many buildings I see surrounding downtown? fullerton.

  16. never mind, nipsey,I googled it and the piss pit is Italian Renaissance. How appropriate, the Renaissance residents of Venice and Florence relied on open sewers to relieve themselves. How do you say bathroom in Italian? Fox theatre.

  17. I really WANT to like the city in which I was born and have spent most of my life. It has a history, and a type of charm that has been eradicated from many of the surrounding cities. A type of charm that is getting getting eroded by the short-sighted development that has been occurring for the past several years. Bars? Meh-I don’t like really care for them, but when they go out of business another venture can move in and it doesn’t really affect the architecture. The giant crap boxes of apartments that have gone up are a stain on the skyline, though, and I doubt there will ever be an effective remedy for them. A studio apartment at Pinnacle starts at $1220/month–median income for a single male is $40,674 (and that’s a 2005 stat–think how much that has probably decreased in this economy).

    My point? There are probably many endeavors that would promise a better $$ return at the Fox block, but would those endeavors contribute anything to what makes people like Fullerton? Would they add to our history (in a good way)? If someone visits the Launer Room at the library in 50 years will there be postcards of the AMC theater to look at? Will the Pinnacle be a focus of downtown photography? A downtown with history is the kind of thing that keeps people interested in their town. It binds them together with a spirit of civic pride and investment, and ties everyone together as a mental hub for their sense of place. City Hall has encouraged the deterioration of this idea by eagerly grabbing at the brass ring of alcohol sales taxes which, sadly and causing loss to everyone in many ways has eluded their grasp.

    The Fox issue is an example of a group of people who care about SOMEthing at least, and have banded together to try and actively do something about it.

  18. F-town local, you are joking, I hope. The piss pit fox theatre binds up our civic pride into a mental hub(your metaphors, not mine) to foster a sense of place. Honestly, your argument to support your cheerleading for downtown’s prominent eyesore is silly.
    How has the fox theatre charmed you since it shut down in 1987? that thing has squatted on the curb for 23 years collecting dust and urine.
    I agree a town’s original architecture connects the past to the present and thus puts in proper perspective our contemporary society. There are more significant buildings from Fullerton’s past that should not be overshadowed by a group of fools who romanticize saving the distressed Fox theatre

  19. False dilemma, no one I’ve met, and it’s most of them, who spent time trying to save the Fox were trying to do so at the expense of other notable structures. Hell soe of the same people were in FFLF trying to save pretty modest commercial buildings on Malden that would be razed as part of Amerige Court (see new soulless shit, above), but you probably wouldn’t like those either since it is conceivable that at some point in the last centre they might have been peed on. You’re funny!

  20. nipsey, in our comments, the words piss and shit stand out in our views of the Fox. the collective unconscious has spoken.

  21. Not joking, and not some 87 year old waxing nostalgiac. “There are more significant buildings from Fullerton’s past…”

    Significance is an issue half subjective, half objective–but that aside, the Fox is a unique structure to the area, which has the added value of being a cultural arts venue which could thrive upon being refurbished.

    The Fox HAS been neglected for a long time, while private sector concerns tried to extract an inflated price from interested parties. I don’t understand your ire at people finally trying to do something with it that would also benefit the community. How is knocking it down for another faux brick shopping center or offices better than restoring it?

    I would be pleased if visitors and their wallets were drawn here for something other than “gettin’ hammered, bro!”

  22. F-town, I agree the fox should not be turned into a faux brick office building. But it is too dilapidated to be restored as what? a movie theatre, a vaudeville theatre? I never read of any viable use of the Fox.All I read is it must be preserved for what or from what? Save the fox group reminds me oft hose silly romatics who chained themselves to the fence of south LA’s urban farm because they believed the myth of the bucolic agrarian should prevail over individual property rights.

    1. van, you are right about that. The only viable use I have EVER read about was as a non-profit performing arts academy. But the City chased those folks away in favor of Doug Chaffee and Paul Berkman who had never developed anything. That was over ten years ago.

      I think FFFF did a post about that last year.

  23. Van–What other properties, btw, would have the attraction of a restored Fox?

    Also btw:
    Berkman rents property to his employees so he doesn’t have to adhere to tenant law and can keep them under his thumb. He is a weasel. Hmmm…speaking of the Fox, I think I saw one of the Fox chandeliers in one of his rental garages.

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