The Voice of OC Speaks; The Words are Nick Berardino’s

When The Voice of OC, which portentously calls itself “a non-profit investigative news agency” started, a lot of people were skeptical. Despite the “non-profit” tag that was obviously meant to make¬† people think that something non-partisan and even objective was going on, it was well-known that the Orange County Employees Association were putting up money to fund the effort.

After several months of posting completely inane and worthless drivel, and completely ignoring stories like Harry Sidhu’s fake addresses and perjury and Tom Daly’s serial misfeasance, the issue is no longer in doubt.

Today all the true colors of this effort and it’s puppet manager Norberto Santana were run up the mast with what amounted to a gratuitous attack on Shawn Nelson, basically parroting Berardino’s recent hit piece and including some lame ass press release by the Fullerton cops who are mad at Nelson for using pictures that he owns.

But get this: the title of the post was changed after it was first posted!

It started out as: “Who is Supporting Nelson and Who is He Defending?” and was altered to the more salacious: “Has Nelson Defended Sex Offenders? Either Way, He’s in Trouble with the Cops.”

Whatsa matta Nick? The first title not nasty enough? No problem you own the editorial board!

The plot thins...

Of course the “article” includes friendly links to Matthew J. Cunningham the Prop 10 welfare king, and the creepy Chris Prevatt, one of Berardino’s other tools.

The Voice of OCEA cannot let Shawn Nelson win this election. There is too much at stake for the union. And next time you come across Norberto Santana you may rest assured he is the proud bearer of the union label – bought and paid for. Let him know you know.

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  1. I wonder if they really are a “non-profit” i.e., a 501c3. If so they may be coming perilously close to political activities that are not allowed.

    Did any single person ever expect this operation to be an imparitial news operation.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. Our little Voice of OC only has about 3 readers, and one of them is Nick.

  3. $140,000 won’t last a staff of four very long. If they want to make it through the summer, they better make the boss happy. If you know what I mean.

  4. Some people are “union bought”‘, but don’t forget that others are corporate bought. Some even manage to be both at once. They are usually the worst of all.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you flatfoot, but we’ve had over nine thousand page views so far this week.

  5. It is disgusting to know that the Voice of OC is in the same bed with Red County and the Liberal OC.

  6. Sorry to disappoint you Sippy, but it is illegal to use a photo of Police and/or Fireman in uniform in campaign literature. Nelson is a lawyer and is not a rookie candidate. He is fully in control of what is put out by the campaign in his name. Whether or not he owns the photos doesn’t make it legal for him to use them. This is ILLEGAL. Is Tony going to write a letter to the DA asking for an investigation? And Nelson has defended a pedo-priest in court. So he’s a liar and a cheat. But he’s all yours.

    1. “but it is illegal to use a photo of Police and/or Fireman in uniform in campaign literature.”

      That is pure bullshit. They all do it all the time. They are not allowed to use the department patch. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and that makes you a perfect Sidhu team member.

      Speaking of pedo-priest please cite a case number. Maybe your pal Matthew Cunningham can help you out with that.

    2. Sidhu is going to come in fourth, maybe fifth. And then he won’t have to sneak into his estate anymore.

      The really good thing about this clown is that his embarrassing political career is almost over, then he can go back to the only thing he knows how to do – peddling fast food.

    3. $10,000 to the first guy that can prove Nelson ever made one court appearance in a case of a pedo priest.

      Major Nelson, that is of course liable if untrue so show some sack, enter your name and provide the evidence of Shawn Nelson appearing in court for a pedofile priest.

      By the way, evidence that some other person handled a case is not going to cut the spin filter here so dont even try.

  7. It’s going to be an orgy of cross posting soon:

    LOC–>Meg County–>VOC and back again.

    Too bad all three suck so much.

  8. Oh Sippy…the photo Nelson uses shows the department patch.

    Did you see the statement?

    “After making a very public stance against seeking “union endorsements,” Nelson prominently placed a photo of himself with (Fullerton Police Officers Association) and (Fullerton Firefighters Association) members from the 2004 photo shoot arranged by the FPOA and FFA. He did not ask the FPOA, the FFA, or any of the individuals in the photo for permission to republish it.
    “One of the police officers shown in the photo is also a since-fired association ex-president. He also was personal friends with Shawn Nelson.
    “The other officer is currently employed by the Fullerton Police Department and is livid her image was used without the FPOA and/or her consent. The firefighter is also a current Fullerton Fire Department employee.
    “These FPOA and FFA members have expressly stated that they do not support Councilman Nelson in his bid for the 4th District Supervisor’s seat.
    “Further, the images of the three show badges and patches of their department, the usage of which for political purposes is closely watched and prohibited by a series of law and policies and procedures.

    Defend that you assclown. How’s that code of ethics working for you now? You Nelson tool or do you just like playing with Nelson’s tool?

    1. Hey that’s pretty good. You can read a dumb cop union press release. Well that puts you way ahead of Sidhu who can’t read at all!

  9. Sippy — why don’t you guys do something useful and loan Pedroza some money so he can stop his house from falling into foreclosure or maybe pay off his massive credit card bills? I hear he wishes he made $48K too

  10. Is that the best you can do Sippy? Look at the photo you asshat! Nelson violated the law and one that he should know better abut. He posted a photo to mislead voters into thinking he’s backed by the cops and firefighters when he’s not.

    You sell guns and ammo and that’s an honest job? I’m sure strippers tell themselves hat sort of thing all the time. I hear El Pollo Loco is hiring. Maybe Harry can let you clean toilets at one of his locations in the 4th as that seems to be what you’re qualified for.

    This exchange has ben so useful Sippy. You’ve proven yourself to be an uneducated, underemployed angry punk who screams about “crimes” commited by others but can’t bring himself to admit his own candidate has broken the law. Does Shawn Nelson have his hang up your ass up to his elbow? And whe Nelson pulls that hand out of your ass to thank you for your service, does he say “Hey, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?”

    You’re a complete asshat.

    I actually think Harry can read just fine. And unlike you, he probably reads several languages.

  11. “And unlike you, he probably reads several languages.”

    Oh, so that’s why we haven’t been able to understand a word he says. He’s speaking a foreign language!

    Does Pig Latin count as a foreign language?

  12. When news organizations write about an entity that has financial ties to the news agency, don’t they normally disclose it in the article?

    If the Voice was concerned about their journalistic reputation, they would their readers that they are funded by the OCEA in this story.

  13. Looks like the Voice of OCEA has hired Major Nelson aka Tommy “Boy Gordo” Gorden to do some blocking.

    Meanwhile, Norberto Santana went from respected journalist to conformista hush puppy over night.

    Sign of the times

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