What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Downtown Fullerton saw a ribbon cutting this week for “Madero.” It’s not a new place. It used to called “Matador” but an El Matador already existed in Costa Mesa and the story goes that Mario Marovic, proprietor of the Fullerton place, got sued and had to change the name of his establishment. So an event was held and here’s the scene:

All smiles…

The guy with the green hat is Mario Marovic. That name sure rings a bell.

Right. He’s the scofflaw who got caught squatting on the City’s property on Commonwealth Avenue – the legacy of the Tony Florentine sidewalk theft. When that came out Marovic made a deal with the City to remove the egregious “bump-out” and to be complete by July 2023. Oops. Nothing has even started, 14 months after the start of work deadline. And we know that the City Council has been presented with some sort of legal claim by Marovic, because it was on their Closed Session agenda.

And who is the little guy on the left standing next to Marovic? Why it is none other than the District 5 Councilman Ahmad Zahra, dressed in his usual ribbon-cutting attire, palling around with Marovic and even giving him some sort of City proclamation!

Will not work for new clothes…

Now, we all know that little Ahmad is a notorious attention hound and desperate photo-op seeker. We also know that a City Council agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. But this is really too much. Marovic is still squatting on public property and it looks like no one in City Hall has the balls to enforce an agreement signed by Marovic himself. Instead the City seems to be actively socializing with him.

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  1. Which of our councilmembers have taken money from Marovic? I know he had Jung’s name on the side of his building in 2020.

  2. Jesus, Ahmad, can’t you afford a different outfit. Here’s an idea: TRY GETTING A JOB, “DOCTOR.”

      1. He WAS an illegal who came across the border. He’s worse than the rest. They came here to EARN a better life.

  3. “is a notorious attention hound and desperate photo-op seeker.”

    They’re called “politicians”

      1. I’m fine with democracy and all of its components. Well, other than some of the voters, candidates and office holders, who I simply have to put up with.

        But politicians are politicians. They’re all by necessity attention seeking.

        Haven’t seen a lot of shrinking violet pols (and far fewer that win).

        1. And what do you think about Zahra giving an award to a guy suing the City and who refuses to abide by an agreement that Zahra himself agreed to?

          Notice there are no other City “politicians” in the picture.


          1. I think the world isn’t easily divided into good guys and bad guys. It’s a ribbon cutting. Madero is investing in downtown. Zahra’s being pro economic development. That’s the message I got from this.

            Also, the bump out should be removed or it needs to be paid for. Not having a new business open downtown / not doing a ribbon cutting doesn’t achieve that end.

            1. Pro economic development?

              1) the place was ALREADY there.
              2) the owner is shaking down the City and saying fuck you, too.
              3) you are an idiot.

              1. Thank you.

                Only in Fullerton can you ratfuck the City and get a good guy award from a councilmember.

                This was cooked up by Zahra yet another photo-op.

            2. It’s not a new business. Didn’t you even read the post?

              Marovic got sued and just changed the name on the sign.

              Zahra is an unemployed slacker. Pro business? That’s hysterical.

              1. “It’s not a new business.”

                So? It’s being reopened under a new name. It’s still economic investment in downtown.

                1. What utter fuckinbg nonsense. How can you re-open something that never closed? Oh, and, by the way DTF costs the taxpayers $1.5 mil more than it brings in.

                  You would know that if you knew what you were talking about rather than a Zahra boy toy troll.

                2. You think renaming a restaurant is “business development. ” Goddamn you are as stupid as everyone says.

            3. How do you know Zahra is pro economic development? Because he says so? Apart from going to ribbon cuttings or openings, name another example of economic or development anything he’s done himself since he was elected!

              1. What’s the alternative explanation? A special love for opening bars?

                Politicians do photo ops for reasons.

                1. Explanation? Try he is a sociopath and every word or every other is a lie. Better explanation than your unproven theory.

  4. They worked really hard to change some letters on that sign. Obviously they need official recognition from the city.

    Which one is Zahra? Nice of them to feed that homeless guy on the left.

    1. Some one has to feed him. He’s an unemployed, unemployable social parasite who got into the USA by marriage fraud.

  5. Maybe Zahra is poor and can’t afford clothes since he is working so hard for his constituents all day long – like getting that healthy trail for the kids and getting that beautiful Toker’s Town Mural refurbished. Ever think of that, wise guys?

  6. A libertarian anti business blog primary devoted to Bushala sycophantry. Oh the contradictions.

    1. A true Libertarian wouldn’t want a city subsidy in the form of an appropriated public sidewalk. And I have to agree that an award to a business owner who has been a scofflaw about fulfilling an agreement with the city is inappropriate, and for what, a name change?

      1. It’s worse than that. He’s also trying to shake down the City for something. It’s a “claim.” For what? Let’s ask Zahra.

  7. Imagine if these were separate concerns.

    Of course the guy should remove the encroachment or compensate the city. But that and being simply being recognized for investing in legitimate business opportunities downtown in other ways are separable hings.

      1. Ok, you got me. Ribbon cutting ceremony that doesn’t lever expected behavior on another issue is absolutely fascism.

        1. It’s just an expression, but the principle is the same. Someone who behaves badly toward the public interest should, at the very least, not be lauded by public officials.

          1. Mr. Leslie, please don’t argue with Hoogerhouse. You’ll just end up back where you started. He is a maroon.

    1. Lt’s face it, your publicity hound pal Zahra just stepped in a pile of shit.

      Call it roses if you want.

  8. Zahra is just looking for some campaign cash from Marovic since he went through over a hundred grand to keep his lousy $1000 a month stipend for bein on the City Council.

  9. Geez, this guy doesn’t stop does he…let us not forget about his need for weed dispensaries right next to elementary schools. Will nothing ever change?

    Fullerton. Being. Fullerton.

  10. I would like to start a GoFundMe project so we can buy Zahra a new set of clothes. He dresses like illegal immigrant.

  11. JRH proves again that he is an insufferable twat. There is no cure for his particular pathology.

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