The Voice of OCEA Welcomes Federal Political Crimes Unit

Knows which side his bread is buttered on...

In a post today (or was it yesterday? Aw, who the hell cares?) the Voice of the County Public Employee Union passed along a story they got from the LA Times (no link thanks, you punks).

Of course they are doing it for the wrong reason. Their story is all about how their paymaster Nick Berardino was made to look like a chimpanzee for publicly attacking Webster Guillory and getting dressed down by the County CEO. The implication is clear enough: Rackaukas won’t investigate criminal wrongdoing by politicians. True enough. But why haven’t we heard a single word from the Voice of OCEA about Democrat Tom Daly hiring friends and the relatives of campaign contributors; about County staff withholding critical information from the BOS regarding the purchase of a derelict building on Civic Center Drive; about the Children and Families Commission hiring political hacks for bloated PR and lobbying contracts; about a political operative getting $48,000 to “study” a sports hall of fame; about a candidate for supervisor who committed voter fraud by perjuring himself twice on official documents?

Well, you get the point.

5 Replies to “The Voice of OCEA Welcomes Federal Political Crimes Unit”

  1. Hey Norberto do your damm job and write about Tom Daly massive spending. Also his illegal hiring and Tom Daly doesn’t even show up to work.

    Ask the employees how bad the morale is at the Clerk-Recorder office. WTF you guys are afraid of Tom Daly. We know the OC Register is afraid of Tom Daly because Jean (idiot) Pasco paid them off!

  2. Tom daly does a lot of personal favors on the county’s dime. If it was his money he would be more careful with it. Instead he gives out no work contracts to townsend public affairs, dead larry siegel, fat ass bret “brainstorming” barbre, and campaign donors toledo public affairs and ddk communications. Time to start shining some light into pastee ass tom daly’s corruption.

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