A Shameless Hustle

A good Friend received an interesting piece in the mail the other day, and sent it in to FFFF.

It’s a solicitation from Scott Flynn, President of the FPOA – Fullerton Police Officer’s Association – the cop’s union in Fullerton.

It seems your support of the police union “has been a beacon of hope that has helped fuel many initiatives to make our community a better place.” Somehow your donation helps the cops with their “support” of all sorts of philanthropic efforts. What that support might be is left to the imagination of the reader.

If you give them some big money you will get incredibly valuable gifts as a “VIP.” An “engraved” tumbler and a “custom donor plaque” will be yours for the low, low price of $1000.

Of course the solicitation is based on the idea that the giver isn’t very bright. The obvious first thought is that if you put the FPOA’s decal on you car somewhere, you might just avoid getting that next, expensive, moving violation. Could that be true? I don’t know, but the thought obviously crossed the minds of the solicitors and the donors.

Second, if you look closely at the piece you notice something interesting.

Of course this operation isn’t a non-profit and you can’t deduct your donation. In fact the FPOA exists for only two reasons: first, to use its political influence electing councilmembers to squeeze evermore higher wage and benefits out of the citizenry; and second to remain as unaccountable to the civilian authority as possible.

The whole thing is hardly different than any other mail scam trying to get people to part with their money. There is no charitable purpose here, just a way to get people to support a public employee union by pretending to be doing good works.

Why wouldn’t any intelligent person simply donate to the real and worthy charity of their choice, and get a tax deduction, too?

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  1. All of the local Public Hero Safety Union Crime Syndicates send the same letter out to the sheeple in their district soliciting donations. They already extract more than their fair share of blood from everyone with their extravagant salaries, benefits, and pensions but it’s not enough. They have to pile on with asks like this. We are Hero! We Deserve!

  2. It used to be cheaper. And yes, I can confirm that the sticker is a “get out of jail free” card.
    As an owner of a very fast car who enjoys “spirited” driving, I used to donate. Have not for a couple years now due to the large increase in asking price.
    I knew exactly what I was getting for my contribution. Hopefully my sticker from a previous year will still carry some weight…

  3. Those contributions end up in their PAC bank accounts for the purpose of handing out bribes to their preferred candidates. Fullerton being Fullerton

  4. Perhaps if they were to team up with the FFD the sheep could get a group discount. I’m losing respect for both.

  5. One would think that, for a donation of $1000 (and up!), you would at least get lunch with the Chief at McDonald’s.

    I’d love to know how much this fine organization gives to the listed “local initiatives”. Would the cost of a McDonald’s Happy Meal drop someone off the list?

  6. Almost every police association does the same thing. Mine did. They have a contract with a fundraising firm which usually pockets a bigger portion of the money than you realize….they work on commission. I would never donate to one of these. I agree, send your money to a deserving charity or the political cause of your choice.

    As for the stickers being a “get out of jail free card”….um, no. I never treated anyone differently because they had an association sticker, thin blue line flag, etc. “Thanks for supporting us. Sign hard, three copies.” I would have some *very* upset people who had the unreasonable expectation that they could drive like a jackass and they wouldn’t get a ticket. All treated the same way, and none of my co-workers did differently. Granted, I didn’t work for Fullerton, but I suspect it’s the same thing. This isn’t New York.

    1. I don’t know if Fullerton cops follow your practice or not. But I suspect the unioon knows damns well that some donor might well conceive it o be true.

      And I’m quite sure all the unions do it, too. It’s a scam.

    2. There is plenty of evidence that police officers can and do show favoritism. Maybe not because of a sticker, but I’d bet $10,000 that YOU showed favoritism and did not apply the law equally many times in your career. In short, you are a liar.

        1. You’re pure as the driven snow I’m sure. You would write your mother or wife a ticket if you caught them speeding. Sure. Liar.

          1. A close friend was pulled over by my department for DUI and called me to try to get her out of it. I called the officer and her to arrest my friend if she was drunk (she was, and she got arrested).

            So, yeah, you clearly don’t know me.

  7. My favorite bit is the line where you can check a box to decline your gifts to help them “defer” costs – whatever that means. As if that junk was actually worth anything. That’s pretty cynical. And just about as cynical as the line below where you can check a box to only receive a decal.

  8. I appreciate everything you FFFFers do. However, I’m here for the Dr. Z content.

    The gay Syrian doctor who married a woman, quit medicine, became a filmmaker and now a politician, has a complicated trajectory both personally and professionally, to say the least.

    I know your not done with him by a long shot.

    I’m interested in getting updated on this character, Fullerton’s version of the disgraced Ex congressman George Santos.

    Shine the light boys!

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