The Joke of OC

Listen up, Supes! We finally got our own news outlet!

We’ve recently seen the true purpose of “The Voice of OC,” and organization that promotes itself as a “non-profit investigative news agency.” We’ve noticed that the manager, Norberto Santana has never said a word about any of the manifest malfeasance taking place in Democrat Tom Daly’s Clerk-Recorders office, but has found time to publish what a amounts to a political hit piece on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson – public enemy #1 as far as County unions are concerned.

It continues. The Voice has recently detailed in five separate posts a DA investigation brought about by charges made against Assessor Webster Guillory by County personnel and publicly advertised by OCEA union chief Nick Berardino. So what, you ask. Here’s what: not once has Santana mentioned that the OCEA provided start-up captial for the Voice of OC. That’s an obvious conflict of interest, and one that any ethical operation would make known to its readers.

What’s also interesting is that the blog comments section has become a forum for a raft of public employees pretending to give a rat’s ass about government efficiency. You will even find LibOC blogger and dead beat, Chris Prevatt on the list. Typical.

Say, Norberto, why not publish something on Tom Daly’s cronyism, waste, or bad real estate deals? At least then the Clerk-Recorder personnel could have a chance to weigh in and let Berardino know how his members feel about OC’s biggest money squanderer.

Well, “The Voice” never claimed to be impartial or objective. Just non-profit.

And that’s why it’s quickly becoming the known as the Voice of OCEA.

7 Replies to “The Joke of OC”

  1. There is a “donate” link on the Voice website. I wonder if clicking on that generates a tax writeoff or an FPPC disclosure…

  2. It was inevitable, but it’s just so strange that they outed themselves over such a stupid hit.

    Oh well. Another day, another non-profit flushed down the toilet. They won’t be around long.

  3. From the quality of the stories I’m sure they haven’t dropped $4000 yet like they have to Tom Daly. Oh also Noberto can you go visit the Clerk-Recorder Department and ask for Dulce. I beleive she is an illegal alien and doesn’t even speak English. Yet Tom Daly hired her under the table. What gives? Do some snooping please. The association should jump on this since its job is to protect county jobs.

  4. I’m tired of all this union activism within the county. I mean honestly, all this socialist bull crap tied up with the voice of oc only reflects their attempt to “socially progress.” who needs social progress, as far as im concerned, we all need to take a step backwards. The crosses of injustice need to be burned once again. I’m sick of people using reason and “intellect” to determine how society should move onward. Do you really think our founding fathers ment the constitution to be flexible according to the will of the people? Do you think they wanted people to use reason and humanitarianism to influence decisions? Hell no! Follow me back. Back to the times where a man could read his newspaper without having to stress out about a newspaper providing non bias stories. Corporations rule this country, as they should, and its their word and their word only that should be injected into the papers. Give up your reason all ye who wish to save our country!

  5. Tom Daly is a Loser who is breaking every rules that you can think of. He is spending my taxpayers dollars and he is not held accountable for his actions. Shame on the Board of Supervisors for letting this Idiot waste taxpayers money.

    I know what I can do. I will not vote for Tom Daly. I will vote for Hugh Nguyen. I ask all of you to please do the same. Let’s get rid of this Career Politician once and for all.


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