Just How Muslim is Ahmad Zahra?

The other day I found a communication in the FFFF In Box. It was a note and a picture.

It wasn’t a good year…

Apparently Fullerton’s District 5 Councilman Ahmad Zahra was seen at a recent fundraiser for some kids’ art program drinking the red wine that was being proffered to paying guests. And maybe even non-paying guests, since tickets went for $75. Anyway, I always believed drinking alcohol was a violation of Islamic Law.

Will not work for new clothes…

Zahra has peddled his “first gay Muslim elected official” brand and I’m wondering if he is even practicing the tenets of Islam at all. Word from City Hall sources is that he was seen serially violating the fast mandates during Ramadan – Sawm – observation of which is one of the 5 Pillars of Islam.

Of course Mr. Zahra’s religious beliefs, or lack of same, should be his own business, but like the Christian politician who uses his/her faith as an instrument of electoral salesmanship, we are justified in wondering about the veracity of the claim.

Zahra has made up a lot of stories about himself, and has left out some pretty interesting facts about his ever-morphing origin stories – like having a (female) wife in Arkansas, and the people he represents have the right to know if he ever tells the truth about himself.

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  1. Zahra believes in Zahra. The End.

    And for chrissakes can’t he get a different outfit? That’s the same thing he wore at the Madero ribbon cutting AND the Hunt re-opening.

    1. Wow, you’re right. Same jacket, same pants. Sort of sad in a way. But then I think about the lies.

  2. I would like the opinion of a Muslim to see if this guy qualifies.

    If not, he’s just another “gay elected official.” Already lots of those.

  3. This is the result of a man who doesn’t have a real job and no definable skillset to employ. The state spent $120K per homeless to keep them homeless. Surely, we can give this poor bastard some $$ for a proper suit. Come on Fullerton! Let’s all pitch in!

      1. They sure wasted a lot of money getting nothing accomplished. But that’s gumblement for you.

        BTW, can you please chip in to buy Zahra some decent clothes. Shit, man, this is embarrassing. He’s dressing like a Middle Eastern refugee with one outfit.

  4. FFFF:

    Monday: Zahra
    Tuesday: Zahra, Zahra. Zahra.
    Wednesday: Zahra?
    Thursday: Zahra!
    Friday: What About Zahra?
    Saturday: Geeze, Zahra
    Sunday: Can We Talk About Zahra?

      1. Well, buddy, you have a lot of material to work with. How about a list of all the shit he’s faked or lied about?

        Remember when he serially plagiarized the scribblings of a water district PR bureaucrat to the Fullerton Observer?

      2. Step 1: Admitting you have a problem

        You’re now getting into judging him on his religion. Is there any subject you know less about and have less of a right to judge him on?

        How would you like to be treated on your own behavior? Given that you hide your name, I think we can assume you wouldn’t like your privacy invaded regarding your religiosity or lack thereof.

        1. Step 1: I am not an elected official.

          I don’t care what his religion is, or even if he has one, which seems increasingly unlikely.

          However, if he is creating a fake persona to publicly brand himself as something he is not he is a liar and unworthy of public trust.

    1. JRH:
      Monday: I said that.
      Tuesday: I didn’t say that.
      Wednesday: That’s not what I said.
      Thursday: What I really said was this.
      Friday: Ok, I did say that.
      Saturday: FFFF is stupid and a joke.
      Sunday: Post again on FFFF.

      Mon-Sun: Insufferable twat and angry elf

  5. Zahra and Shawna both professed their religions on the dais right after Israel started their latest round of genocide in Gaza last Oct. But, neither has called for a “ceasefire”. Ya think he is an Islamic Crypto Jew?

    1. Zahra doesn’t own any crypto. If he did, he wouldn’t achieve his goal of number one worst dressed pretend doctor.

  6. A gay, alcohol drinking Muslim? I don’t think so. Who is holding this guy accountable? DO BETTER FULLERTON.

    1. Bigot rhetoric. Low brow and ignorant. You should be commenting on the endless and insufferable way the guy just talks to hear himself talk during council meetings. Doesn’t Dunlap have a mute button he can press to give Zahra his 5 minutes of fame for that day and shut him up! Because the mayor is weak if he can’t!

      1. Fortunes change, and eventually he will not be mayor and he will be in the minority.

        There are downsides to running council sessions like a tyrant. Maybe he realizes that.

        Besides that, authoritarian behavior is a bad look.

        1. Being a lying, pontificating, hypocritical, sack of shit is a bad look.

        2. Bad look? Are you human? Give me a break boy scout! The bad look is allowing Ahmad to waste everyone’s time pondering on and on about whatever is on his devious mind at the time. But compared to the amount of time you waste rebutting comments on this blog, you probably don’t know what bad look is.

  7. Not defending him politically, but a lot of Muslims sin, just like a lot of Christians and Jewish people sin. Doesn’t make them not Muslim or non Christian or non Jewish, They will just have to answer to God.

    1. The problem with Zahra is that he used the Muslim thing as a way to get publicity for his uniqueness.

          1. You misinterpreted his comment (or maybe you understood it and had some fun). He meant no one on this blog is a 5D resident which is bullshit since I do.

    1. No that’s Bud and Paulette Chaffee. They have no internal organs and live off of solar radiation.

          1. Oh dear.
            The Chaffee’s ‍♀️
            We do have the trifecta in Fullerton.
            Sharon Quirk Silva, Doug Chaffee,
            Jesus Silva,
            No wonder Fullerton is so sad
            So mad

            How could Paulette run for any public office after stealing posters ‍♀️
            No shame.

  8. Notice that Zahra always stands next to the equally badly dressed Shana Charles. She’s 4’11”? Makes Zahra look taller. What a rotten little poseur.

  9. You are all big losers! He is Zahra Ahmad, Pulitzer Prize winning Persian journalist. Have some respect damn it! OR he is Zahra Ahmad, Masters candidate at Georgetown. OR maybe the only recorded photograph of him ever on or near a film set is the same one where he’s overweight and 20 years younger standing next to a camera. Which then makes him Zahra Ahmad, famous bridal wear designer. OR he is environmental journalist Zahra Ahmad. All of whom are more plausible identities for Zahra than the lies he lives.

  10. Fullerton being Fullerton is a dumb cop out. All the complainers here could have gotten off the couch and worked to elect better councils. Instead you just complain and moan and Chaffee, Glory, Fitzgerald, Wilson, and Sa got elected. Now you have Zahra and he won his election and reelection. Stop the bitch and walk the community. Otherwise you’re just a telephone tough guy.

  11. I knew from his first dais seating.
    The first thing he moved forward (out of his mouth), – gay pride flag on city hall.
    Self righteous
    Self serving

    For the “good of all” ?
    I think not.

    1. Ahmad does a good job keeping himself untouchable. Gay questions equals homophobe. Muslim criticism is racist. When Whitaker was mayor, he did a good job keeping Ahmad from running wild. Jung was not as good, but ok. Mayor Dunlap let’s Ahmad walk all over him during meetings. Is it an election year for Nick? He should stand up to Ahmad. Scores more points with me.

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