Dick Jones is an Obama Republican!

UPDATE: Like Jello, there’s always room for more Dr. Phogbottom. From a couple years ago.

Ah the unkindest cut of all! But true.

Listen as Fullerton Councilman Jones explains how Redevelopment is there to build infrastructure for nightclubs, as well as hand out interest-free loans, to stim-u-late business. So much for a conservative’s faith in free enterprise and keeping gummint out of our lives. Seems like Jones has a special place in his heart for corporate welfare – dished out to his buddies in downtown Fullerton.

So how is this different from the federal “stimulus” cooked up by Prez Obama? We have to wonder if all those bluehair Federated Republican Women who see Obama as some sort of commie, know what a card-carrying socialist their beloved Doc Jones is.

And once again we ask, how in good conscience can supposed conservative Ed Royce keep supporting this mallet head? Aha! First he would need a good conscience!

Ex-Chief McKinley Unleashed Bad Cop

Just for those of you who mistakenly believe FFFF has only recently become interested in the doings and misdoings of our police force, here’s a post originally published October 7, 2009 – exactly two years ago, detailing the way in which the esteemed Pat McKinley molly-coddled the worst of his boys, who just happened to be President of the Fullerton Police Officer’s Association, the union that supports the councilmen cover-up artists Jones, Bankhead, and (surprise, surprise) Pat McKinley.The incidents described here took place six years ago, leading a reasonable person to infer that the culture of corruption cultivated by McKinley has deep roots, indeed.

Enjoy a blast from the past courtesy of the FFFF archives!

– Joe Sipowicz

Officer misconduct cases are usually handled behind closed doors, hidden away from the public who are ultimately the victims when cops go bad. Recently a document slipped out from underneath the curtain and gave us some insight into Chief McKinley’s department, which had a habit responding to officer misconduct by looking the other way and pressuring victims to stay silent — demonstrating brazen contempt for the rule of law.

Officers John Cross and Gregg Nowling were caught on tape in the 2005 beating of a young man who was pulled over for playing his music too loud. Fearing outrage, the department refused to release the recording to the public. Nowling resigned, but John Cross was the president of the Fullerton Police Officers Association (the union), so he decided to take his chances and ride out the punishment that was sure to be nothing more than a token admonishment from his friendly boss, Chief Patrick McKinley.

He's big. He's bad. He's baaaaack!
I'll just pretend I didn't see that.

John Cross should have been fired and sued, but a deal was allegedly struck with the victim in which charges would be dropped if the young man kept quiet. This allowed the department head to give Cross a mere slap on the wrist – a two step demotion in pay for the next two years.

When nobody was paying attention, Chief McKinley eliminated John Cross’ punishment one year early:


The record shows that almost immediately, John Cross began another series of disturbing actions that ultimately forced the department to fire him. The Council found one example most frightening – Officer Cross had covered up an incident involving a drunk off-duty sheriff who was brandishing his weapon in public. He also failed to follow up on a potential suicide when it was only a few doors down from his location. At least six of these events involved Cross’ turning off his audio recorder in violation of department policy.

There are plenty of other allegations of McKinley’s department looking the other way when incidents were perpetrated by those the department favored, and this is only one of the most severe. As one of our commenters said, McKinley’s game was played at the the expense of our community’s safety, peace, and tax dollars.

How About An Alternative to Ed Royce?

I'm gonna need all the friends I can get.

For years now various members of this blog have railed against Congressman-for-Life Ed Royce and the way he has worked hard to stick Fullerton with the most useless, imbecilic repuglican drones he can scrounge up. Idiots, young and old; especially old: geezers who pose no political threat to anybody and who could be relied upon to oppose potential Democrat challengers of Royce himself.

Royce has never given a damn that he helped foist upon his hometown a biblical succession of big government RINOs whose only distinction from the Democrats he fears so much is party affiliation.

But Royce’s chickens are finally coming home to roost with revelation after revelation of malfeasance and mismanagement of the Fullerton Police Department that was supposed to be overseen by the very drones he has supported year after dismal year. Of course Pat McKinley, Royce’s latest political project, is now the poster boy for FPD corruption.

Well, I’m sick and tired of Royce meddling in Fullerton politics to the detriment of the City. The results have been absolutely disastrous for the citizens of our town, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Fortunately we have a recall in process to clean out Ed’s stable.

Sign the recall petition today.

And thanks to redistricting we also have the opportunity to rid ourselves of Ed himself. In the game of Congressional musical chairs Royce finds himself looking for the same seat as Gary Miller of Diamond Bar.

How do I get rid of this thing?

So how about a third choice? Are the pickings so slim in north Orange County that we can find at least one candidate who doesn’t have the triple albatross of Jones, Bankhead and McKinley around his neck?

We Get Mail: What Is a “Repuglican?”

Okay, there seems to be confusion about the term “repuglican” as often used here on FFFF. The term does not refer to a political party, but rather a personality type within the GOP. The Dems have their own version, no doubt, but since we are a red county we are stuck with the ‘pugs. Please read the following post from October 2009.

Repuglicanism has always been a target of our blog because it seeks to empower, and enrich the grifters who put imbeciles like Bankhead, Jones and McKinley in charge of doling out government welfare to the high rollers. It also seeks to defend the all-important status quo above all else.

– Joe Sipowicz

This morning we received the following e-mail from a Friend:

Dear FFFF, some of your posters keep using the term “Repuglican.” I am not sure if this is simply a typo or if you mean to use this unusual term. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

Sure. Be happy to. This locution is no accident. It is a fusion of the words Republican and repugnant, from which you may draw the obvious conclusions.

Here is a definition from the Urban Dictionary:


We apply the term to describe local Republicans of the same ilk, although the issue of “neo-conservativism” is largely irrelevant here. These individuals are people who pursue the politics of partisan affiliation for its own sake, but also for what they can get out of it. The main thing, the only thing, really, is to stand for the Party (as a convenient vehicle for self-promotion, of course!), and of course to oppose the Other Party. Issues themselves mean almost nothing except as way to promote themselves in the wider context of promoting the Party. Inner conviction means little; philosophical beliefs mean little – except for getting and hanging on to the strings of political power in order to pull and persuade them in your direction.

Repuglicans love big business interests because those are the guys with the money; the high-rollers who will enable your “conference” in Maui.

A red bastion in a blue state, OC is chock-full of Repuglicans – who use the local municipal and County governments for their own advancement and enrichment. The Legislature is hopelessly Democrat, but this does not mean that the doors to fun and profit are completely closed to Repuglicans. Especially if they hang around long enough.

This is a Repuglican:

Hell, I'm really doing you guys a big favor...

And so is this:

We never let go...

Here’s another one:

You gotta work the angles...
You gotta work the angles...

And here’s one of the best examples:

My lips are moving...
My lips are moving...

Additional examples of the species are welcome!

A Lot of “Ifs” Could Put Nelson or Norby In Congress

Courtesy of Redistricting Partners


Tomorrow the new redistricting lines for Congress will be released by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. If the lines hold and my hunch about Ed Royce moving next door into the 48th District is correct, then those of us in the 40th Congressional District could soon have an opening for a new U.S. Congressman.

I spoke with both State Assemblymen Chris Norby and Supervisor Shawn Nelson about all the “ifs” today and they are both considering that job.

If that happens, then we would have a whole new set of “ifs.” For example, who would run for Supervisor or State Assembly? If Bruce Whitaker ran for State Assembly and won then who would run for Council? And if…well, you see where this thing is going.

Terror Warrior or Demagogue Punk?

It’s time to share a video that’s gotten quite a bit of attention lately. Apparently some Islamic organization or other put on a benefit in Yorba Linda to raise funds for women’s shelters, hungry people, and dirty bombs.

Oops! No, the dirty bomb part didn’t make it into the press release, but you wouldn’t know it by the reaction of the spittle-fleck mob of know-nothings and uber-patriots who showed up to shower abuse on little kids with epithets against their heritage and their religion. Of course the real reason we are sharing this is that our own congresscreature, Ed Royce, was at the event to lend legitimacy to the goings on and help whip up the rubes.

Royce styles himself some sort of expert on foreign affairs, but his posts on Red County are little more than neo-con half-truth claptrap that is spooned out to him in little bite-sized morsels by the pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

Royce seems to like to deploy his alleged expertise to enhance his stature, but really, exercising one’s Napoleonic Complex at the expense of women and kids is a new low even for Ed, who has saddled Fullerton with every dim-witted repuglican barnacle we’ve been stuck with for the past twenty years so he can play big frog in little puddle.

P.S. Actually the best part of the video is when wing-nut Villa Park councilcreature Deborah Pauly informs her listeners that she doesn’t care if people think she’s krazy or not. Well, that will certainly make things easier for her in the future, shame-wise. It seems her son is a Marine, and apparently he and his buddies are just itching to send some towelheaded terrorists to Paradise.

The audience doesn’t care if we think they’re krazy, either.

Will Ed Royce Renew the Awful Patriot Act?

Of course he will. He’s already re-authorized the original bill twice and voted to make it permanent. Why should we think he won’t join the majority of Dems and ‘Pugs to renew some of the law’s more controversial provisions in the coming days?

The probing will continue indefinitely.

The Patriot Act was created in the rabid aftermath of 9/11 and passed by a broad coalition of legislators who never even read the bill.  It granted federal law enforcement bureaucracies a new range of surveillance powers previously considered unconstitutional by anyone who bothered to read the Fourth Amendment.

Warrantless wiretaps, secret court orders, and immediate access to the Internet history, emails, medical records, public library records and school records of every single American are now available to any agent convinced that terrorism might take place somewhere sometime.

Not a terrorist? The definition of terrorism has been conveniently expanded to include activities previously protected by the 1st amendment, such as protests in inconvenient locations or anything else that fits the vague description of “disruptive activity.”

Nope. No terrorists here.

Lost on every foam-at-the-mouth terrorist hunter who embraces this law is one simple reality: the invasive provisions of the Patriot Act apply not only to them evil terrists, but also to every single law-abiding American citizen of the United States.

Thanks, Ed Royce, for another unchecked expansion of government power.

12 Years Was More Than Enough. The “F” Is For Fail

The worst thing I've ever seen...

And now, a year and a half after Fullerton Councilman Dick Jones was re-elected to a fourth dreadful term it only gets worse.

During the fall of 2008 FFFF shared Joneses’ mastery of the rude, ignorant, nutsy outburst. We even got creative. Last year we chronicled Jones’ comical misunderstanding of Redevelopment, as well as his crazy melt down at a Vector Control meeting. And just last week we related the story of Jones standing up during a meeting, walking out, and quitting the Vector Control Board.

Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt on the female cop derriere incident, I wonder how long the people who have propped up this asinine buffoon can continue to look the other way.

Well, enough is enough, already. This guy has spent 14 years making himself a laughingstock, and it seems he won’t be satisfied until he does the same thing for Fullerton.