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Ex-Chief McKinley Unleashed Bad Cop

Just for those of you who mistakenly believe FFFF has only recently become interested in the doings and misdoings of our police force, here’s a post originally published October 7, 2009 – exactly two years ago, detailing the way in which the esteemed Pat McKinley molly-coddled the worst of his boys, who just happened to […]

Dead heads Dick Jones Don Bankhead Ed Royce Patdown Pat McPension Repuglicanism Setting The Bar Low

How About An Alternative to Ed Royce?

For years now various members of this blog have railed against Congressman-for-Life Ed Royce and the way he has worked hard to stick Fullerton with the most useless, imbecilic repuglican drones he can scrounge up. Idiots, young and old; especially old: geezers who pose no political threat to anybody and who could be relied upon […]

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We Get Mail: What Is a “Repuglican?”

Okay, there seems to be confusion about the term “repuglican” as often used here on FFFF. The term does not refer to a political party, but rather a personality type within the GOP. The Dems have their own version, no doubt, but since we are a red county we are stuck with the ‘pugs. Please […]

Behind Closed Doors Dead heads Dick Jones Redevelopment Repuglicanism Setting The Bar Low

12 Years Was More Than Enough. The “F” Is For Fail

And now, a year and a half after Fullerton Councilman Dick Jones was re-elected to a fourth dreadful term it only gets worse. During the fall of 2008 FFFF shared Joneses’ mastery of the rude, ignorant, nutsy outburst. We even got creative. Last year we chronicled Jones’ comical misunderstanding of Redevelopment, as well as his […]