A Lot of “Ifs” Could Put Nelson or Norby In Congress

Courtesy of Redistricting Partners


Tomorrow the new redistricting lines for Congress will be released by the Citizens Redistricting Commission. If the lines hold and my hunch about Ed Royce moving next door into the 48th District is correct, then those of us in the 40th Congressional District could soon have an opening for a new U.S. Congressman.

I spoke with both State Assemblymen Chris Norby and Supervisor Shawn Nelson about all the “ifs” today and they are both considering that job.

If that happens, then we would have a whole new set of “ifs.” For example, who would run for Supervisor or State Assembly? If Bruce Whitaker ran for State Assembly and won then who would run for Council? And if…well, you see where this thing is going.

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    1. Norby would have to buy a new suit. That beige double breasted horror will never cut it in Congress. Hell, I am embarrassed he took it to Sacramento.

    2. Interesting that Nelson positions himself as the dude who summoned the Feds in the Kelly Thomas murder at the same time that a new congressional seat is forming. I don’t trust the guy as far as I can throw him. And, speaking as a fellow pudgy middle-aged white guy, I coudn’t throw his fat ass very far…

      1. Now Sharon Quirk-Silva….well, i could hurl her father because she isn’t as large. But I would never countenace that. She seems like a genuine person of the people.

    1. i would vote for Jesse La Tour in a heartbeat. He’s unconnected, poltically naive (in the sense that I don’t realize he is fully aware of the fact that political office corrupts everyone and, as a result, he has a larger learning curve that might actually serve the interests of his constiuency because he wouldn’t be so capable and willing to sell them out) and, more than anything, he deeply cares about the city of Fullerton and isn’t hardwired into protecting the bullshit concerns of one bloc over another. Fuck you if you don’t take him seriously.

  1. Each is just beginning to have an effect on a new level of government. Why would they wantto get lost in the U.S. Congress? Do either of them know anything about foreign policy? Norby or Nelson would have to become just another anti-Obama Republican stooge. Who needs it? Would either seriously try to end the wars, including the drug war? Too much too soon.

    1. Maybe it would be a good idea to all the coke heads out there. Free coke from Tony Bushala. Vote for me and a backstage pass to get loaded with me!!

      1. John Doe, I would rather do free coke with Tony Bushala than have Dick Jones, Don Bankhead or Pat McKinley buy me a sushi dinner. More important: go to your own personal hell.

  2. Tomorrow morning will be a nightmare for all incumbents(as it should be). On the flip side it will be organized chaos with all the potential candidates jockeying for all the new various seats. Get some popcorn and watch it all happen live.

    1. John, think, then type. Ed Royce already represents Orange and that potential new district has no current member of Congress in the seat. Look at the potential districts and tell me which one over the next 10 years and beyond you think will be the most heavilly republican (ie. easiest to raise money without having to spend any).

      Do you think a future district made up of Villa Park, North Tustin, Coto De Caza, Ladera Ranch will be easier than a district with West Anaheim, Buena Park, La Habra, Fullerton etc.?

      The answer is that a pure North County district likely already has pretty even registration numbers for Dems and Reps. That new district with Orange and Ladera Ranch will likely be be for the next 30 years what North County has been for the last 30.

      Ed Royce is a smart man and has good advisors. The choice to stay would be foolish unless Royce is growing tired of easy runs for re-election.

      1. I am an independent, but have never voted for a Republican candidate for state or federal office. Except Ed Royce. He’s a short man, but he seems a good man, not enslaved to Lincoln Club ideology

    2. He may not. There is no residence requirement for congress other than the candidate must live in the same state. It isn’t very common, but there are representatives that live outside their districts.

      And after many have been in DC for some time they set up entire separate residences near the home office.

      The inhabitants of loserville are unaware of this apparently.

      Not that anyone should be surprised.

  3. If Nelson is going to Congress, he’ll need to do something about his hair. He looked a lot better without the crazy make-over.

  4. Whitaker should go straight for the congressional seat and save everyone a lot of trouble.

  5. The Fullerton Savage :
    Whitaker should go straight for the congressional seat and save everyone a lot of trouble.

    Yes. Please send Bruce to congress. That is a great idea. Please send another government hating conservative to a lifetime job of living off the government. The so called small government ideologue hasn’t earned a non-taxpayer funded paycheck in at least ten years.

    Not as bad as others. Government hater Ron Paul has lived off the taxpayer for over three decades.

  6. 22 Years is Enough! :
    We need term limits on these boobs in congress!

    You have the power of term limits in your vote every two years.

    Not that the inhabitants of loserville will understand that concept.

    1. Hey, I’m working with the choices in the story here. Who do you think should run, Pam Keller?

    2. You sure spend a lot of your life here trying to be relevant. And yet it’s loserville.

      Why don’t you show the energy to start your own blog and you can people it with all those clowns you consider successful – people who have found a way to score off the non-government employee taxpayer.

  7. Keep an eye on State Senate District, which Fullerton could possibly have Senator Huff who wants to go to Congress as well and he could move to Orange County.

    Though, Huff is a lapdog for the RDA, loads of baggage from Diamond Bar local politics and Senate GOP Minority Leader wannabe!

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  9. You guys have missed the most obvious candidate likely to run for this seat. Harry Sidhu is out of a job in 2012. It’s been months since he’s run for something, he is behind schedule.

      1. Yeah, well this time he can run for a whole bunch of them. You don’t even have to live in the district!

  10. Cynthia is right. The district does not include Sidu’s home or his imagined residence on Lucky Way so this is perfect for him.

  11. Tony is stoned again must be on a hell of a binge to post this shit. His chimney is worse than the cardinals at the Vatican trying to select a pope.

    Now the bigger question is why would we want to send Norby and Nelson to DC in ? They have proven themselves as idiots time and time again (especially Norby). Could Nelson still keep his gun while standing around the president?

    Well we have two idiot senators in DC, let’s send two more idiots go along with them. I think not.

    Now everyone sober up.

  12. One thing is for sure. Mimi Walters will be hopping districts to keep her south county base. She has nothing in common with Fullerton. Has she ever been here? Does she even know where we are?

  13. From the OC Register today:

    “Campbell could run for the proposed Orange-Rancho Santa Margarita district instead – but Dave Gilliard, the consultant for Royce, R-Fullerton, says that Royce has been looking for a home in Orange and considers that the heart of his district.”

    Goooooooooood riddance. Goodbye to the pipsqueak and his machine that sticks us with old white fossil dumbasses on our city council.

      1. Well if you want no entangling alliances then Norby could be your man in DC.

        Nelson hasn’t accomplished anything yet as a supervisor. Just talking about it is pretty ballsy given no record.

        Come to think of it, Norby didn’t get anything done in 18 years on the council, 7 years as Supe, and he’s just wasted over a year in Sacramento.

        Come on Bushala! Better choices!

      1. “a Dem takeover”? By who? Lori Galloway? Sharon Quirk-Silva? Rosie Espinoza? Pam Keller? 4SD Observer???

          1. INTD,

            If Nelson leaves the Supes for Congress. And is successful. Who takes his place? The game of political musical chairs could go on for some time after the election.

          2. Tom Daly appears to be the only Dem who actually lives in Norbys proposed district that could give Norby a run for his money. And, Daly’s sitt’n on a super cushy job, so even if he runs and loses he’ll still have his super cushy job.

            But, him running in the first place would mean that he would want a job that requires showing up and staying till the bell rings. And that does not sound like the kind of job Daly would even want to consider having in the first place.

            Now it’s your turn sailor.

        1. Jordan Brandman could take a seat in a conservative district. He’d have the backing of the Dems but is popular in Republican circles. And he can raise money like crazy.

          1. Popular in Pringle Town, maybe. I saw him having lunch with Berardino the other day.

            Brandon couldn’t take the bus in a conservative district. But there’s always High Speed Rail.

  14. 4SD Observer :
    If Nelson leaves the Supes for Congress. And is successful. Who takes his place? The game of political musical chairs could go on for some time after the election.

    Daly running for Supervisor would be a more likely scenario for Daly.

  15. Now it’s your turn sailor.

    I have no idea, nor do I care. I leave that to the political junky types with no lives.

    Folks like you.

          1. Could you explain what your question has to do with the topic of this post?

            Thank you in advance for letting everyone know you are easily distracted.

  16. Cynthia Ward :Jordan Brandman could take a seat in a conservative district. He’d have the backing of the Dems but is popular in Republican circles. And he can raise money like crazy.

    Yup – Jordan would be a formidable opponent to just about any Republican.

  17. So Norby isn’t running for congress. Thank God. We already have enough idiots in congress.

    I am surprised he isn’t running. He must realize that he’d be missing out on another pension he could collect. What is the count up to now…about three pensions to pay for all his rugrats from a dozen wives.

  18. We need to be blunt to those running: live and run in the district if you are a candidate.

    If Royce is hopping district that he doesn’t live in, then he can kiss his political career buy bye!

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