Dick Jones is an Obama Republican!

UPDATE: Like Jello, there’s always room for more Dr. Phogbottom. From a couple years ago.

Ah the unkindest cut of all! But true.

Listen as Fullerton Councilman Jones explains how Redevelopment is there to build infrastructure for nightclubs, as well as hand out interest-free loans, to stim-u-late business. So much for a conservative’s faith in free enterprise and keeping gummint out of our lives. Seems like Jones has a special place in his heart for corporate welfare – dished out to his buddies in downtown Fullerton.

So how is this different from the federal “stimulus” cooked up by Prez Obama? We have to wonder if all those bluehair Federated Republican Women who see Obama as some sort of commie, know what a card-carrying socialist their beloved Doc Jones is.

And once again we ask, how in good conscience can supposed conservative Ed Royce keep supporting this mallet head? Aha! First he would need a good conscience!

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    1. It’s not a rumor. Play the clip again. And again.

      The funny thing is that there is not a Royce backed councilman in Fullerton who wouldn’t have voted to stim-u-late downtown bars either.

      You have to wonder why what Royce recommneds for the nation his posse won’t practice at home.


  1. the likes of dick jones, ed royce and them democrats is more power to the third party. I wish more luck to the Republicans and Democrats punching holes in their politcal platforms

  2. Heehaw is a fine fellow too. What is it with these so-called conservatives. Jones is just a bug shill for the unions as is Bankhead (another RINO).

    I guess it’s all about keeping the Dems out and non-threatening numbskulls in. I’ve been voting in Fullerton elections since 1988 and the list of RINOs is impressive: Catlin, Bankhead, Godfrey, Sa, Jones, Clesceri, Wilson…all staff stooges at heart. Hardly any different than McClanahan, Flory, Quirk or Keller, really.

  3. Heehaw is an asshat, Hackerman’s are assclown’s and they are all trying to use Fullerton as their “big top” for their circus of fools! Take Keller and all you clowns get out of here, please, that means you Jones, Hackerman’s, Keller! Chicago is the place you otta be…

  4. Hey, giving free loans to at least some one you can see, and not like O Bomb US, the Muslem, and the money not even know where it went, is at least a step forward!! Now for the fines of the drunk in public, and driving, well the city will make it big on all the fines, and business as usual, lol. More bars, lol! and the fines, and the screwing of all those that get those drunk driving bs tickets, and the years of losing jobs because of it all. Well, bars are not a big improvement for us, but for the city finances, yes. Lets get real! Lets get all that money lost, and taken out of the country by drug dealers, and get some dogs, and get the stuff out of here,and keep there money to boot. Now we can get the money, and get the drugs out of here, and save our kids, and perhaps they will have there brains, and not be a burden to our cities, and have to get ssi, and live off us with the rest of the problems of our times. Well, figure it out! All these big plans, and, o ya, just throw out God, who is he, and as God says, when I am for you, who can be against you. Well, we are just blowing holes in our boat here, and we are just a sinking,and no one can figure it out, derrrrr!! Says Dr. Bob, or just call me irishbob for short, or even builder Bob, lol. Think about it, its not the problem, or to find the problem, but to solve it. Now, we just cant figure it out, can we here in the USA. We just let ever one just run all over us, and now we are wanting to join up with this one world government, and we cant ever get it right now, so now we are thinking of letting some other government rule us as well. Well, guess we will be just a bunch of babies with dipers on next,and shit packed up to our little rears. Better start doing things right, and by the real laws of God himself. Good night all. Bob

    1. Hey irishbob – guess you’re saying it’s okay for socialism to begin at home, eh? lol

      All those little old lady Republicans probably know squat about Fullerton but they know good ol’ HeeHaw is an (R) and that’s all right, then. Besides Ed and Dick told them what a hero zero really is. And Ed and Dick are (R)s too.

  5. They’re all the same. They all support bureaucrats micromanaging local economy – supporting all those bars and bootleg dance halls.

    BTW, I miss the Harpoon.

  6. doc dick jones is a good example of the adages talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words. Promising to promote free enterprise and then competing with it with government money gleaned from the small business owners in fullerton

  7. “Stimulus” money that helps to perpetuate a downtown business environment that actually costs the taxpayers in the long run through cleanup, maintenance and police, over and above the taxes these businesses bring in.

  8. You people need to realize that when you make fun of the little old ladies in Republican Women, you’re making fun of the little old ladies who VOTE IN DROVES!!! You’re making fun of my mom, my grandma and my great-grandma. I don’t like people who make fun of my mom and my gramma and my great-gramma. My great-gramma founded one of the first Republican Women groups while running a local pool hall. She could kick your ass if she were still alive today at 111 years old!
    You’re also making fun of the little old ladies WHO WOULD SUPPORT YOU IF YOU WEREN’T SO MEAN TO THEM! What you also don’t realize is that these ladies have helped out on campaigns before time began. I’ve sat through one meeting (boring as hell-never, ever again) and you are making fun of smart women. There was a retired doctor at my table, a nurse, a few teachers, and on and on. The point is that these groups could be a help.
    They get it. You obviously don’t. You are making fun of the very people who could help you.

      1. Um, no. All the way around, no. However, if you were to tell these women who you now call BLITHERING IDIOTS why they should support a recall WITHOUT MAKING FUN OF THEM, they may listen.

        Oh, wait, you made fun of them…..

        1. Why? The ones who are not blithering idiots know it it. Your gramma and the rest of the blue hairs will never know it and actually believe HeeHaw, Blankhead and McPension are real conservatives, honest, and honorable men. None of these things are true.

    1. Not sure why your protecting ladies that call me and my freinds whores, or try to hit them with their cars…O yes…this is a fact..I dont care if your one armed with one leg..and 70 if your an idiot, your an idiot.
      WHy would on earth would I want a foul language entrenched peice of shit to help with the recall- if you cant tell the difference betwix the truth ( because it isnt beholden to your old antiquated party lie…thats on you- so I call em as I see em-your grandma is idiot.

  9. P.S. @ Fullerton Harpoon:
    1. Just because Jones is a commie does not mean that Obama isn’t one too.
    2. Leave Ed Royce out of this; he called for Jones to fire Sellers and when that didn’t happen he asked for Jones to step down. Get it straight before throwing everyone under the bus. 😉

      1. vw, I have the letter you sent me from Royce. Royce told the Rick Reiff show that Sellers should have been fired. Of course this was after he went out on leave and everyone else was saying the same thing.

        Royce also wrote a letter to the FBI asking for a “thorough investigation” but he sent it 3 weeks after the FBI had already started investigating.

        There’s nothing in here about Royce asking Jones to step down.

  10. The Fullerton Harpoon :
    He did? When was that?

    I have copies of all of it, and have personally hit Ed head-on about his position to get it. You can get my email addy from Travis in case you do not already have it. 🙂

    1. Veedub, if you’ve got something concrete we want to publish it. Send it to Travis and I will write a glowing post about Royce!

  11. Tuco says I want to build a new bar oops restaurant in downtown Fullerton redevelopment area. Who do I see? Mayor Jones? Councilmember blankhead? Who gives out those millions of dollars in redevelopment aid? I need some!

  12. I was at a protest, and VW did go over and talk with MR Royce, wasnt part of the conversation, but I saw VW was pretty animated, he was the one who called Ed and Ask to meet him re this subject, it was right behind city hall. I saw VW walk back from speaking to him. I even told Vw I would stay back and allow him his time with Royce, I respected that, but he did speak to him I saw it.

  13. Funny didn’t your retarded leader bushala want to open a night club down town a few years ago and counsel shot him down??? Ummmm… I wonder why he is the way he is now. Like a little school boy crying cause he did not get his way!

    1. That was Albert Bushala. And the Florentine Mob used their influence to shoot him down for wanting to do the exact same thing the Florentine Mob did illegally a few years later. Get your story straight whack-off.

  14. Hey Travis: I heard through the grapevine that you wanted what I received from Ed Royce, so go check your email.
    I originally (way back in October) sent it to 4f, but it got ignored…go figure lol. 😛

    Anyway, I sent it to you directly so there ya go.

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