How About An Alternative to Ed Royce?

I'm gonna need all the friends I can get.

For years now various members of this blog have railed against Congressman-for-Life Ed Royce and the way he has worked hard to stick Fullerton with the most useless, imbecilic repuglican drones he can scrounge up. Idiots, young and old; especially old: geezers who pose no political threat to anybody and who could be relied upon to oppose potential Democrat challengers of Royce himself.

Royce has never given a damn that he helped foist upon his hometown a biblical succession of big government RINOs whose only distinction from the Democrats he fears so much is party affiliation.

But Royce’s chickens are finally coming home to roost with revelation after revelation of malfeasance and mismanagement of the Fullerton Police Department that was supposed to be overseen by the very drones he has supported year after dismal year. Of course Pat McKinley, Royce’s latest political project, is now the poster boy for FPD corruption.

Well, I’m sick and tired of Royce meddling in Fullerton politics to the detriment of the City. The results have been absolutely disastrous for the citizens of our town, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Fortunately we have a recall in process to clean out Ed’s stable.

Sign the recall petition today.

And thanks to redistricting we also have the opportunity to rid ourselves of Ed himself. In the game of Congressional musical chairs Royce finds himself looking for the same seat as Gary Miller of Diamond Bar.

How do I get rid of this thing?

So how about a third choice? Are the pickings so slim in north Orange County that we can find at least one candidate who doesn’t have the triple albatross of Jones, Bankhead and McKinley around his neck?

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  1. Why would a “conservative” polititician put so much effort into supporting the police union’s candidates for the last 15 years?

    I just don’t get it.

  2. Ed Royce the little business major from cal state fullerton who ends up in Congress serving on the
    US House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Little Ed and his amigos hold the purse strings that have dictated to the last bush prez and our current prez obama how much of our tax dollars will be spent on things like wars. Little Ed has anted up lotsa of our tax dollars that allows our current war without end in afghanistan, iraq and foreign aid to those great pals of ours who harbored osama bin laden, pakistan. If ed royce is toppled, then locally , nationally our economy may slightly rebound as it will be taxed less to fund foreign aid and wars

    1. I believe that Congressman Royce, as a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, sits on the Subcommittee for Africa, and perhaps has been on that Subcommittee for 15 years. I think that it is healthy to have people with business administration backgrounds to be involved in foreign policy matters, and to not abdicate all political judgment to the academic regional specialists.

      If I were in Ed Royce’s position, I would have run a “blog” here on FFFF, to continuously report about the topics of the meetings of the Africa Subcommittee. With the atrophy of print media, these politically-oriented websites may become our only hope for news reporting about nonsensational foreign affairs.

      1. He does that on “Red County” where nobody reads it.

        He is a neo-con bomb dropper. I’m not all that interested in his “expertise.”

        Also I’m sure whatever he knows about “business administration” could be written on a piece of confetti.

  3. Ed Royce is just another RINO with his face firmly implanted into the feeding trough.

    Recently he voted ‘yes’ on raising the nation’s debt ceiling by $2.5T while backloading spending cuts which will never ever happen.

    Out of one side of his mouth he calls himself a ‘fiscal conservative’. Out of the other he advocates kicking that old tin can down the road until he can’t anymore. The bankers own Royce lock, stock and barrel.

    Royce has been betting the trifecta of McKinley, Jones and Bankhead for years. But those three old nags are fading fast and are headed for the glue factory.

    It should be classic when Ed And Miller start trashing one another in their fight over the RINO seat. I hope Miller plays the Fullerton card!

  4. I want to run for somthing…

    im not, just a fowl mouth freek.

    I am very intelligent and have insight into some of the very problems we ( fullertonians ) are facing, and ready to make the changes nesesary to have some kind of decent future for us and our children.

    vote chicken, for, mayor, councilmember, police leasion, homeless task force, fullerton farming comittee or wherever else.

  5. I wonder who put up the 1 million bail … The appeal for donations was posted yesterday afternoon. It seems unlikely in the extreme they got a million in donations in under 24 hours. TheFullertonWatcher are you sure it was one donor? If so this info needs to be leaked. County sheriff employees reading this blog please email the info to this site. Use tor for anonymity ( or just go to a starbucks or mcdonalds and use their wifi.

  6. By the way do not use your personal email like (ISP email) This will identify you as easily as your name. Here’s a tor friendly email that can be opened easily and anonymously thru tor (or otherwise)

  7. The appeal for bail money which was begun yesterday, was a smokescreen to cover up the fact that one individual provided all the money. The amount needed to raise was $50,000 but I thought bail amounts were 8% or so. Is there a discount for large amounts?
    Now the question is can FFFF find out from the County government who put up the bail money? Someone did and it was NOT the police union.

  8. 10%

    dog the bounty hunter,,.ahahhah

    not so much money considering he is making eighty thousand a year, and all his mafioso boys in blue. and all trhei coluding office bitches, parking ticket slut bitches, and even those poor cadet boys doingg their dirty work,and being brainwashed, and incdoctronated.

  9. Royce is a ‘given’ in OC politics. His district was redrawn a number of years ago to get rid a big piece of south Fullerton and lumped it in with Anaheim and Garden Grove throwing it in Sanchez’s district — a pretty ‘safe’ democratic district. Royce’s district got made safer and so did Sanchez’s; never mind that a city that had one congressman for a looong time (even if it was Dannemeyer for a time), is now split. I think this dilutes Fullerton’s interests in Washington.

  10. Ed is a smart politician. I think he realizes that the jig is up for these three geriatric assclowns from what I’ve been told. The only one he’s interested in saving is McPension. That’s funny because McPension is the one that needs to be recalled the most because he is the one that trained those officers. He’s got a tough re-election himself and doesn’t need the burden of supporting these idiots anymore.

    1. Allan, Ed is not that smart. If he were he would never have meddled in Fullerton politics over the years. It really gained him nothing except, now, enemies. I would, and will, happily vote for anyone except him. Even Miller. And Miller is a gaddamned crook.

    2. Royce has treated Fullerton like his own little plantation for 20 years. Too bad his cheap labor is now plenty pissed.

      Royce is a little pussy who feared zeroes like Molly McClanahan, Jan Florby, and now Quirk. He really is a despicable little rodent.

  11. That’ not funny its stupid Allen. Mc P is going to look the worst of the 3 before this is over if he doesn’t already. I know that taking over the spotlight from Mayor H. Haw seems unbelievable, but Ed should be able to see the shimmer from the Que ball’s noggin before it gets spattered for being the gangs boss.

  12. Hello Info,
    In regard to your blog about Ed Royce, did you forget that Royce’s endorsement help get Chris Thompson elected as a FSD Board Trustee? I do not believe you put Chris in the same category as the persons mentioned.

  13. I have dealt with Ed Royce personally, yes he is a tool, yes his assistant Patty can be mean, yes his pink sweatered nazi assistant skull f’s you every time you want to ask a question at the coffee clutch- he is a liar, on DHS,FA and a few others…maybe Ed can answer why his constitutents were loosing their houses from country wide- but Ed took 36 thou from them as a campaign contribution? Anyone lost their home from country wide? Maybe they could ask ol ed for a contribution…f- ed royce.

  14. “Join Ed & Marie Royce for a Meet & Greet at the home of [Placentia] Mayor Scott & Robin Nelson”

    2:00-3:00 pm Saturday, October 28, 2011 [mailer does not indicate a need to RSVP]

    Royce Campaign Committee, PO Box 3249 Fullerton CA 92834

    Want to see short stuff earlier? “Look for Rep. Royce in the Placentia Heritage Parade” Saturday October 15, 2011 [parade begins at 9:30 a.m., travels from Morse Avenue north on Kraemer to Tri-City Park].

  15. Ed is the best we have; he is our voice in congress (opposite of progress?). Do not lose sight of the goal people.

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