12 Years Was More Than Enough. The “F” Is For Fail

The worst thing I've ever seen...

And now, a year and a half after Fullerton Councilman Dick Jones was re-elected to a fourth dreadful term it only gets worse.

During the fall of 2008 FFFF shared Joneses’ mastery of the rude, ignorant, nutsy outburst. We even got creative. Last year we chronicled Jones’ comical misunderstanding of Redevelopment, as well as his crazy melt down at a Vector Control meeting. And just last week we related the story of Jones standing up during a meeting, walking out, and quitting the Vector Control Board.

Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt on the female cop derriere incident, I wonder how long the people who have propped up this asinine buffoon can continue to look the other way.

Well, enough is enough, already. This guy has spent 14 years making himself a laughingstock, and it seems he won’t be satisfied until he does the same thing for Fullerton.

6 Replies to “12 Years Was More Than Enough. The “F” Is For Fail”

  1. Don’t most politicians (especially the ones who are this bad at their job, and continually refuse to do the job which they are both elected and PAID to do) try to hide this shit, or at least spray a little political febreeze to cover the smell? I say if the man can’t even pretend like he’s useful, I’m all for a recall. Let’s do it.

  2. I’ll sign it twice! Could we do it quick enough so we don’t have to pay for a special election? I hate throwing good money after bad…

  3. I’ll help collect signatures at the market by my house, Admin, what do we need to do to jump start this party?

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