We Get Mail: What Is a “Repuglican?”

Okay, there seems to be confusion about the term “repuglican” as often used here on FFFF. The term does not refer to a political party, but rather a personality type within the GOP. The Dems have their own version, no doubt, but since we are a red county we are stuck with the ‘pugs. Please read the following post from October 2009.

Repuglicanism has always been a target of our blog because it seeks to empower, and enrich the grifters who put imbeciles like Bankhead, Jones and McKinley in charge of doling out government welfare to the high rollers. It also seeks to defend the all-important status quo above all else.

– Joe Sipowicz

This morning we received the following e-mail from a Friend:

Dear FFFF, some of your posters keep using the term “Repuglican.” I am not sure if this is simply a typo or if you mean to use this unusual term. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

Sure. Be happy to. This locution is no accident. It is a fusion of the words Republican and repugnant, from which you may draw the obvious conclusions.

Here is a definition from the Urban Dictionary:


We apply the term to describe local Republicans of the same ilk, although the issue of “neo-conservativism” is largely irrelevant here. These individuals are people who pursue the politics of partisan affiliation for its own sake, but also for what they can get out of it. The main thing, the only thing, really, is to stand for the Party (as a convenient vehicle for self-promotion, of course!), and of course to oppose the Other Party. Issues themselves mean almost nothing except as way to promote themselves in the wider context of promoting the Party. Inner conviction means little; philosophical beliefs mean little – except for getting and hanging on to the strings of political power in order to pull and persuade them in your direction.

Repuglicans love big business interests because those are the guys with the money; the high-rollers who will enable your “conference” in Maui.

A red bastion in a blue state, OC is chock-full of Repuglicans – who use the local municipal and County governments for their own advancement and enrichment. The Legislature is hopelessly Democrat, but this does not mean that the doors to fun and profit are completely closed to Repuglicans. Especially if they hang around long enough.

This is a Repuglican:

Hell, I'm really doing you guys a big favor...

And so is this:

We never let go...

Here’s another one:

You gotta work the angles...
You gotta work the angles...

And here’s one of the best examples:

My lips are moving...
My lips are moving...

Additional examples of the species are welcome!

53 Replies to “We Get Mail: What Is a “Repuglican?””

  1. I know lots of these types. They manipulate the ignorant rank and file into getting behind them. Once they’re in its me me me and the hell with the rest of you.

    Ackerman and Royce are two of the worst ‘pugs. Baugh and Fuentes are not far behind, if not ahead! You guys nailed it.

  2. John Lewis. He’s supporting a Dem for Supervisor! That act would normally depugify someone except that he’s doing it to line his own lobbyist pockets. And that makes him the worst ‘pug of all.

    1. Naw, he’s just small fry. The true Repug has used his repugniciousness to actually attain some real rank.

  3. As a lifelong Republican, I’m finally fed up with the way the GOP operates.

    Ron Paul was the only true Republican in the race, but he was too smart, loved freedom and liberty, instead we got Sarah Palin and Mike McClame.

    Repuglicans, what a perfect word.

  4. A republican mean’s not sitting on your ass and letting your state/country go down the drain.

    So how many of you really are “republicans”, or are you just dems who watch fox news?.

  5. i will trade a repuglican for a representative in government. come the next elections in 2010, repuglican royce and his minions along with the dumacrats, I will vote out and vote in anyone who acts after he or she listens to what the people want instead of telling us voters what we should want from government.

  6. There is a difference between true republicans and self serving RINOS. I for one am a Teapartier, who wants govt out of our lives, wants an end to corruption at all levels of govt. Liberals are just another name for socialists or communists. We have them running the joint now and look what they have done to us! No more sleeping behind the wheel and letting these people drive this great country into the brink of destruction.
    Before you vote, study the candidates and their ties.

    1. I’m with you Fedup. Unfortunately the Republican party is now dominated by Rinos and self serving politicians. As maligned as the Teaparty is by the popular media, established Republicans, and the left, I believe it is our only chance to save whats left of our great nation. As far as California goes, it might already be too late; I have Uhaul on speed dial.

    2. The people in charge are liberal in name only. They are beholden to special interests just like the repuglicans. Communists don’t really exist in the US but that’s irrelevant…. Anyway let’s stay on point. Justice for Kelly!

    3. We need to create a “political kindergarten” for American adults. Our country is politically underdeveloped. People use terms like communist and socialist with absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. American liberalism is firmly capitalist. America is a country with an authoritarian form of state capitalism that has evolved into what we might call corporate fascism. Liberals and progressives in our current context are nowhere close to being communists. They just advocate things like fair wages or progressive tax structures in a misguided attempt to increase the social justice within the capitalist system.

      But they do not advocate in any way changing the system fundamentally. A communist would not advocate taxes to solve the inequalities of capitalism. Taxes are how a capitalist society manages to also have a functioning state. And taxes are also how those in charge of a capitalist society make sure that the working class bears the burden for maintaining that state.

      Communists want an end to private ownership of the means of production and for the working class not to have to sell their labor power to capitalists for wages. No American liberal is advocating anything of the sort.

      American conservatives who decry the power of the state are missing the real problem: corporate power. Yes, the government is intrusive and oppressive. But they are intrusive and oppressive overwhelmingly at the behest of their corporate masters. Our freedoms are being eroded not in order to create some sort of quasi-communist authoritarian state, but rather in order to protect the “intellectual property” of the RIAA and the MPAA (etc).

      The problem with liberals is that they identify the corporations as the problem, but fail to see how the government has simply become the enforcement wing of the corporations. (Militarized police forces and a booming private prison industry should show this plainly, though.) They might speak of how “corporations have taken over,” but they are unwilling to take a look at the bigger picture and accept that what the corporations are doing is simply what capitalism both enables and requires them to do. Capitalism and liberal democracy only work together when the liberal democracy is set up to prop up capitalism.

      American conservatives and American liberals are divided along false lines in such a way as to keep them arguing about nonsense (like calling the corporatist president Obama a communist), while the ruling class carries out their agenda through government by means of spectacles of “partisan fighting.”

      1. “American conservatives who decry the power of the state are missing the real problem: corporate power. Yes, the government is intrusive and oppressive. But they are intrusive and oppressive overwhelmingly at the behest of their corporate masters. ”

        I think some of the libertarians totally get that too.

        And the leftists and anarchists, like you and I respectively I think, need to also realize that the libertarian/conservative critique of public employee unions also has a large kernel of truth to it. If Government represents corporate power, than government unions ultimately do as well. California Prison Guards union being the shining example of this.

        And finally, the left needs to understand that the right’s fear of authoritarianism is well founded.

        I am learning a lot from interacting with the libertarians on FFFF.

        1. I completely agree with what you say here Jt. There are probably a lot of libertarians who get that. I don’t like to describe myself in terms of left/right politics anymore because I think it confuses more than it clarifies.

          The unions have become something they weren’t meant to be. At least some of them. This is difficult for an American liberal to admit, because on principle unions are important. But a union is supposed to be the workers, not an institution that stands between the workers and management, and mediates on behalf of the workers. Perhaps the right-wing attacks on unions will ultimately be beneficial. Yes, it is hurting workers, but it might make them, you know, ORGANIZE.

          I think a lot of people forget that libertarianism itself was socialist at its origins. It was opposed to the state, but also to capitalism. And now we have left-libertarianism and right-libertarianism… so it doesn’t make sense to assume that “left” = pro-state and “right” = anti-state. Fascism is right-wing and pro-state. So, I think instead of talking about conservative and liberal or right-wing and left-wing, we just need to talk about the specific things that are happening, who are the people carrying them out, et cetera.

          “And finally, the left needs to understand that the right’s fear of authoritarianism is well founded.”

          Well, they do. Whenever there is a Republican president. It’s the selective protesting from the left and the right that is the real problem. Nice system, making sure that no more than half the population will ever stand together in protest against an administration. It isn’t about right and left, but it’s in the interests of power to make us all think it is.

          1. Couldn’t agree with you more Nikola! And well said, especially this: “So, I think instead of talking about conservative and liberal or right-wing and left-wing, we just need to talk about the specific things that are happening, who are the people carrying them out, et cetera.”

            That is why I’m starting to see that local movements against injustice, whatever the cause, are the key. Seeing the Oath Keepers, ANSWER LA, Anonymous, and a bunch of ordinary folks from all walks of life out in the streets together united against authoritarianism, abuse of power, and general inhumanity gives me hope.

    1. I think we caught him later on. And of course there is the unspeakably vile John Lewis who gets ’em elected then milks ’em hard.

    1. Some Dems value liberal causes like decent wages, environmental protections, civil liberties, equal rights, etc., and then there are people like Obama. Yes, we need a good name for those useless middle of the road corporatists too.

        1. Well, I’m one. And now I’m hanging out with you wing nuts! 🙂

          You guys want justice. So do the real progressives and liberals, few of us though there may be.

    2. Of course not. I’m quite sure LA County government is for sale. But there, the unions rule.

      In OC the model is to “contract out” for all sorts of County functions. Only problem is the model never got rid of the lobbyists, bag men, and influence peddlers – like Ackerman and Lewis and Pringle.

  7. Yes-we can listen to whoever we want, change our minds anytime we want, “tweak” anything we want, say whatever we want and best of all tell you to fuck off if we want, trollface

    Is something bad going to happen to any of us?

    Just some things for you to think about

    1. merijoe :Yes-we can listen to whoever we want, change our minds anytime we want, “tweak” anything we want, say whatever we want and best of all tell you to fuck off if we want, trollface
      Is something bad going to happen to any of us?
      Just some things for you to think about

      Thanks Merijoe for replying EXACTLY the way I thought you would. WAAA!

  8. JUSTICE FOR KELLY, and I dont care about ant boogus, lying bullshit that the DA releases-unless murder charges are brought up for real on these nazi’s – its a lie and a cover up and yes, thats what I know -Ive seen enough “evidence” to make up my mind

  9. Fedup and 9C1 and any one here is the correct info- big rally for Kelly on 9/17 on wilshire from 3-8

    Saturday, September 17 · 3:00pm – 8:00pm


    Fullerton Museum Plaza 125 E. Wilshire Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832

    This Memorial Concert and Canned Food Drive being held in Mr. Thomas’ honor is intended to raise community awareness of the homelessness in Fullerton while helping out those who are in desperate need of such assistance. Our hearts go out to the Thomas family and while we condemn the tragic actions of a few, we continue to support our local policemen and women; who we hope will do everything in their power to ensure this never happens again. Please repost this event link on your Facebook page and visit http://www.ktmf.org for more information.

    We hope to see you all participating in this worthwhile cause.

    – Sederra

    General Inquiries Contact: Sederra@gmail.com
    Press Inquiries Contact: Mike Klein at mikekleinpr@gmail.com

    For information on how you can help the Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund, please visit http://www.ktmf.org

    All the details for the Kelly Thomas Memorial Concert and Food Drive will be announced later on this week. Please help support the cause by reposting this event and check out this site and FB pages.

  10. Term limits! Either party in office too long gets corrupt. Unfortunately, the alternative is the Demorats, and the public unions that buy and sell them. Have you smelled the Demorat stench from Sacramento?

    Two things that Fullerton, and most of the corrupt state and local office holders in CA, have in common:public union dollars (bribes); and long tenure.

    The goal is better government. Phase one is recall. Phase two, term limits. Phase three, Wisconsinize the public employee union corruption machine. Phase four, getting rid of the swamp creatures running Sacramento.

  11. Man, that pic of Fuentes gave the guys at the Rgister a boner, thinking abount how many times they licked his balls!!

    Luckily Cancer for Frank and Martin, cancer is not contagious.

  12. So what do you call a Democrat who acts like Hilary Clinton, is afraid to make any decision, and hangs out with Republicans when it comes to elections. Tom Daly?????

  13. Okay Joe, so if the term “repuglican” does not refer to a political party, would it be correct to assume that the term might be as likely used by conservatives as by liberals? I highly doubt this! As I’ve stated here in other comments, achieving justice for Kelly Thomas is not a liberal vs. conservative issue. We need to enlist as many citizens as possible in this effort, and not run half of them off with gratuitous political insults.

  14. If kelly thomas was BLACK,why the whole state of cal.(and media) would be up in arms everyday.Not to mention they would get jesse jackson and al sharpton,flown in,from where-ever and hold massive protests,till something was done.But because he was white,nothing will ever happen to those police officers that did this vicious attack.

  15. I wish to show thanks to you just for bailing me out of this particular trouble.As a result of checking through the net and meeting techniques that were not productive, I thought my life was done.

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