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Paulette Chaffee’s Silence Could Cost Taxpayers

If Paulette Marshall Chaffee receives the most votes in the District 5 Election on 06 November – will she resign the office or allow herself to be sworn in? It’s not a tough question but Mrs. Chaffee has refused to talk to anybody or answer any questions. I emailed both campaigns asking for comment before […]

Doug Chaffee Shameless Carpetbagger

Chaffees in the News

Last night Fox 11 News came down to Fullerton for an investigation into Paulette Chaffee’s sign stealing and carpetbagging. It’s been a week since Pilfering Paulette was busted interfering in our local election. Since then no comment from either of the Chaffees concerning allegations of theft, censorship, poor choices, or anything resembling acknowledgement of wrong […]

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Oops, Did She Do It Again?!

In case you missed it, Paulette Marshall Chaffee looks to have been caught on video stealing signs from private property in her pretend district while illegally parked in a red zone because if one rule doesn’t apply to her – why should any amiright? But Oops. It looks like she did it again. Is it […]

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District 5 Ballot Loses a Candidate

Well, it looks like District 5’s ballot is going to be one candidate shy come election time this November as our prospective progressive/socialist climate warrior neighbor Jose Trinidad Castaneda III didn’t quite make the cut. If you don’t know – you need 20 registered voters to sign a petition for you to run for city […]