Hide-n-Seek Harry Finds A New Address

The sun sets on Lucky Way. There is no aviary.

Harry Sidhu’s short lived “residency” at the Calabria Apartment, #116 is over, as we reported, here. We can’t say he moved because that would imply that he actually lived in an apartment behind the Linbrook lanes bowling alley in the first place, and nobody was buying into that load of road apples. But he has a new voter registration address.

So why the “move”? Obviously an implausible address had to be replaced with a plausible one. This was effected at almost the same moment Sidhu assembled his campaign “team.” A coincidence? Yeah, right.

Here’s Sidhu’s re-registration form at the OC Registrar of Voters office, where Harry has become a recognizable regular customer:

This other day I decided to find out where Harry “moved” to this time. It’s on the very scruffy southern edge of Anaheim in a new little four house subdivision; the signs on the adjacent street say Garden Grove.

Anyhow, I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Mrs. Harry Sidhu. I asked if Harry was home and she told me no; I told her I had sent Harry an email questioning his residency in the 4th Supervisorial District  and that he hasn’t sent me a response. I asked if she realized what Harry was doing was called “carpettbagging” and she told me that she did not believe they were carpetbagging because they moved into the district. I wonder if Harry told her that people who move into a district just to run for office are called carpetbaggers? I told her who I was and she told me that I was talking to the wrong person. We said goodbye and off I went.

Upon leaving I had to ask myself whether Mrs. Harry is just a day-time stage prop at another fake residence, or whether the family was really going to try living there. When you see the house and the neighborhood its still a real big stretch. Although there’s no pool hall next door, the neighborhood is a far cry from the Elegant Old Yorba Estate in the 3rd District, that’s for sure.

The Pitfalls of Carpetbaggery

The Register’s Jennifer Muir reported on 4th District Supe fundraising yesterday and pretty quickly got onto the topic of a salient campaign expense in Lorri Galloway’s forms: $850 to Taormina Properties – the guy who was supposedly providing the 3rd Distict resident Galloway with a plausible 4th District address.

You will soon be asked many embarrassing questions...

This item has already caused speculation as to whether Galloway was trying to fob off rent for her fake address in the Colony District as a campaign expense. Not so says Galloway. The $850 was for campaign space rental that just happened to be in the same building as her “residence”! She declined to tell Ms. Muir how much she paid in rent for her alleged living space.

Well that’s sort of embarrassing – more amateur campaign follies, and all due to her political ambition and office-lust that has caused her to dummy up a fake residence in our district.

Another interesting fact from the campaign finance reporting documents is that her landlord, Bill Taormina, has given Galloway the $1700 limit though his company “Clean City.” And so we immediately start to wonder whether Galloway is paying full market rental on her Taormina-provided campaign space, and, of course how much she is paying for her Taormina-provided newly new address in Anaheim’s “Five Points” area, farther west out along the #42 OCTA bus route.

They’re Baaaack!

Those boys need to learn about cash for clunkers...

Yup. Those bad boys in the white van were spotted in the  Linbrook Bowl Lanes parking lot yesterday. The mescaline and the revolving bowling pin may have provoked some transcendental moments, but apparently the fellas got down to work because they forwarded an audio file. There is a lot of interference on it that sounds like the crashing of bowling pins, so we have had to deploy our expert audio forensic team create a transcript. And here it is:

(sound of phone ringing)

Scott Taylor: Hello?

Harry Sidhu: Uh, Scott. This is Harry.

ST: Where the hell are you?

HS: Well, I am here at the Calabria. I think I was being followed so I came over here. Just to be safe, you know.

ST: Followed? Aw, Hell. Tim Clark is with me. I’ll put you on speaker.

HS: Oh! Hello Tim! How are things going in my campaign.

Tim Clark: Well, we’re trying. I’ll be honest Harry. There’s still a lot of stink on you from that ass-kicking Mimi laid down on you in 08. Geez she won every precinct in Anaheim. Then running so soon after your re-election to the Council – our polls say that people think you’re just desperate for a higher political job.

HS: Yes, jobs.

TC: Huh?

HS: I am a job creator.

TC:  Ah, gee Harry. People in our poll weren’t impressed by minimum wage job creation. They didn’t seem impressed no matter how hard we pushed.

HS: Jobs.

ST: Um, focus, Harry.

HS: Jobs. Enterprise zone. Small business.

ST: Yeah. Okay. Okay. This carpetbagging thing is tough. Carol Rudat took it on the chops over this and it just killed Linda Ackerman and they’re gonna keep hammering that one. No way around it. For chrissakes just don’t get caught going home at night, Harry. Jesus, we’ll end up with Dave Lopez at the gate!

HS: Well, you know, those peacocks don’t feed themselves. Somebody has to do it.

TC: Okay focus, guys.

ST: What are we gonna pitch? Harry do you know anything about the County government?

HS: Jobs? I went to Norby’s office all the time. I will tell them I am just like Norby, only richer.

ST: Um, better not do that. We need something, you know, specific. Anything, really.

(prolonged silence)

Well, don’t worry, I guess we can cook up something.

HS: Well my friends that is why I have hired you. Oh! Now look at that would you. What a filthy disgrace! A dirty white van behind the wall spewing fumes.

Ah! And look at the time! I must be going, um, well, you know – home.

(at this point the telecommunication was terminated)

On the road again...

Harry’s Home in The Hood

Our sources have informed us that Anaheim city councilman Harry Sidhu has just re-registered to vote at 2230 W. Lincoln Ave., Apt. 106 in Anaheim.  Since he actually lives in Anaheim Hills, he’s obviously going to claim this address in the 4th District as his residence – so he can legally run for County Supervisor to replace Chris Norby.

Gracious living at the Calabria Apartments

Wow, that hideous peach colored apartment block with no landscaping and dubious neighbors sure is a major step down from the “elegant Old Yorba Estate” that sprawls its lush-landscaped way across a wide swath of the 3rd Supervisorial District.

The Sidhu Compound even has an aviary!

We also note that Harry is the only Sidhu that registered at this new address. After a hard day’s campaigning will Harry come home to a cold, empty apartment? Well, not to worry. Besides a pool hall, the neighborhood offers other distractions that may compensate.

How many Linbrook bowlers have their own aviary?

Harry’s new home backs up to the Linbrook Bowl lanes where Harry can hobnob with his would-be kegling constituents!

Oh well. Just another carpetbagger. Ackerwoman, Galloway, Sidhu. They seem to be popping up like weeds lately, and as they pop up we will do our best to apply the appropriate herbicide.

Another Carpetbagger Bites the Carpet

Okay stifle the snickers, 8th graders.

Art Pedroza over at the the Orange Juice blog did a post today about the phantom candidate, Sue Perez, pulling a campaignus interruptus in a putative bid for the 34th State Senate seat currently held by Lou Correa. This was important to us for two reasons: part of the 34th District includes Fullerton. And Sue Perez lives in the 33rd District. We have already posted on this woman’s carpetbagging candidacy, here.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To return to the 33rd State Senate District.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To return to the 33rd State Senate District.

Of course Art’s main thrust was to immediately poke holes in his newest target, Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who for some reason decided to let herself be named co-chair of this unknown wingnut’s effort. The other co-chair,  frighteningly enough, was our own brainless scarecrow, 33rd District State Senator Mimi Walters, who, not coincidentally also championed the hollow, illegal candidacy of the Ackerwoman. Figures. Ah, more Repuglican values we can count on.

At any rate both of these co-chairs have been spared the humiliation of seeing their candidate get the living shit kicked out of her by Correa. So that worked out okay for them.

The story that is being circulated is that Perez has some baggage. Pedroza hazily speculates that this involves her carpetbagging and her husband’s appointment to the Anaheim Planning Commission by Lorri Galloway.  This seems like small change to us, especially since Perez has apparently been employed by the bizzaros at the Trinity Broadcast Network.

Jaysus says "be elected!"
Jaysus says "be elected!"

So poor Jerb Cunningham, who has spilled lotsa ink badmouthing Lou Correa, is still in search of a God-fearing candidate. Good luck little fella. Maybe your hero Dick “I don’t look so good in stripes” Ackerman can scrounge up another Lynn “the Bulldozer” Daucher for us.