Chaffee Has Impeccable Timing

We here at FFF have been following the news of Paulette Chaffee’s sign stealing shenanigans. We’ve also been wondering where Mayor Doug Chaffee has been this whole time considering he’s yet to issue a single word to the public.

Then today this hit a friend’s mailbox.

Chaffee Mailer 2018 Front

I wonder how many of these people still stand behind Doug based on the recent news.

Chaffee Mailer 2018 Back

The timing on this is hilarious if nothing else. What say you, fellow friends?

17 Replies to “Chaffee Has Impeccable Timing”

  1. Hey, wait a minute./ That’s union funded, right? If so, where did the union get all the personal Chaffee Crime Family photos?

    Right. Collusion between the campaign and a PAC. Illegal.

  2. If they are so happily married for 42 yrs, why is she living in a conform in District 5 by herself? Another lie. They really are dirt balls. You can’t make this stuff up. Why does it seems it is democrates doing this crap.

  3. If Chaffe, doesn’t even know how to supervise his own wife! and or his own house, How he is going to supervise the whole county? Baaaah

  4. Regarding who paid for it, I find it hard to believe that the employees union consultants are that dumb. But it’s government so ya never know. 2 different mailers? Whoever did pay for the top mailer is a f-ing nut to think that would get one single extra vote.

  5. Adam’s special friend? Lmao.. what is that supposed to mean?? Adam and his friend with benefits? Lol good values there.

  6. HAHA what a joke this mailer is!

    This guy looks like a buffoon! Take a good look at those pictures. We want him at the helm of the 4th District? This guy will have no clue what’s going on, let alone dealing with dynamic county staff and OC’s special districts committees with its $7Billion budget. WT?! How did Kerr lose to this guy??!

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